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Best PST file viewer you can get today! Try Mail backup X by InventPure

Do you want a PST email viewer so that you can view the contents of your PST file without needing to install and work with Outlook? Here you are going to find out everything that you need to know about PST file viewers and how to find the best one.

Most users believe that they need to have outlook installed on their computer if they want to view the contents of a PST file. What email users don’t know is that an advanced PST email viewer would do this task effortlessly.

Mail backup X is the best PST viewer for both mac and windows which allows you to effortlessly view and manage PST files without the need for an outlook application. You can easily get an in-depth view at any PST files you want with this professional PST file viewer.

This is proven to be the best PST file viewer because you are given the power to view and control all parts of the PST file without needing to be familiar with outlook or even the PST format. You can open the PST file with this PST email viewer and use or manage the contents of the PST file like you want.

Mail backup X– Professional and best free PST viewer

  • Automatically detect PST file and offers to view and open the folders contained in the PST file
  • Instantly view, read and manage PST files and their contents without Outlook with this mac and windows PST viewer
  • Manage PST folders and their email data according to your preference
  • Backup and restore PST files and their contents automatically
  • Convert PST files and selected email data within them with inbuilt mail converter
  • Export PST data to different formats without any compatibility issues
  • Search within PST file to locate desired email items with advanced search box
  • You can view the PST file and its folders in their original folder structure without any modification with this PST file viewer

Why do you need a PST file viewer?

There are a lot of ways in which a PST file viewer can be useful for many users

  • You can view different folders like Inbox, Outbox, drafts and more which are stored in the PST files. You can view the contents of these folders with a dedicated PST file viewer.
  • If you are unable to view the contents of your PST file with your Outlook or any other email viewer, you will need a dedicated or professional PST file viewer. There are many times that a free PST viewer is unable to show you the entire contents of the PST files at hand.
  • If you want to open and view your PST file but you don’t have outlook installed, a professional PST email viewer is going to work for you. There are users who want to open and view the contents of an imported PST file without opening outlook or importing the file to outlook.
  • Many times, it happens that due to alignment errors, a PST file becomes inaccessible or certain folders in it become inaccessible through conventional email applications. This is where a professional PST email viewer comes in place and becomes the viable method to view all the folders contained in such a PST file.

About PST data file – what are PST files Viewer and why do we use them?

There are a lot of email users who don’t know much about PST files and what they are. So, PST files are Personal Storage Table files which are used to store local copies of your Exchange or Outlook email data. These files are the most common and popular email storage format which contains a variety of email data primarily relating to Microsoft services like MS exchange, windows messaging and MS Outlook. 

About outlook email application

Outlook is the most widely used email service in the world. This comes as the default email management service with windows operating system. It is a brilliant email management client that can manage a lot of email information. MS outlook was first launched for windows and then for Mac since mac users wanted MS outlook for mac environment. MS outlook for windows supports PST file format whereas MS outlook for mac works with OLM files. If you are using MS outlook on windows, you can export your email service data in the form of PST files.

How to create PST file with Outlook email application

  • The first step is to launch the Outlook application and go to the file menu at the top left corner.
  • Click on Open and Export option at the left side corner and click on Import/Export
  • Click on “Export to a file” and hit the “next” button
  • You will see a list of options to choose from. You have to select “Outlook data file (.PST)
  • In the next step, you will see your Email mailboxes. You can select the folders that you want to backup in the PST file format. You can choose to include the sub folders and confirm your choice by pressing the “Next” button
  • To end the process, the tool will ask you where you want to store your PST file. You can choose to store the PST file in your external hard drive or a USB drive. Click on “Done” and your PST file will be created.

This PST file will have all the contents of your Outlook email mailbox that you have chosen.

This was how to create PST file manually with Outlook email application. Creating a PST file is easy, however, sometimes you might need a PST file viewer to open large PST files.

Mail backup X tool – Best email backup tool and PST viewer for mac and windows

Mail backup X by InventPure is a professionally created PST mail viewer and email backup/recovery solution that runs on both mac and windows. You get to view and manage even large and oversized PST files without any lags or errors. You don’t have to be a professional user or a highly skilled user to work with this tool because it has been designed in such a way.

In just a few steps, Mail backup X allows you to import any PST file and view the contents of this PST file without any issues. The tool is extremely useful to read, archive, backup, restore and even convert different email files from different formats without any compatibility issues.

You can open and view any number of PST email items with this PST viewer tool. You can also get a preview of your PST email items with the PST file email viewer.

You get different additional benefits with this tool which enhance it and make it more than just a PST viewer tool.

Let us explore the additional benefits of Mail backup X PDF email viewer for mac and windows

  • Automatic USB backup and sync feature to create instant portable backups
  • Inbuilt mail viewer to view PST files and more
  • Import different files from multiple formats like PST, OLM, MBOX and more
  • Export email files including PST files to different formats with the inbuilt email converter
  • Automatic incremental backups for ease of use
  • Archive your email backups as PDF files
  • Backup and archive different email services like Outlook, Office 365, Apple mail, yahoo mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and more.
  • Restore emails to live mailbox including PST files from Outlook
  • Save up to 3X space in your storage or hard drive with the inbuilt data compression feature
  • The inbuilt mail viewer also comes with a search box through which you can search for any email items within your PST file or email mailbox
  • Smart backup and resume feature allows you to use the tool even with an unstable internet connection

Get the free trial of this tool to find out more- Free demo for all!

Are you in the need of a dedicated PST email viewer but don’t have enough time to find one? You should certainly check out the free live demo of Mail backup X and see how this PST viewer works for you.

Get the free demo and check out its features and performance.

This PST email viewer and backup/restore solution is offered to both mac and windows users. You can test the free trial and work with it for 15 days. Once you are done with the free trial, you can upgrade to the full version of this tool in the preferred package of your choice.

The full version is available in two versions – Check out this tool as a free PST email viewer!

Single user version

The single user version is meant to be used by single users and it can be installed on two computers. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles with the single version. It works on both mac and windows. As an additional benefit, you can upgrade this version and add 10 more mail profiles to be backed up whenever you want.

Team version

The team version of this tool is offered in packages ranging from 5 to 30 users. The team version offers an additional advantage in the form of a remote usage feature. This means that the admin can remotely use this tool for other users. You get to manage up to 5 mail profiles per user with this team version. You can also get an additional top up and get 10 more mail profiles which you can assign to any user you want. Want to test this PST viewer as a free PST viewer for some time?