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Backup and recovery for the BAT! Mail client – Mail backup X makes it possible

Do you want to know how to transfer emails from the BAT! email client? Do you wish to know how professional export mail from the BAT? What if we told you that there is a single complete solution for recovery and backup for the BAT! Mail client?

Let us explore the topic in detail and find out the best solution for you.

About “The BAT!” email client

“The Bat” is one of the oldest email clients, released around 1997, by the company called “Ritlabs, SRL.” It has a free and a paid version for personal and commercial use respectively. Despite being an old email client, it is still in use today by many users. It also gets regular updates and new features to make email management easier for you. You can use all the common email retrieving protocols like POP, IMAP, and even Exchange Servers. Overall, it is one of the finer email services.

Why backup the BAT! Email client?

Backing up your emails and related data is a crucial part of email management. It’s always good to have a proper back system in place so that you secure your important information in unfortunate events like hard drive failure, virus attacks, and so on. Before getting deep into the solution, let us talk about what we know.

How do users export the BAT! Emails? Is the default method worth your time?

The default features in the BAT! email client allow you to backup data in native file format that you can import back to the email client. But if you are using newer versions of the email client, you won’t be able to import the backup file in older versions and vice versa. This is because it doesn’t let you backup data in the standard file format such as MBOX that is compatible across various software and platforms.

You can export emails to MSG and EML format as well using the default export function in The Bat. MSG and EML are generic formats that you can use in a more open and flexible way across different email clients. However, the current email management scenario needs you to have accessibility over more formats and platforms. This is why you need something extra!

However, all these export and backup options in “The Bat” have certain limitations and drawbacks, especially for an advanced user who has more complicated needs. This is why you need a professional tool which offers more features and better security.

Overall, the default features of backup and export process are not sturdy or reliable if you are working with confidential data. If you are a professional, we suggest going for the best option and nothing else.

Which is the best recovery and backup solution for the BAT! Email client?

Mail backup X can be the best backup and recovery solution for the BAT! Email client. You just need to follow a few simple steps and you will be able to manage the BAT! Emails anytime and anywhere!

All you need to do is download and install “Mail backup X” and follow the instructions that it gives.

How to backup emails from BAT! Email client- Step by step guide

  1. Just download the tool and launch it
  2. Click on “Setup a new backup profile”
  3. You will see various email clients. Click on “Email server”
  4. Click on IMAP server
  5. Enter the email ID and password of the email which you use with your BAT! Email application (make sure that you have enabled IMAP on your chosen email service)
  6. The tool will now scan your database and bring you all the emails from your chosen email service
  7. Now, you will be at a window where you have to select the email folders that you want to backup or restore
  8. Once you have selected them, click on continue.
  9. Now, you are at the advanced settings window where you can choose the frequency of the backup, the location of the backup, the name of the backup profile and more. Once you have modified the settings, click on save and the process will begin
  10. Your BAT email backup process has started now and you can even track its live progress on its dashboard.

You will get 100% accurate results every single time. You can even set up the backup profile in a way that each email that arrives, gets backed up automatically.

Why choose Mail backup X as the tool to backup and restore BAT! Email client?

Let us take a look at some of the best features of Mail backup X the BAT email backup and recovery solution!

  • Automatic backup and recovery for the BAT! mail client

You don’t have to be an expert to backup and recover BAT! email client and everything in it. Mail backup X allows you to backup and restore any emails that you want on both mac and windows. The best thing about this tool is that everything happens automatically with the least amount of effort required by the user. You are given clear instructions on how to backup or import the BAT! emails. You can easily backup and restore emails from the BAT!

  • Export the BAT email client with inbuilt conversion feature

If you don’t know how to export Mails from the BAT email client you can use the inbuilt email conversion feature that is offered with the BAT! Mail backup X is one of the rare few email management methods which serve multiple purposes. You get an inbuilt email converter embedded within this email backup and recovery tool. You just have to use the export feature and you will be able to convert the format of your BAT! email backup. You are really getting the benefits of two tools by paying for just one.

