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What is a Gmail archive and how can you effectively archive your Gmail emails?

Archiving and the Gmail archive

Gmail Archive Solution

Email archiving can be defined as a procedure that helps to back up your mail data contained in your mailbox of the email client you use. There are a plethora of advantages of archiving and the most prominent one is the ability for you to access your email data at a later date. You must be wondering, isn’t it possible to archive data even when your emails are in your mailbox? Well, it is indeed. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to access your emails a few years down the line. What if you accidentally delete an email from your mailbox? What if someone else hacked your account and deleted all your emails from your mailbox? What if permanent deletion of emails from the mailbox happens by mistake? Hence, you cannot guarantee that the emails will always be there.

The process of archiving emails is the only way that ensures your emails are safe in the future. When you have an offline copy of your entire email data, it ensures that you can access it when you want. You are not tied to having an Internet connection which is why you can access the mail data anytime without restriction. As long as you have access to the storage location you have chosen, you can gain access to your email archives when the requirement for that arises. With web-based email clients, this is great. If you want to read your emails then you will need to access them through an Internet connection. Else, you won’t be able to do that easily. Email archiving solves that problem and it provides easy access for you all the time. This is only guaranteed with email archiving and backup.

The archived content of an email is called an email archive. Hence, a Gmail archive is an archived email from Gmail email client. Whenever you archive your emails, the emails are going to be stored in an archive format. The quality of the Gmail email archive is something to consider and it depends on the tool that you use for archiving your Gmail emails. There are mainly two ways in which you can archive Gmail emails and attachments. The first is the free tool and the second is a paid tool. There is also the manual way of archiving your emails. However, since not many people are using it and due to the lack of flexibility, you should opt for software tools instead of manual ways of archiving emails. This is why we have only mentioned the use of archiving software tools for backing up your emails.

The free archiving tools are software backup tools where you are not required to pay anything to use the software. These are not so fantastic when it comes to features and their reliability. Downloading these types of tools onto your computer is risky, to begin with. You never know the number of viruses and other software that you are downloading along with the tool. The developer is not completely known either which makes it riskier. Overall, it is a big risk for any business and individual. When you are looking for reliable tools then using paid archiving tools that are backed up by a strong developer is a must. This ensures that your money is not going to waste. Moreover, you can speak to the developer in case there are any problems with using the tool, customer support and more.

The best Gmail archive solution in the world

The best-paid email archiving software tool is Mail Backup X by InventPure. This paid archiving tool is for Mac users and it is the best one out there. It understands Mac and ensures that when you archive, you can do so with ultimate ease. The tool is user-friendly and helps you understand each archiving step so you know what you are doing. You are only supposed to choose from a list of options. You can import older archives of Gmail and other email clients too making it extremely versatile. The software is quick at archiving your emails and giving you Gmail archives as results that you can fully trust and rely on. Hence, once you archive your Gmail emails, you can delete the emails from your Gmail mailbox. The tool preserves your data to the tee each time that you archive.

The archiving utility lets your Gmail archives be completely secure. It encrypts each email which ensures every Gmail archive is secure by itself. This process is automated so you don’t have to do anything about it. The strong encryption by InventPure’s tool gives you the liberty of storing your Gmail archives anywhere on your Mac or other locations. The encryption is a particularly excellent feature as you do not have to put measures in place to keep your archives secure. When you archive with traditional methods, there are no security measures in place which leave your archives vulnerable to deletion and viewing. Mail Backup X lets you store your Gmail archives in an FTP server. The client is provided to you when you get the license of the software tool. You can store your emails by syncing your archives in Mac and another device.

The syncing is for people who want to store their Gmail archives in more than one place. It is a method of copying your Gmail archives onto another external device. You don’t have to do anything about the copying part. Your job is only to set up the sync with the device. When you archive, your emails will be saved in your Mac. When you sync, these Gmail archives will be compared with those on the device. If any or all of the email archives are missing, then the tool will automatically copy the archives from Mac to the device. This ensures time and effort saving. The software application will save your email archives incrementally. This saves space as no single Gmail archive is saved twice. Another way this email archiving application saves space is by compressing your archives to up to three times.

The email backup application lets you choose the email backup type. This is something that very few archiving tools give you the option for. You can choose mirror archiving when you want to store in another location. You can choose distributed archiving of your Gmail archives as well. You can automatically archive your emails so that every Gmail archive is archived when it enters the Inbox and/or other folders. You can set up recurring archiving of Gmail emails. This lets you set up an interval when the tool will archive your Gmail emails. There is a manual way of archiving Gmail emails which is for people who want to archive emails only when they want to. Any of these ways of archiving are suitable according to the number of emails which you get on a daily basis. You can try them out to see which one is most convenient for you.

Gmail archive folders

Mail Backup X takes brilliant care of your archived folders. It gives you the freedom to view the content of each archived folder easily through the viewer tool. This can be found in the dashboard of the tool on the left-hand side. The viewer is what displays your emails in front of you. It is similar to how you view your emails in Gmail where all the emails are listed and a part of them is shown to you as a preview. This is what the viewer is all about. The viewer is pretty neat as it displays all the emails from all the archived folders together. This makes it easier to view all backed up mail data together. You can individually open the email archives and view too. However, why bother to do that if you can easily view the emails with the viewer tool? The viewer can help you monitor the archived emails too and read your emails easily.

