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Yahoo email backup software that is powerful on the inside and simple on the outside

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When it comes to Yahoo email backup software, you might be confused as to what kind you should get. You do essentially have only two choices. You can pick the free Yahoo Mail archiving solution or the paid option. While the free solution means no investment, it is not a wise decision. The reason is that there are many problems such as security and privacy concerns, improper data retention, difficulty in accessing data and searching data. If you do want flawless Yahoo Mail email archiving then the paid backup and archiving software solution is what you need. The most reliable paid email archiving software is Mail Backup X by InventPure.

Mail Backup X is a paid email archiving software for Mac. It is built with powerful algorithms that make it the amazing tool that it is. It is the best way of archiving your Yahoo Mail data with when compared to other archiving tools in the market. What makes this software tool better than other tools? Let us get into the details as to why this email archiving software stands out from the rest of the archiving tools.

How can Mail Backup X help you save more?

Mail Backup X is an email archiving software tool that helps you save more money. This may sound funny since it is a paid software tool. However, there is the logic behind this. InventPure’s tool can actually ensure that you pay less in the long run.

Imagine that you have thousands of emails in your Yahoo Mail mailbox. You somehow end up losing your emails. Either someone deleted all your emails on purpose or your mail was hacked into. The cost of getting your emails back through Yahoo Mail is a very expensive procedure. However, when you have Mail Backup X you can easily restore those emails to your mailbox pretty easily. This will help you save money as you do not need another software tool for restoration. Mail Backup X can help you restore the Yahoo Mail emails that you want as it is part of the tool’s features.

When there is hardware corruption, your archived data is completely safe with the help of this email archiving software solution. That is because the email archiving software supports repair recovery record. This helps you keep your archived email data safe even during an event of hardware problems. As you are aware, hardware issues can crop up anytime and that too, at the most unexpected times. Hence, it is important that you keep data safe so that nothing happens to it. Mail Backup X’s feature can save you time as well as you do not need to archive those Yahoo Mail emails all over again.

Another way you save money is with the compression feature that is part of the software tool. The Yahoo backup software automatically compresses each email archive when you perform the backup procedure. This saves you three times space when compared to other archiver software tools. This means more storage saving. Hence, your storage will be filling up three times slower which means you don’t need to quickly get a new storage medium where you can save your archives. The content of the Yahoo Mail archive will remain exactly the same as there will be no loss of data just because of compression.

You get a conversion tool that is part of the archiving software! How cool is that? That is right. You can convert from one email format to another free of cost when you get this archiving tool. You never again have to pay for a conversion software tool. This professional email format converter helps you convert from all the popular email client data formats. Want to export some data from one client to another where the formats are not directly compatible? You can use the converter tool to perform the import and export. It takes the least amount of time to perform the conversion. Your data will be converted before you know it!

Initially, you must only invest to get the licensed software that suits your requirements. For example, depending on the size of your business, you will need to get a different license. If you want regular updates after a period of one year, you can purchase it accordingly. If you want any add-ons then you can get those too. All these are not imposed on you because you have the freedom of choice. While some businesses might prefer add-ons, others may not find them applicable. This is why InventPure gives you the choice of selection in every case so that you can use the email archiving software as you want.

Why is it more secure than other archiving solutions?

Mail Backup X is safer to use than other archiver tools. The first reason is that it provides security to your Yahoo Mail data during the backup procedure. This is best for archiving as it eliminates any security and privacy concerns. The procedure itself should occur safely which is how InventPure always performs the archiving of your Yahoo Mail data. In addition, it always preserves your Yahoo Mail content entirely so that there is no data that is corrupted or lost at any time during the archiving procedure. This is always guaranteed with this incredible tool as it is able to preserve fully without a single error every time.

You can backup Yahoo Mail folders where you want to. If your Mac is where you want to save your email archives then you should do so. The archiving solution allows you to save in one or more storage locations on your Mac. You need to only locate the exact path and then the archives are stored there automatically every time. You can modify this setting anytime you wish. For example, you can choose to store the folders within a particular folder so that it is easy for retrieval. Moreover, you can archive in different ways so that you will be able to back up your Yahoo Mail data as and when you want the archiving to take place.

Mail Backup X encrypts the Yahoo Mail data during the archiving process. This means you get Yahoo Mail email archives that are encrypted at the end of the backup procedure. The results are always consistent; whether you backup one or thousands of emails. Every Yahoo Mail email archive is secure in this way and this protects the content that your archive contains. You are the authorized person who can access your Yahoo Mail archives and this tool ensures that each time. This means no more fear of unauthorized people ever getting access to your email archives which is fantastic for the safety of your Yahoo Mail data.

How is it more freedom-giving than other tools?

Mail Backup X gives you a lot of liberty when it comes to choosing what you want. Firstly, it allows you to choose the folders from Yahoo Mail that you want to archive. It is capable of archiving your folders and all the sub-folders while ensuring each is preserved perfectly well. You only need to check the folders that you want to archive. Therefore, the tool lets you perform archiving of your entire Yahoo Mail mailbox. It also archives some of the folders that are part of your Yahoo Mail mailbox. In this way, you can archive your emails completely or only part of it. This option is always available for you to choose when you use Mail Backup X.

You can choose how to back up your mail data. You can choose a mirror or distributed way of backing up Yahoo Mail. Mirror backups are great if you want the same backup instant to be available in another location. You can use distributed backing up of your Yahoo Mail data to store your folders in many different places. The process of backing up can be chosen as well. You can choose between automatic, manual and recurring methods of backing up. Each of them is correct in their own unique way. The method that you utilize depends entirely on the frequency of the email archiving that you want.

When you want the most frequent archiving of your emails done, you can choose the automatic method of archiving. This method backs up emails as they come into the Yahoo Mail mailbox. If you want to get your Yahoo Mail emails backed up at specific intervals, then you should use the recurring type of archiving. The third type is when you want to be in control of the frequency of the archiving. That is, you can archive any time that you find appropriate to do so. This type of archiving is the manual type of archiving. Mail Backup X allows you to archive in all these ways without any issue.

Yahoo Mail backup software is a superb archiving software tool that can be used by anyone. Whether you are self-employed or you work somewhere, you can use this tool for safeguarding your Yahoo Mail data. The software tool is suitable for all types of users as it is effortless. This makes it usable in different types of environments. You can try the free test version of the software right away.