  • Auto USB backups to create portable backups with the BAT!

You can now easily get instant and portable backups for your BAT! email application. You can easily map a USB drive as the destination for a quick portable backup. The tool automatically stores the latest snapshot copy of a local backup and stores it in the USB drive once it detects that the USB drive has been plugged in. What a helpful and convenient way to manage data!

  • Smart backup and resume feature

You get this unique and productive feature which has been designed expressly for Mail backup X users. You get this unique feature called smart backup and resume to elevate your performance and results even in situations where a regular email backup tool would falter or even fail. Smart backup and resume feature is a way to allow uninterrupted backups even if you have an unstable or a poor internet connection. While other email backup tools stop the backup and lose all progress whenever they lose the connectivity, this BAT! email backup tool does not. Your backup gets paused and resumed without losing the progress.

  • Archive BAT emails as PDF files

This is one of the breakthrough features that has brought a lot of users towards Mail backup X. Now, you can directly archive emails from the BAT client in the form of PDF files. These PDF files can be protected with a strong password and then you can share these files with anyone. PDF files are highly portable and great for preserving the folder structure or your backup data.

  • Restore BAT email backup to live mailbox

This is a feature which really simplifies a process which was considered to be too complex. Many email users did not back up their emails because they did not know what to do with these backups. You can now easily restore the email backups back to the live mailbox for immediate usage. Now you can have instant email recovery whenever you need.

  • Select your own files that you wish to backup

The filter item feature lets you choose the files that you wish to backup from the entire database. Selective email backup and recovery gives a lot of control and confidence to email users who have no experience with email backup and recovery and wrongly assume that you need to backup your entire data base every time. It is your choice to select what you want to backup and what you want to ignore.

  • Data compression feature

Data is everything and storing it safely is the most important task. This BAT email backup and recovery software comes with an inbuilt data compression feature which has the ability to compress the email backup data up to 3 times. You can now save up to 3X space while storing the backup so you are ultimately saving money on storage as well. You don’t have to worry about filling your hard drive with oversized backups anymore.

  • Backup and restore different email services

Mail backup X is not just a BAT! Email client. It also works flawlessly to backup and restore all other major email services which are prominently used all across the world. You can easily backup and restore Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP/POP based email services. This gives you the ability to backup and restore almost all emails that exist. What can be better than having such a comprehensive and reliable solution?

  • Inbuilt mail viewer and search box

This tool lets you manage your email data according to your personal preference. Whatever you want to do with your data, this BAT email client lets you achieve that. You are given an advanced email viewer through which you an import various archives and view all the folders and files in them. You can also find a particular email or thread with the advanced search box which is embedded into the tool. Just enter the preferred search items and the tool will find instantly what you are looking for. Everything is totally in your hands.

  • Incremental backups/ full backups and more

Mail backup X does not tie you down with just a single type of backup. You can make full backups, partial backups, incremental backups, fragmented backups, mirror backups and more. Incremental backups are best because they save your time and effort by automatically updating your backups on regular intervals so that you don’t have to create manual backups. It saves you money, time and effort.

Here are the packages that you can choose from!

If you want to export emails from the BAT! Email client or wish to backup BAT! Emails, you should check out the versions of the tool that you are being offered

The single version – Individual user edition

  • Works on two computers
  • Meant for single users
  • Backup 5 mail profiles
  • Get top up package for 10 more added profiles
  • Compatible with mac and windows

Team version – For small and large teams

  • Works on many computers based on the package
  • Works on both and windows
  • Offered for 5, 10, 20, 30 user editions or more
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Get 10 more profiles with top up
  • Admin of team version gets remote access

Backup and restore BAT! Email client for free with a free live demo!

Now that you know everything about this BAT! Mail client, it is time for you to try it for free

The free trial of Mail backup X tool is available for download. You can test the free demo for 15 days and then you can upgrade to the version of your choice. The free trial offers all features in an unlocked format so you don’t have to stay in the dark about anything. To download the free trial of the tool, click here