Your Gmail archived folders will have hundreds or even thousands of emails. Let us say that you need to look for a particular email or attachment. You can’t go through all of the emails individually, can you? You will need several hours depending on the number of emails you have archived. Hence, it would be utterly impossible and a herculean task. Do you know part of the keywords that are present in the particular email? Do you know the name of the sender? Do you know any specifications regarding that email? Do you know when you received it? If you know any such details then you can use the search tool that is part of the email archiving software as well. You can use queries as well. You can create queries for finding Gmail emails that meet particular criteria that you write. This can be quite beneficial for fast results.

Here are some questions that have been on our users’ minds

1.         What defines the best Gmail archive solution?

The best solution for Gmail email archiving would be a tool that is easy to use and also reliable. It would be a balanced tool which is powerful yet safe and affordable for all. The best example is the Mail backup X by InventPure.

2.         How to archive Gmail with the Mail backup X?

You don’t have to learn how to archive Gmail with this tool because the tool guides you from the installation till the very end. Just follow the user interface and the tool will give you 100% safe and accurate results.

3.         How difficult can it get to archive Gmail files without experience?

If we talk about other methods, it is pretty difficult to archive Gmails for a first time user. However, with a professional tool like the Mail backup X which has been expressly created for archiving Gmail, it is a piece of cake.

4.         Is there a feature in the Mail backup X which no one expected?

There are a lot of features in this tool which no one expected but everyone wished for. The best example would be the inbuilt email converter which comes embedded with the tool. You can now easily convert emails from the same tool that you use to back up your emails.

5.         I am going on a trip but I cannot carry my laptop. How can I carry a portable backup?

The Mail backup X comes with an auto USB backup and sync feature. You can set up a USB drive with the tool which the tool will automatically read as soon as you plug it in. The tool will automatically store the latest backup in the USB drive and create a portable backup for you.

6.         How to ensure that I don’t miss any files during or after the backup?

The tool comes with an innovative search box that allows you to search for your desired email items in the database. You can check if you have missed any files while they are loaded.

7.         What happens to the empty files and folders?

The tool gives you the choice to ignore the empty folders automatically. You don’t have to worry about cluttering your email database in the new email application.

8.         I want to print my email database or share it with someone. What can I do?

The Mail backup X allows you to archive Gmail directly in the form of PDF files. You can share these PDF files with anyone after protecting them with a password. You can also print these PDF files if you want to save hard copies for official work.

9.         What about space wastage? I have heard that archiving Gmail is a waste of space.

You don’t have to worry about wasting space since the Mail backup X automatically compresses the archive in 3X lesser space than usual. Its advanced data compression algorithm compresses the database for you.

10.       What if I am not able to archive Gmail at any point of time?

You can reach out to the support team. They are available 24*7 for you. You can reach out and they are going to solve your query immediately.

What are some of the greatest benefits of choosing this Gmail archiving tool?

–           It works on both MacOS and windows

–           It can backup and archive multiple email applications

–           It works at high speeds and saves a lot of time and effort

–           It can compress your email database in 3X lesser space

–           You can store the Gmail archive directly in PDF files

–           100% guarantee of data safety

–           No lags or performance issues

Some common questions- answered

“Choosing the Mail backup X was the best thing that I did this year. I wanted to backup my Gmail email application but I did not have any confidence. I had never done this before so I took a seniors’ advice and go the Mail backup X. A lot of people had been using this in my team and I was not surprised after seeing the results. It is easy to use and it gave me 100% results without needing to perform any complex tasks. I would highly recommend it.”- Fiona Lewis

“Whenever it came to archiving Gmail I would get anxious. However, the Mail backup X changed all that. It is a certified tool which is incredibly easy to use and also accurate with the results. You don’t have to worry about the performance or results of the tool. It saves your time and effort. You should try its free demo version now.”- Gretchen Gray

What do the experts think about our tool?

Experts from around the world consider the Mail backup X to be one of the best ways to backup and archive Gmail files. It is one of the top rated tools with a 5 star rating.

What are the specifications required to run this tool?

Here are the system requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Packages for all

The Mail backup X comes in two versions and we will take a look at both of them

The Mail backup X- Personal

–           It works for single users

–           It can be used in two computers

–           It can easily give you backup of up to five mail profiles

–           You can get 10 more profiles by getting a top up

–           You get 1 year free maintenance with the full version

The Mail backup X- Team

–           It works for multiple users

–           It can be used by 5, 10, 20 or 30 people

–           You can backup up to 5 mail profiles

–           You can get 10 additional mail profiles with an easy top up

–           1 year free support and maintenance

If you are looking for email archiving software that is an all-rounder, then Mail Backup X is the best tool to use. A trial version is available for testing the archiving tool as well. This is available for free of cost and lets you test every feature of the software tool. The software tool has three licenses you can choose from once you are satisfied with the trial version. One is for individuals and the other two are for businesses.