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Yahoo backup wizard

The reason why Yahoo email backup wizard software is so important is that it is the tool with which you are going to backup and archive your emails. You hold your emails and attachments close to you as they contain information you do not want to lose. Many of you take this lightly until something happens and you lose some or all of your data. Then you start to regret the fact that you never archived your emails in the first place. You should not let this ever happen to you which is why it is important you choose the right software from the time you want to archive. This will save you the regret later.

Your Yahoo mail Backup mailbox is not only about the emails that are stored in it. It is also about the attachments that you have received and sent as well. Then there are the folders that you have sorted in your mailbox. There are your email contacts too. Think about it. Have you stored those anywhere? You just assume that they are safe on the Yahoo server. However, remember the cases of emails being hacked and the data wiped clean. You don’t want all your emails and other data going from your mailbox, do you? The Yahoo Email Backup software comes into play at this time. There are many benefits of archiving your Yahoo Mail emails.

Why should you backup Yahoo mail emails?

  • There are several cases where due to mail server outages, email users reported a loss of data. If you don’t want to be in a position where you lose data due to Yahoo mail outage, you should keep updated yahoo mail backups.
  • Download all attachments and related email data at once without fearing data loss. There are many times when emails get deleted along with the attachments. To avoid data loss due to accidental deletion, you should keep an updated email backup.
  • Secure your Yahoo mail conversion with email backup. If you are not satisfied with the way your yahoo mail emails handle your data, you can always switch to Gmail or Outlook. However, before you migrate your data, you should protect your Yahoo mail emails with a Yahoo backup. Once you have a yahoo mail backup, you won’t have to worry about data loss. This is how mail backups are necessary for data security.
  • If you get logged out of your Yahoo email account and you are unable to access your data, it is advised to keep your emails archived in a preferred location so that you can access your yahoo mail data any time.

Some of these benefits of this Yahoo backup wizard are discussed below: 

  • When you are part of a business, you need to comply with the regulations. These state that you are supposed to have emails archived somewhere.
  • If you have conversations with clients on Yahoo Mail who drag you into litigation case, then you can prove your innocence through the email archives.
  • Most intellectual property of your business will be saved in your emails. Email archiving Yahoo Mail data will ensure that you are able to keep this data safe.
  • You can get access to the email archives when you do not have access to the Internet. This is the case when you save them on the computer or any device where they are readily accessible.
  • You will never lose all the data. In fact, you won’t lose your Yahoo Mail data on your Yahoo Mail mailbox when you regularly archive the data on a device of your choice.
  • You will be able to store your email archives in different locations. This makes them much safer from unauthorized access.
  • If you mostly use Yahoo Mail as a way of communicating, then your mailbox is probably nearing its limit. You can remove the emails that you have archived elsewhere.
  • You can get access to Yahoo email backups much quicker when there is a search tool involved. This can be done with no Internet access either.  
  • Email archiving is important for all types of businesses and individuals who work on Yahoo Mail or any other email client. It can help save their reputation.
  • You can do more with the Yahoo Mail Backup emails. You can analyze and monitor all the mail data when you want. This can unleash some useful data about your business.
  • When you backup email, you can store it for the long run. This allows for you to store your email data cheaply when compared to other storage methods.
  • We think we have discussed the much-needed importance of email backup of Yahoo Mail. Now, it is time to find out about the backup software that will change the course of archiving.

 Most Advanced Yahoo mail backup Wizard Tool

 The Yahoo backup wizard software by InventPure is called Mail Backup X. This email archiving software tool is the most comprehensive archiving software tool for Yahoo Mail data.

 Effortless to use

The software tool is simple to utilize. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to use this software tool. You don’t need to have any expertise for using this email archiving software. You have a wizard that eases the way you archive your emails.

 Safe to use

 The email archiving is safe to use for archiving your business’s sensitive information. This ensures all data is securely archived. The tool ensures your email archives are secure after they have been archived too by encrypting them during the archiving procedures.

 Save space

You can save space wherever you archive emails with Mail Backup X. The reason is that the compression of your emails takes place every single time. This is another automated process that takes place without you having to do anything for it.

Yahoo Mail Backup folders

You can back up your Yahoo Mail folders wherever you want. A single location or many locations can be selected for storing the Yahoo Mail email archives. This helps you save your emails in multiple locations as per your choice.

 Easy view and find

 You can monitor your emails through the viewer feature that is available. This viewer feature lets you see all the backup Yahoo Mail emails in one place. This is similar to how you view your emails in your Yahoo Mail mailbox.

 Save in PDF

 You can store archived emails in the form of PDF. This can be selected when you are archiving your emails. Do you want the ability to retrieve easily? Then you can try this method of archiving and storing your emails on your Mac.

 Sync with USB

 You can easily sync your Mac email archives with those on a USB-recognized device. The setup has to be done only once. When you plug the device after that, you will be asked whether you want to sync your emails with the device.

 Works on latest Macs

 All thanks to the constant upgrades of the tool, it works on the latest Mac computers. This lets you use the tool even if you have just bought a new Mac. Moreover, you get constant maintenance upgrades when you buy the tool.

