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Is there a way to predict the need to ‘archive Windows 7 email’?

best way to archive windows 8 emails

Windows 7 email, which comes as the default email application for Windows 7 users, is a great email client that offers brilliant services to the users in the form of email messages, notes, contacts, etc. This, in fact, is true for almost all standardized email services that exist today. Of course, Microsoft Windows is one of the biggest players amongst them all.

In today’s fast moving digitized world, the users often struggle to keep themselves up to date with the changing trends in the market. It is thereby prudent to look into the right prioritization of the same. In this regard, one trend that has been catching up is creation of archive of email files which is what this article intends to discuss.

The core factors that can help the users in understanding when to archive Windows 7 email have been discussed hereunder:

  • Data security: If data security is your concern then taking up this task must not be delayed any further. A sturdy backup ensures quick access/recovery of data files as and when needed by the users.
  • Avoid Recovery issues: Accidental deletion of emails can lead to situations wherein users have to pay very high recovery costs to regain access to the data files. But with a backup in place, the users can recover the files at any time that they please.  
  • Server issues: Server downtime or server maintenance issues can be highly interruptive causing unnecessary delay in work. Being an Outlook user, every individual knows the pain of such scenarios.  
  • Storage issues: If the data space has reached its saturation point, it is definitely time to take up the task to archive Windows 7 messages.  

If you fall under any of the above mentioned categories then go right ahead to archive Windows 7 emails.

What would it take to ‘archive Windows 7 emails’ efficiently?

The answer is pretty simple- a software dedicated towards the archive task. One such marvelous product is Mail Backup X by inventpure Software.

This tool comes under the most recommended tools by experts and critics in the field. The rating too remains a whooping 5 on 5 star in the areas like safety, performance, etc. Sounds enticing? Read on to know more about this amazing product!  

A tool largely made up of innovative and unique features to ‘archive Windows 7 emails’ with precision!

With Mail Backup X in hand, the users need not worry about how to archive Windows 7 emails. The tool comes with such fabulous features on it that achieving success at the task becomes absolutely certain. Here is a lineup of the best features of this tool:

  • 3 functions in 1 tool: For users who might not be aware of the true capabilities of this tool; the tool extends email backup, archive, and conversion function. The services remains compatible for databases pertaining to Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc.
  • Multiple backup options: There are different backup settings that the users can choose from. The incremental backup setting, for instance, is meant to backup data files as and when they arrive. In addition to this setting, the users can also make use of mirror and distributed backup.
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: This feature enables the users to view all the archived files from a single point. In short, there is no need to switch between the applications to get to the files.
  • Lightning fast search module: This is a high in demand feature. The users can make use of smart input options such as sender name, attachment type, ‘and’ or ‘or’ input, etc to locate the files in a much faster and simpler fashion. 
  • Integrated FTP client: The data is regularly uploaded to a secure FTP server which ensures that the data files remain readily available to the users in case of need.
  • Auto USB sync: This is a smart feature to archive Windows 7 emails directly to the external hard drive. With this setting, the users direct the tool to map its previous interactions with the drive and accordingly synchronize data under relevant folder heads.   
  • Compression algorithms: With ultra-high compression algorithms, this tool saves almost 3 times the storage space in the process to backup and archive Windows 7 emails.
  • Folder hierarchy structure: This tool is adept at maintaining the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.  

This tool is thereby the best way to archive Windows 7 emails! Do not forget to grab your copy of the tool!

Here is what more can be expected with the use of Mail Backup X to ‘archive Windows 7 messages’!

Mail Backup X is a great choice to archive Windows 7 contacts, calendars, notes, emails, etc. The reasons are manifold; however, some major considerations that hold the power to influence a user’s decision have been discussed hereunder.

Here are some merits that the users can expect with its use:

  • Compatibility: Mail Backup X remains compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Safe to use: The tool is completely trustworthy. In that, it comes from a reliable background and is completely virus-free.  
  • Simple to use: The user-friendly interface coupled with a free-flowing process makes it the simplest way to archive Windows 7 emails.  
  • 24*7 customer care: In order to support the users in entirety, this tool includes 24*7*365 customer care services for the users.

Isn’t this all that a user needs to build perfect backup profile? It is the right time to invest in this best tool developed to archive Windows 7 emails with utmost precision.

Go ahead and download your copy today!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How to archive windows 7 emails without any risk of data loss?

You can just get the Mail backup X and follow simple instructions. The tool gives you 100% guarantee of data safety so this is the best solution at hand.

  • Can I view archived emails from different formats with this tool?

The Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt mail viewer that allows you to view archived emails from different formats like OLM, PST, MBOX and EML etc.

  • I want to search for particular files in the database. What can I do?

You can just enter specific search items and the tool will find those files for you.

  • I want to share my database with others. How can I do that?

The Mail backup X comes with the option to archive windows 7 messages in PDF format. You can share these PDF files anytime you want.

  • Which is the most unique feature of this tool?

The Mail backup X also works as a two in one tool. It comes with an inbuilt email converter that lets you convert email files from one format to another.

  • Are my files safe with the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is renowned for its safety. The tool gives you 100% assurance that none of the files will be lost or modified.

  • Does this tool only work on windows?

No, the Mail backup X comes with both mac and windows compatible versions.

  • Can I get quick portable backups whenever I want?

The Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt auto sync with USB feature. With this, you can map a USB and when you plug the USB anytime, the tool stores the latest backup into the device.

  • What if I get stuck with anything while backing up emails?

You get 24*7 support by our dedicated support team. They are always around to help you.

  1. What if the tool fails to work for me?

You get a 30 day money back guarantee if the tool fails to backup your emails.


The Mail backup X has received the best ratings across all platforms. It enjoys a 5 star rating given by experts from around the world.

Client Testimonials

“I wanted to find out how to backup windows 7 emails but always ended up at a dead end. There were so many tools out there which made it too confusing to choose. So I took an expert recommendation and got the Mail backup X. It works on windows and gives 100% results. I didn’t have to do anything complex but still got accurate results. You should definitely try it.”- Sarah Eget

“When it comes to finding the best way to backup windows 7, most users are confused. I was the same. That’s when I stopped looking all around and focused on the best tool. I found the Mail backup X by InventPure to be the ideal solution for all types of users regardless of their experience. You can try the tool for free and see how it works out for you.”- Jason Gales


Mail backup X- Personal edition

  • Works on two computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • Works with windows and mac
  • Free maintenance and support for 1 year

You can get a top up profile pack and get 10 more profiles an affordable price.

Mail backup X- Team edition

  • Available in packages for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Compatible with mac and windows
  • Free maintenance and support for 1 year

To get more profiles, you can buy an affordable top up package where you get 10 extra mail profiles which can be assigned to different users

An amazing deal to own the best tool to ‘archive Windows 7 emails’!

The creators of the tool have included very reasonable license keys to ensure that the tool remains widely serviceable. There are 2 license keys in all, the details of which have been included hereunder:

  • Mail Backup X: This is the basic key. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles and it can be installed on 2 systems. 
  • Mail Backup X for Team: As the name suggests, this is meant for broader use. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed in 5, 10, 20 or 30 systems and it extends protection to 30 users.

With its top-up plan, the users can secure up to 10 additional profiles. All the license keys come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. It also extends 30 days money back guarantee.

What is more is that the users can bring this tool home absolutely FREE of cost as well. Its demo trial version can be downloaded without paying a penny and it can be utilized to test out the major features on this tool. This is a great opportunity to verify all the claims made with regards to its offerings as well as efficiency.

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