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Let your curiosity to ‘archive Outlook 2010 Mac’ drive you in the right direction

archive outlook 2010 emails

A lot many users of Mac Outlook experience the need to archive Outlook 2010 Mac in wake of reasons such as full mailbox, server downtime, and much more. If you find yourself stuck in one of such situations wherein there is no other way out but to archive Outlook 2010 emails then this article is truly meant for you.

Nothing beats the Mail backup X in Outlook mac archiving!

Inventpure’s Mail Backup X is a tool that has an excellent mechanism in place to deliver the desired results to the users. Its advanced technology gets manifested in the shape of perfect copies of the data files. The recreation of each and every item alongside the maintenance of integrity of the data files is something that is guaranteed with the final outcome. The preservation of folder hierarchy structure of the data files makes it convenient to identify as well as locate these files at a later stage.

Why choose this to archive outlook 2010 folders?

Experts speak highly of this tool due to its exemplary features that make it fully-equipped to give out not one but three solutions at the same time. Using this tool alone, the users get to backup, archive, and convert their data files. This can be done for all the major email clients such as Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Thus, choosing this tool will open up the gates to achieve much more than just the task to archive Outlook 2010 folder.

Thereby, instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to the requirement to archive Outlook 2010 folder, take an informed step and procure this tool today.

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Double check your choice to ‘archive Outlook 2010 folder’ with these quick pointers!

Taking the route to archive Outlook 2010 manually can turn out to be a big mistake in terms of the amount of time and effort spent on the job. And statistically speaking, the stakes are undeniably higher as more often than not, the technical processes go wrong due to the greater degree of complexity of the processes. Therefore, it is recommended to take up this task with the help of a third party tool. It, however, is extremely important to consider a few aspects before finalizing the tool to archive Outlook 2010 email to hard drive.

What do you need in an email backup tool?

In order to make the right choice, every user must develop a list of features/traits that must be present on the tool that is chosen to archive Outlook 2010 Mac. According to a lot many experienced users as well as advisers, Mail Backup X is the best way to archive Outlook Mac 2010 as it satiates the following checkpoints like no other tool in its domain. Have a look at some major checkpoints for mail archiving tools:

  • Safety of the email files has always been the ace checkpoint on the list of any user who takes up the task to archive Outlook 2010 emails. This tool comes from a verifiable source and it is completely bug-free. Expert ratings for this tool go as high as 5 on 5 with regards to its safety net for the crucial data files.
  • Simplicity is yet another aspect that is placed quite high on the list of essential traits to be present on the tool. This tool comes with a basic interface that remains comprehensible even for the beginners. And the constant support from the round the clock customer care services greatly adds to ensuring 100% success rate.
  • Hard technical skills are crucial to the creation of flawless results and this tool definitely has them all. It has every bit of technology required to create genuine copies of the data files.
  • The price of the tool must fit right into the pocket of the users. This tool comes in different license keys all of which are extremely affordable.

The perfect combination of skills and algorithms present on Mail Backup X make it an appropriate match for every user’s search results. Take this tool home today and unfold the mystery of how to archive Outlook Mac 2010 flawlessly.

Mail Backup X- an explicit method to ‘archive Outlook 2010 Mac’!

It has already been established that Mail Backup X is one of the best choices that a user can make with regards to the tool to archive Outlook 2010 Mac. This can be justified with the help of the aforementioned set of features contained on it:

  • Three in one services: One can save money, time, and effort by choosing this tool to archive Outlook 2010 emails. It allows backup, archive, and conversion of the email files. The same can be accomplished for Yahoo, Mac mail, Gmail, etc.
  • Mirror Backup settings: To have added security, the users can set up mirror or distributed backups. Incremental backup settings that allow backup of files as and when they arrive is also possible.
  • Advanced search module: Advanced search filters such as attachment type (PDF, excel word, etc), subject, complex combination input with ‘and and ‘or’, etc simplify the task to locate the files on the system.  
  • Inbuilt mail viewer: With this feature, the users save time that is wasted in switiching between different email clients to view the archived files. One location and one search is all it takes to find the required files.
  •  Storage Space: This sturdy tool has ultra high compression algorithms that help the users in saving up to 3 times the space in the backup and archive process.
  • Auto USB sync: The users can set up automatic USB sync and thus cut down on the effort to synchronize the data every single time. This smart feature gets a thumbs-up from almost every user.