 Ability to choose folders

 You can select the folders from your Yahoo Mail emails that you want to archive. This makes it easier for you to choose when you have only particular folders that you want to archive on your Mac computer. You can perform full Yahoo Mail email archiving too with all the folders.

 Import email archives

 Do you want to keep all your Yahoo Mail backup together? You can import the archives from earlier. This option is given at the beginning of the archiving process. You can import as many archives as you want and view all the email archives together.

How to backup Yahoo Mail with Mail Backup X Yahoo backup wizard?

Mail Backup X enables you to control the way you actually performing the archiving and backing up of your email data. This enables you, the user, to use the software as you wish without tying you down to one particular way of backing up mail data. You should always have the freedom to choose what you want and Mail Backup enables you to do that.

Yahoo email backup wizard

You can back up your Yahoo Mail emails manually which is the most basic form of archiving with zero automation. In this method, you have the option to archive your Yahoo Mail emails when you want. This gives you the most freedom to archive your emails as you want and at the time that you want. Only those users and businesses should utilize this type of archiving method when they do not have loads of incoming emails on a daily basis.

You can backup Yahoo Mail emails with the recurring setting. This is when you set a specific interval; say every few hours, to archive your emails. After you set the interval timing, your Yahoo Mail emails (along with their attachments) will be archived at that time. That is when the interval time comes, the Yahoo Mail emails are automatically archived onto the location you specify. This continuously takes place every time the interval time occurs.

The third way of archiving mail data with Mail Backup X is by using the automatic method of backing up. This method is the most convenient way of archiving your emails to everyone. It is done automatically. Whenever new emails enter your Yahoo Mail mailbox, they are archived without any human intervention. This ensures that the entire process of archiving emails is done pretty quickly. When you have hundreds of emails that come in every day, this method of archiving is great. You do not have to think about selecting emails to archive.

One point you should note is that the speed of archiving emails is constant. It is the fastest regardless of how you choose to archive your emails. This is the best thing about the email archiving software tool.

Want it now? You can get it!

If you want to get the email archiving tool right away, then you can get it right away! The software is available for instant download. You can try the software before you purchase the license too. It has every single feature so you can fully test it out when you want. This makes it super easy for you to get the software in a jiffy.

This is the step-by-step method to backup Yahoo mail emails with Mail backup X Yahoo backup wizard

Start the application as usual and select “Setup a new backup profile”.

yahoo mail backup wizard

You will see several options to choose from. Click on Email server.

yahoo backup wizard

Now, you will be at a new window. Here you have to select the last option which says “IMAP server”

yahoo email backup software

Reminder: Here, you will see the option to enter the email and password for the account that you wish to be backed up. It is important to know that your regular yahoo password will not work here if you try to enter it here. If you want to backup your Yahoo mail emails, you will have to create an app specific password through your yahoo email account. Let us find out the process to create this app specific password.

yahoo mail backup software

Here is how to create an app specific password through your yahoo mail email account

To begin with, you need to login to your Yahoo email account. Go to your profile name and click on Account info.

Now you are at the Account info section. Here you have to find the Account security tab.

To enter the security section, the email service will ask you to enter and verify your email credentials. Once you have done that, you can click on Generate App password.

Select “Get started”

As the part of the process, the tool will ask you to enter the name of the service which needs access to your Yahoo mail emails. Here, we are going to enter “Mail backup X” and click on Generate password.

You will see that a password has been generated. Copy this password.

Once we have copied the app generated password, we can return to Mail backup X to the window where the credentials are being asked. Here, in the password section, you have to paste the app generated password.

 Click on login.

Once you have logged in, the tool will automatically scan all the folders which are in your yahoo email account. It will bring to you all the folders in an organized manner so that you can select the folders and items that you want to backup. If you wish, you can include the subfolders as well.

Now, to select where you want to store the backup, click on Choose a Space.

If you want to store the backup on your local device, click “On my computer”. If you have added your preferred cloud service and you have enough cloud space, you can click on Add a new cloud space. Here, you can also protect the email data contained in the backup by encrypting the backup with a strong password.

You can also choose a USB drive and map it as the destination for your backup.

Once you have modified the backup, click on Save.

The Yahoo backup process will now start.

You can track the progress of the backup on the live dashboard and download the detailed log report at the end.

