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Getting a perfect Yahoo email archive is a snap with this archiving solution

Yahoo email archive tool

Most people have given up all hope of ever finding an email archiving solution that is perfect. The perfect Yahoo email archive means it preserves the originality of the Yahoo Mail email message. The word ‘perfect’ simply sounds too good to be true, right? But what if we told you that there indeed is a way of getting the ultimate Yahoo email archive? Would you believe us? In this article, we will show you why the solution we are talking about is as perfect as an email archiving tool can get.

 Which archiving solution gives the best results?

The best Yahoo Mail archiving solution is InventPure’s Mail Backup X. This paid email archiving tool can be used for backing up Yahoo email messages from Yahoo mailbox. It is a tool that consistently gives you the best results without fail. The tool has been tested thousands of times to ensure it reaches the perfection that you desire. The software application can be used by individuals who want to archive for the safety of their data. It can just as easily be used by businesses of all types as well.  

InventPure’s email archiving tool is made to preserve and retain all data. It is not only the Yahoo Mail email messages which are preserved but the attachments too. The software tool can recognize all the data types of attachments. The tool supports the International languages used in Yahoo Mail emails too. This, in turn, helps it to archive all your Yahoo Mail emails while ensuring that your data integrity factor remains intact. The Yahoo email archives that you get as a result of archiving with this solution are always reliable.

How to archive Yahoo Mail?

Mail Backup X is a sophisticated tool there is no doubt about that. It has some of the most advanced features of an email archiving application. However, it is just as simple to use. There is no training required and no need to read booklets to understand the software. The email archiving software can be learned after the first usage. This makes it ideal for all types of users regardless of their proficiency in email archiving. Experts will find this tool efficient and the beginners will smile when they use this software tool; it really is effortless and easy to use.

There is a wizard which aids in the Yahoo email archiving process. You only have to run the software and all you have to click is ‘next’. This sounds odd but trust us, it is true. There are options for you to choose from. Some text is provided to better understand each unique option which will help with the faster selection process. If you are still unsure then you can always contact the customer support of any day and any time. Email support is available every single day including holidays. The tool clearly outlines each step of the archiving process.

How much control does the tool give?

The tool gives you total control over the email archiving process which is one of the main advantages of using this software tool. You get to select everything. For instance, you can select the folders for archiving from your Yahoo Mail mailbox. You do not always want to archive and make copies of all your Yahoo Mail emails. This can mean you are forced to keep copies of archives. Else even if you sit down to delete, a lot of time is going to be wasted when you choose and delete the emails or folders that you do not want.

Mail Backup X expedites this process by giving you control at the time of archiving Yahoo Mail. You can choose which folders you want to archive and which ones you don’t want to back up. This saves you considerable time and energy. Another excellent feature is that you can change this setting when you want to. You are not stuck to the folders you chose at the beginning. You might have created new folders and you might want to archive those Yahoo folders. You can easily change the folders choice when you archive.

You can choose the way in which your Yahoo Mail emails should be archived. You can choose from recurring, manual and automatic ways of backing up your emails. Automatic is the most preferred one because it is the most efficient one. It archives your emails as they come into your mailbox. Recurring enables you to set a time when the archiving of your Yahoo Mail emails should take place. This repeats every day according to the interval you choose. You can manually archive when you have less number of Yahoo Mail emails to archive.

Is there a choice about the archive folder?

You have the liberty to choose the Yahoo mail archive folder and the location. The location of choosing your Yahoo email archives is left to you entirely. You can choose the location to be your Mac or on a server. The archiving software comes with an FTP server client that is the best one you can use. It is secure and ensures the Yahoo Mail emails you save there are always safe. You can upload some or all of your Yahoo Mail archives there for additional safety in case there is a problem with your system at any point.

You can store the emails in an external USB drive too. You can sync your emails stored in your Mac and then sync them with the folders in your USB drive. This is an additional measure that you can take for ensuring the safety of your data. For example, you have 10 folders in your Mac. You want to sync them with the USB drive connected. You can use the dashboard to sync. Every time you plug in that device, the folders will be updated and added according to the changes in your Mac Yahoo archive folders. This ensures that you have the exact copies throughout.

How safe are the Yahoo Mail email archives?

Your email archives from Yahoo are going to be super safe. As outlined earlier, you can store them where you wish. You are the best judge about which location is best for saving your important Yahoo Mail archives. In addition, if you change your mind, the software aids you with that. This helps you change your decisions to ensure that your archives are always safe. Mail Backup X encrypts all your mail data. A strong encryption technique is used on your Yahoo Mail email archives. This enables only you to access your email archives.

Encryption has another benefit. No one will be able to modify your Yahoo Mail archives even if they get access to your files stored on your Mac. Moreover, if you have the data stored in other locations there is no way that even in a catastrophe, all your archives will be destroyed at once. Mail Backup X thus ensures complete safe archiving. The procedure for archiving your Yahoo Mail emails is also secure in nature. You can archive all your emails, including the sensitive information without worrying about anything.

What are the other features of this archiving solution?

There are three other features which are very beneficial to you; compression, search and view. Only Mail Backup X has these wonderfully useful features.

The compression is accomplished automatically by Mail Backup X. This technique packs your email archives in the least amount of space possible. It can help you save up to three times space than ordinary Yahoo mail archive messages. Does this affect the quality of your Yahoo Mail emails? Never! Imagine how much space you can save in total when you have gigabytes of Yahoo Mail data to archive.

The viewer feature is one of the greatest features. It helps you view all the Yahoo archived emails in one place; easily and effectively. This is best for people who want to see an overview of all their emails which have been archived without having to log into their Yahoo accounts. Mail Backup X can archive emails from all popular clients. You can view the archived emails from all of those email clients too with utmost ease.

The search tool is fantastic to use. It works similarly to the search tool available in Yahoo Mail email client. The search tool on InventPure’s archiving solution lets you search through all your Yahoo Mail email archives. This can help you find the emails and attachments too. You can search using keywords and you can create queries for searching too. These queries must be formed with AND OR operators.

Final note

Mail Backup X by InventPure is one software tool you won’t regret using. As emails are here to stay in the years to come, so will this archiving application. You can rest assured that once you get a license of this software, you won’t ever need another one. InventPure is constantly working to make this software useful in all new Mac systems. Hence, it is guaranteed to stay this way always. If you are curious about how the software tool works then be sure to check out the free trial version available.