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Here is how to archive windows 10 emails with 100% success

archive windows 10 emails

Thousands of windows email users want to find out the best way to archive windows 10 emails.

Email backup and archiving has turned out to be one of the most sought out things since users realized the worth of their email data.

Why do users want to archive windows 10 emails?

Regardless of the email application that anyone is using, email backup and archiving has become a priority of email users across the world. But what fueled this? Since everything is online now and the majority of official communication is done through email, it has become essential to ensure that your email data stays safe. We hear the news of a new virus or ransomeware more frequently than ever. Cyber criminals know the worth of our data and very often they try to hijack our data, which is the most valuable resource.

This is where keeping a safe backup of your email database comes into practice. We can never be too sure when it comes to the online world, and this is why we need to archive our windows 10 emails or any other emails on any operating system.

The best way to archive windows 10 emails

Now that we know the why, let us talk about the how.

If you do a simple Google search about how to archive windows 10 emails, you will get hundreds of results and hundreds of solutions which claim to solve this. However, if you delve deeper, you will find that most of the tools that tell you how to archive windows 10 emails are online (website based) and free tools that give no assurance of data safety. In other words, if you are someone who cannot afford to lose your database, you might be disappointed with the results that you get.

Here is what you can do to archive windows 10 emails professionally

You are going to need a professional tool that has been professionally created for this process. Certified tools are created by experts who ensure that you don’t have to face the threat of data loss, file corruption or file modification. These tools are created to archive windows 10 or any other email application with safety and ease of use.

Are there any issues when it comes to finding a professional tool?

There are a few promising tools that are professionally made to help users get safer results with lesser risk. However, many users have complained that they found most professional tools to be a bit complex for the normal user. Other users noted that professional tools are sometimes too expensive. So it was established that most mac and windows users need a professional tool which is easy to use and also affordable. Such tools are rare but it is a good thing that they exist.

Here is the best way to archive Windows 10 emails successfully

When it comes to professional tools that strike the right balance, the Mail backup X by InventPure comes at the top.

What is the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a certified email backup and recovery tool that works on both mac and windows. It was created after years of research about the needs of normal mac email users. The tool has been created to ensure that even first time users or users with no experience can easily backup and archive their email applications without worrying about data loss or file modification. For this, the users have loaded this tool with the most advanced features which were highly awaited by users.

What is special about this tool?

Here are some key benefits of using this tool which set it apart from others

  1. Ease of use

The biggest thing that users complain about is the fact that email backup and recovery tools are too difficult to use. Users express that these tools require complex steps that not everyone can follow. This is the main obstacle that the Mail backup X has eliminated. You get step by step instructions for the backup process.

  • Data safety

Data safety is the biggest priority when it comes to email backup and recovery. The Mail backup X goes the extra mile and gives you 100% assurance of no data loss or file modification. This is one of the top reasons why professional users choose this tool to backup and archive their email databases.

  • Saves time

Time is money and a slow performing tool is no good for the most of us. Sometimes, we are cornered by deadlines and can’t afford to waste time. Many times we are required to backup the whole database which can have multiple mailboxes. This tool saves time by eliminating all the old time taking steps and gives you fast results even when your database is massive.

Here are the top features which make this tool the best choice to backup windows 10 messages

  • Works with multiple applications

Like we said, this tool works with both mac and windows. For windows, it works with Outlook and IMAP clients too. For mac, there are a lot of email applications which this tool handles perfectly. You get to backup Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook windows, Office 365 for mac, Postbox and thunderbird etc.

  • Save space with compression feature

You can now save upto 3 times space while storing your windows 10 archive. The tool comes with an advanced data compression algorithm which compresses your backup archive in 3X lesser space.

  • Save windows 10 archive in PDF format

What can be better than having an email archive which is compatible for all and easily shareable? The Mail backup X gives you the chance to save your email archives in PDF format so that you can even print them later. You can also protect these PDF files with a password. PDF archiving also retains the folder hierarchy.

  • Search engine to find items

Sometimes we are dealing with a large database and we want to ensure that all the files are duly converted. Missing an important file from the archive due to any reason can be a disaster. So if there are any particular items that you want to ensure, you can search for them in the search box. The tool will scan the database and bring them to you. This adds an extra layer of security.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

Now you can set up portable backups in something as portable as a USB drive. You can just set up a USB drive to backup and sync the mailbox whenever it is plugged in. This is great for users who are constantly on the move and like to have their data with them.

  • Import stored mails from multiple clients

You can import email archives exported from different email clients like Apple mail, Outlook windows, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  • All in one email converter

This is the most surprising and welcomed feature of the Mail backup X. You are getting the benefit of two tools in one. This tool works flawlessly to convert your email files from one format to another. So if you want to archive windows 10 and also convert the emails to another format, this is the ideal choice to make.

Now that you have understood the benefits of this tool, it is time for you to try it. The tool comes with a free demo version that works for a limited time but gives you the idea of how the tool works.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can i archive windows 10 messages without being an expert?

Definitely! The Mail backup X is the best way to archive windows 10 emails for beginners and experts alike.

  • I have a large database. Can this tool help me?

The Mail backup X would be your best pick to archive windows 10 messages. It can handle large databases easily without fail.

  • Are there any risks of using this tool?

Fortunately, there are no risks associated with using the Mail backup X. The process is completely safe.

  • Will I face any errors while dealing with this tool?

Since the tool works on advanced algorithms, it does not have any performance issues. It never lags or causes any errors.

  • Are there any dangers for my data while backing up?

The most common reason why users choose this tool is because it guarantees 100% data safety.

  • How can I share my archives?

The tool lets you save your archives as PDF files. PDF files can be password protected and shared.

  • Can I use this to backup applications other than windows outlook?

Yes the tool works with multiple mac clients like yahoo mail, mac mail, thunderbird, gmail and postbox etc. 

  • What else can this tool do?

You get an inbuilt mail conversion feature which allows you to convert email items to and from different formats.

  • Can I get portable backups with this tool?

Yes, the tool offers an auto USB backup feature. With this, you can make quick portable backups in a USB drive.

  1. How to archive windows 10 emails if I get stuck?

You can talk to our support experts who are available 24*7 in case you need any help.


The Mail backup X enjoys 5 star ratings from critics and experts. You can make your choice based on the reviews and ratings.

Client Testimonials

“I found the Mail backup X when I was about to almost give up. I wanted to archive windows 10 messages but didn’t know how to archive windows 10 emails. So choosing this tool enabled me to backup all emails I want without any risk of data loss. The tool is easy to use and gives 100% data safety.”- Markhiem

“Whenever someone asks me my favorite method to archive windows 10 mails, I say it is the Mail backup X. This windows 10 email archive tool works on both mac and windows. It is super easy to use and guess what? It is so affordable! 100% recommended.”- Gina


The Mail backup X is available in a variety of packages

The Professional version is for single users

  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user and works on two computers
  • You can get top up packs to increase mail profiles
  • Free maintenance and updates for a year

The Mail backup X Team edition offers even more benefits

  • It works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • You can buy top up packs to increase mail profile capacity
  • Free support and maintenance for 1 year

What’s stopping you? The tool is quick, easy to use and 100% reliable.

Now you don’t have to be scared of messing anything up. Whenever you need support, you can reach out to the support team and they will be available to guide you 24*7.

Get the free trial today

Once you are satisfied with the free trial of the tool, you can upgrade to get the full version at an affordable price. The full version of the tool is available in different packages designed according to different budgets and needs.

Take the right step, get the free trial of this remarkable windows 10 email archiving tool by clicking here.