These are the system specifications of the tool

System Requirements

  • Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher
  • Computer Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL 

Operating system

macOS X ( 10.13 and above)

Ready for macOS Big Sur

Windows 8 and above

Let us compare the free demo and the full version

Here is what the free trial of Mail backup X can do for you

  • Works with macOS and windows OS – YES
  • Allows you to backup up to 5 mail profiles – YES
  • Filter items feature – YES
  • Advanced search box – YES
  • Validity – 15 days
  • Restore emails – YES
  • Inbuilt email converter – YES

Here is what the full version of Mail backup X offers

  • Runs on both macOS and windows – YES
  • Backup up to 5 profiles per user – YES
  • Suitable for use by multiple users in team version- YES
  • Filter item feature – YES
  • Search bar – YES
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Restore and convert emails – YES

There are two licenses – Personal user version and team version

Personal user versionTeam version
Backup and restore 5 email profilesBackup and restore 5 email profiles per user
Works on both mac and windowsWorks on both mac and windows
No remote usageRemote usage for team version admins
Valid for one user on two computersAvailable for 5, 10, 20, 30 users and more on multiple computers
Yearly 20$ subscription for maintenance and updatesYearly 20$ subscription for maintenance and updates

User testimonials

“I was worried that I might not be able to find the right Yahoo backup wizard. That is when I found Mail backup X as the ideal solution for my email backup and archiving. It had everything that I needed in my personal Yahoo email backup wizard. I was able to install this tool and go through with the entire backup process in just a few clicks.” – Dennis Taylor

“Finding the best Yahoo backup tool was always my goal but I was not able to achieve it. I found Mail backup X and I have never felt more confident with my email data. I can now backup, restore, archive and even convert emails whenever and wherever I wish.”- Greg Trevor

10 frequently asked questions using Yahoo backup wizard, Yahoo mail backup wizard Software

  1. Which Yahoo backup wizard should I buy for myself?

According to experts, if you are searching for a Yahoo mail backup wizard, you should only be looking among professional email backup and archiving tools. Only certified tools are worth your money and time. If you are confused about which the best Yahoo backup, Mail backup X tool is the best choice to make. This is due to its brilliant features and stellar performance.

  • I found a Yahoo backup wizard online. Should I go for it?

There are a lot of factors at play if you are choosing particular Yahoo mail backup tool. It is true that these days, email backup and archiving tools are readily available for all. However, it is not true that you can go with any of these tools. Most online or free tools are not reliable enough. You should only choose professional tools like Mail backup X.

  • What makes a particular yahoo mail backup wizard dangerous?

If the Yahoo backup wizard that you are looking at does not come with the necessary security features to protect your email data, it is dangerous. If the Yahoo email backup software that you are considering does not come from a professional background, it is deemed to be risky to use since it can cause data loss and file modification. This is why it is suggested to use only certified tools like Mail backup X to maintain safety for your mailboxes.

  • Which is the most unique feature in Mail backup X as a Yahoo email backup wizard?

Mail backup X is a specialized email backup and archiving tool that has been developed specially to make sure that users get that extra edge over other methods of email backup and recovery. It is a Yahoo mail backup wizard that comes with an inbuilt email converter that you can use to export email backups from one format to another. This is the most unique feature of this tool.

  • How do most email users lose their email data during email backup and recovery?

Most email users lose email data while working with the wrong methods of email backup and recovery. Most of the users fall for the trap of free and mediocre tools which promise a lot of things but don’t deliver most of them. Free and web-based tools ask the users to upload their email folders to unknown servers online. This is where things go wrong for most users. it should certainly be avoided and offline tools like Mail backup X should be considered.

  • How does the smart backup and resume feature work in this Yahoo email backup wizard?

The smart backup feature is especially for those users who suffer through their backups due to poor internet connections. If you have a poor internet connection or an unstable connection while the backup is going on, the tool will automatically pause the progress of the backup and hold it at the point where it was stopped. Once the internet connection is regained, the tool automatically resumes the progress of the backup from that point where it was held. This saves a tremendous amount of time and effort.

  • How does PDF archiving help in the case of email management help?

PDF archiving is one of the most exciting and useful features of Mail backup X tool. You can directly archive Yahoo mail emails as PDF files. These PDF files can be accessed offline with the help of any PDF viewer. You can also easily preserve the folder hierarchy of your mailboxes with the PDF archiving feature. These PDF files are easy to protect with a strong password.

  • Where can I try this tool for free? Can I download it from some torrents?

You can also try this tool for free. However, the right way to do it is through the official website of Mail backup X tool. You should never download software from torrents because your computer can get infected with dangerous viruses which can harm your entire database. For the better alternative and the proper channel, go to www.mailbackupx.com

  • Which version of this Yahoo email backup wizard is best for me as a beginner?

If you are a single user, the singe license is going to work best for you.

The single user license gives you the power to backup 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on both mac and windows. You can also upgrade this version to add 10 more backup profiles with a single top up pack. You can easily get this version from www.mailbackupx.com

  1. What are other email services that I can backup and restore with this Yahoo backup wizard?

There are several other email services that can be backed up with Mail backup X. You can backup and restore Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Thunderbird etc. You can also backup and restore any IMAP enabled email services. This tool gives you complete flexibility over your email database.


In conclusion, we can say that Mail backup X by InventPure is the ideal Yahoo backup wizard that can be used by all email users regardless of their experience. You can backup and restore emails professionally in just a few clicks with its user-friendly experience. With a set of highly advanced and unique features, you get to do a lot more than just email backups. The free trial of the tool is easily available and can be tested to its full capacity for 15 days. Then, the tool can be upgraded to its full edition directly.

What’s not to like about this tool?

It is the perfect solution for all email management issues.

Download Yahoo email backup wizard Software Free Version today.