These are just some of the features that are enticing enough to grab the attention of any user. Go on and take this tool home to work out the task on how to archive Outlook Mac 2010 with absolute professional attitude!

Now it is possible to learn ‘how to archive Outlook mails 2010’ free of cost!

Getting hold of the best tool to archive Outlook 2010 Mac without paying a single penny is more than a user can expect in their mail archiving journey. The users get to check out the interface of this tool while having complete access to the major features on it. The performance can certainly be tested to the fullest in this manner.

There is not even an ounce of doubt that the users would look forward to investing into the fully licensed versions of this tool as well. Such confidence is attributable to the spotless performance record of this tool. Thus, if users wish to put their hard earned money here, there are 3 options for the same:

Mail Backup X: Basic license key! Backs-up up to 5 mail profiles and can be installed on 2 systems.

Mail Backup X for Small Business: Meant for small businesses! Backs-up up to 5 mail profiles per user and can be installed on 20 systems (Protects up to 20 users).

Mail Backup X for Enterprise: Large enterprise key! Backs-up up to 5 mail profiles per user and can be installed on 100 systems (Protects up to 100 users).

Apart from these, there is an add-on pack that gives access to 10 more profiles as top-up.

Choose what suits your pocket best and take home the best way to archive Outlook Mac 2010!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How safe is the Mail Backup X for normal users?

Safety is one of the best features of the Mail Backup X. The tool provides you with a 100% data safety assurance regarding the safety of your data at all times.

  • What sets the Mail Backup X apart from other tools in the market?

The features that the tool provides set it apart from rest of the competition. The Mail Backup X is easy to use, affordable in price and very reliable. It is the first choice of top experts around the world.

  • Can the tool handle my non-English data as well?

Yes, it can. The tool runs on refined algorithms that can back up all kinds of data while archiving your Outlook Mac 2010 emails, including the Unicode or non-English data as well.

  • Is there a team edition of the tool available?

The Mail Backup X offers you different packages for different needs. They include individual and team editions.

  • Can anyone use this tool, or any prerequisite are required?

There isn’t need of any prerequisite to use the tool. The tool provides you with an easy to use interface and provides instructions as well. Anyone can use the tool with ease.

  •  I have a Mac machine and a Windows Machine. Can I use the tool on both of them?

The Mail Backup X unlike other backup solutions runs on both MacOS and Windows machines directly. However, both tools are designed differently so you will need to buy one mac license and one windows license.

  • What is the policy regarding updates of the tool?

Once you buy the premium version of the tool, you get free updates and maintenance for an entire year.

  • Can I sync up my archived Outlook Mac 2010 emails to my external hard disk?

Yes, you can. The tool allows you to backup and sync your archived Outlook Mac 2010 emails on USB devices.

  • I have a problem in finding the desired data in archived emails. Can the tool help me with that?

The search functionality of the Mail Backup X makes it easy for you to find your desired data. It is quick, smart and really powerful.

  1. What if I require any support with archiving Outlook Mac 2010 mails?

You can always contact our 24*7 available support team.


The Mail Backup X is highly recommended by experts of the trade. It has a 5-star rating across the board.

Client Testimonials

“I tried almost every other tool to archive my Outlook Mac 2010 emails but had no success. Finally, I stumbled upon Mail Backup X and everything has been better since. It is easily, accurate and 100% safe. Highly Recommended.”- Tom Wallace

“I heard about the Mail Backup X from a friend. I was looking for a solution for archiving my Outlook Mac 2010 emails, and the tool does it perfectly. It has everything you need and is extremely easy to use. Best recommendation ever.”- Natalie Walter


As per your need and use you can choose the required package. The tool offers two of them.

Professional Edition

  1. It is best suited for individual users.
  2. It supports up to 5 mail profiles and can run on two computers.
  3. If you want more mail profiles, you can simply upgrade by getting a top up.
  4. Free updates and maintenance for a year.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. It is best suited for organizations as it can support 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. It allows you to backup 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. You can always buy top ups to add more mail profiles as per your need.
  4. You get a year full of free maintenance and upgrades.

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