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Why safe Office 365 email backup is more important now than ever

backup 365 emails

Office 365 backup is a way to create a copy of the mailbox if unfortunately the original data is deleted or corrupted. Data backup is the best means of protection that can protect your important email data in case something unpredictable happens. This is why it is important to backup 365 emails safely. So if you want to backup 365 mail and with to keep your files safe, then you are at the right place. Even if you have a large database and you want to remove some old files, you can do so by creating a backup of old files and storing them in the hard drive and unloading the burden on your server. Here you will find the most authentic solution to backup 365 mailbox without missing out any files. Read till the end to know everything about the best 365 backup tool and how to get one that fits best.

Get professional: 365 backup software to keep your files safe

If you want to backup your Office 365 emails without risking the integrity of your database, it is best for you to go for third party 365 backup tools which are created especially for this purpose. Even though other online and free tools might look attractive, the best solution is to go for the safest road. Online and free 365 mail backup solutions are easy to find but unfortunately they lack the ability to protect your email database from dangers like data loss and file modification. So for those who pay attention to the well being of their email data, it is best to go for certified solutions that you can trust. So, how to find the best 365 backup software?

Here is how you can backup Office 365 mailbox in a few steps

Step 1: Launch App and set up new backup Profile

In the mail backup process, this is the first step. In order to set up a new backup profile, you need to launch the application first. This step enables you to set up the automatic backup from multiple clients.

365 backup

Step 2: Add new Backup

The next dialogue box brings you to the backup setup options. You need to click to the “Add new backup” option. It takes you to the next window where you need to click the “Add new backup” option. In this window, you are going to choose the email client that you want to back up.

365 backup email

Step 3: Choose Outlook 15/Office 365

Now you are going to choose the Office 365 option to back up Office 365 files with 100% results. This step is incredibly simple and you can directly see the options in front of you.

365 backup mailbox

Step 4: Reading the Database

In this step the tool will show you the process of reading the files in the database. It brings you the archived OLM files while showing you the progress of the scanning through each file and folder.

365 backup mail

Step 5: Choose storage location and click on done

Now the tool will ask you to choose the storage location for the imported file. Once you have chosen the right location, you can click on done. You can also choose a backup schedule for automatic backup and syncing.

365 backup software

Backup confirmation screen

Congratulations! This is your backup confirmation screen. You can see the log report and the location of the saved files. You will also see the number of mail items which are backed up.

365 backup tool

Here is the best 365 mailbox backup solution that you need

The ideal tool would be fast and easy to use. It would be easy to install and would come with additional safety features that are needed to ensure the safety of the entire database. It would work right on mac and offer data safety assurance for peace of your mind. There are several professional tools but choosing the right one can be an ardent task. The tool that you need should be easy to use and also affordable for you since many professional tools are claimed to be expensive and complex. Fortunately, there is a particular tool that you can use to backup 365 mail with ease and precision. It is a particular tool created by InventPure. It is recommended by all experts and has got the best reviews from thousands of users who have used it.

Get the Mail backup X for the best and instant 365 email backup results

This tool was created as the final solution for mac users to backup 365 mail without thinking about data loss or file modification. This tool works right on mac and is so easy to install that even a first time user is able to get the required results right away. You get step by step instructions by a helpful user interface and there is nothing that a normal user cannot do. You also get 100% guarantee of no data loss or file modification which is a blessing for those users who are going to backup and archive their important personal or work related data. The tool is loaded with some of the most innovative features that you should certainly check out now.

Here are the best features of this amazing 365 backup software

–          Inbuilt mail viewer

The inbuilt email viewer allows all users to easily view archived email items from different clients without having to switch the application. This gives you control over the whole mail backup process.

–          Backup to PDF format

This is the most useful feature of this tool which sets you one step ahead of other users who don’t have this tool. This tool has the ability to save your archive in PDF format. PDF files are safe and can be shared with anyone you want. You can save the folder hierarchy of the database by saving the data in PDF files. PDF files can be protected with a password and can be accessed by a regular PDF viewing app.

–          Auto USB backup and sync

With the auto USB backup feature, you can set up a USB device as the location to store your backup whenever the device is plugged in. The tool can auto detect and sync the archive with its advanced algorithm. This feature can come in handy for anyone who needs a quick and portable backup.

–          Backup multiple applications

The tool is able to backup and archive multiple mac applications. You can backup yahoo mail, Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Postbox and Thunderbird etc. Now you can imagine the kind of freedom and control this 365 backup tool gives you over multiple applications.

–          Inbuilt search engine

If you want to be sure that everything is going like you want, you can search for certain email items in the archive to make sure that they are in the proper place. This is also to ensure that there is no data loss or missing files during or after the process. You can enter specific item details and the tool will find your items instantly.

–          Advanced data compression

You can save 3 times the space while storing data than compared with other tools. This tool comes with an advanced data compression feature which can compress the backup and store it in 3 times lesser space so that you can backup more data.

–          Email conversion feature

This tool comes with an all in one email conversion feature that allows you to convert to and from all major file formats all in one tool. So you are getting the benefit of two tools in just one. Make sure you check it out today.

Are there any benefits of using this Office 365 backup software?

Here are some of the benefits that you need to know

–           No need to be an expert

–           Works on both mac and windows

–           High speed backup and recovery

–           100% data safety

–           Backup and archive multiple clients

–           User friendly interface

–           Preserve the entire database

Here are some frequently asked things about Office 365 backup

1.         I want to back up my office 365 emails. How can I do it safely?

If you want to backup 365 mailbox safely, the best choice is to go for a professional tool. The Mail backup X is the ideal tool for Office 365 email backups.

2.         What do I have to do in order to backup office 365 mailbox?

If you are using the Mail backup X, you don’t have to do much. You can just get the Mail backup X and follow the instructions that it gives. The user interface will guide you to get assured results.

3.         Which is the best feature of the Mail backup X?

There are many features of the Mail backup X which are remarkable so we cannot point one out. However, the best ones are Auto-USB backup, PDF archiving, data compression and search feature.

4.         I want to archive my IMAP mailbox in a USB drive. What can I do for it?

You can use the auto-USB backup and sync option to set up a USB drive. When you plug in the device, the tool will automatically sync the latest backup in the USB device.

5.         Will I save any time with the Mail backup X?

You are going to save a lot of time and effort with the Mail backup X. The tool has streamlined the process and eliminated all old steps which slowed down the process.

6.         I can’t give all my storage space for backups. What can I do?

The Mail backup X comes handy for all users who cannot afford to use all space for their email backups. The tool compresses the database in 3X lesser space.

7.         I want to find a few files to confirm that they are backed up. Is there a feature to help with that?

You can use the search box that comes with the tool to find any email files or email items that you need. This ensures 100% accuracy.

8.         Which is one feature that no one expected in the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt email converter that you can use to convert email files from one format to another.

9.         How is the support and maintenance?

The Mail backup X comes with the friendliest support team. You can reach out to the support team any time of the day. They are going to help you all the way till your query is solved.

10.       What if the tool does not work for me?

It is not an issue if you think that the tool does not work for you. You are eligible for a 30 day refund if the tool fails to work for you.

Satisfied clients are the best reward

“Whenever I think of email backup and recovery, I think of the Mail backup X. This professional 365 email backup software works for both mac and windows and gives all users the hope that they too can backup 365 emails whenever they want without feeling afraid. The tool comes with amazing features like PDF archiving and email conversion which makes it the ideal choice for all types of users, beginners or advanced.” – Liz Crompton

“If you are worried that you might pick the wrong tool, you are not the only one who has been there. But you don’t have to give up. I did not give up and found the Mail backup X by InventPure. This professional 365 backup software does everything that you can dream of. It is available for both mac and windows users and also gives 100% data safety assurance. You don’t have to be a professional to backup office 365 emails anymore. You can sit down and follow instructions just like I did. I would definitely suggest this since it has many perks that no other tools bring.”- Jason Vadas

Expert ratings for added trust

This tool has been given 5 star ratings by experts from around the world. They consider this tool the best 365 backup software because it works flawlessly and gives the desired results without fail.

Here are the system requirements which are required to run this tool

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Thinking about money? Here are different packages

The Mail backup X comes in different packages which are created according to the needs and budget of different users

The Personal Edition

–           Works for a single user

–           Works on two computers

–           Comes for both macOS and Windows

–           Backup up to 5 mail profiles

–           Get 10 more mail profiles with a top up

–           Get free support and maintenance for 1 year

The Team Edition

–           Works for multiple users

–           Works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users

–           Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user

–           Get 10 extra mail profiles with an easy top up

–           Free support and maintenance for 1 year

–           Available in both macOS and windows versions

Get a free trial

If you are curious about the tool, why not test it? You should get a free trial of the tool to find out how it works. Once you are sure that this is the solution that you want, make sure to upgrade at an affordable price.

To check the free trial right now, click here.