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Why Download Mail Backup X To Create backup outlook mac 2010?

backup email in outlook 2010

E-mail Clients are the platform on which you have carried out the numerous actions to exchange information with each other. It is considered the safest and most secure Medium to transfer files from one location to another. In addition to sharing data, you can also conduct the Chats and make the calls for business development. Undoubtedly, email Clients is essential for companies. However, if you have not used any of the editing tools for the email Clients, the serious issues may arise for your particular email Clients. To overcome the various critical issues, the Inventpure Software Company has created the Mail Backup X which can give you the protection as well as easy work modes. It is the backup tool which allows you to preserve database in the desirable protective locations.

The sub-modules which you can get in the tool are below by which you can easily control the problematic situations of the email clients-

  • The firm gives you the Backup Outlook Mac Mail 2010 with the robust backup tool in the automatic ways. You have to mention the amount of the database and the time durations in the days, hours, weeks, months and years which can surely give you the backup according to your requirements.
  • You can also restore the file form the backup outlook 2010 mailbox for sending replies to the other employees and the users.
  • Search sub-modules can give you the particular file instantly if you search it by the name, number, data type attachments, and the contents too.
  • Compression engine works automatically to get the more storage spaces for the future works.
  • Converter tool is the vital component of the tool which can convert the various files from one file extensions to another.

Best way to backup email in outlook 2010

How To Backup Outlook Email On Outlook

First you need to install MAIL BACKUP X Software?

Once you have Downloaded the Dmg file, follow the below mentioned steps.

1. In the first step, double click on the DMG file to Launch the setup Wizad. 

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

2. Now click on tab Continue to proceed to next step.

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

3. Please select an appropriate location with required disk space to proceed with the Mail Backup X App installation on your Mac

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

4. Click Continue to next step as Installer checks for the required disk space

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

5. Click Install to proceed with installation, if you want to change the install location you may choose to do so before you continue with this step. Once you click install, you will be prompted for your system password. Please enter the password to allow the install to proceed. 

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

6. And the installation is completed.

A step-by-step guide to backing up Outlook Mail data to your Outlook

Step 1: Download the Mail Backup X application and install it on your Outlook.

Step 2: Once the Installation is finished. Start Mail Backup X from the programs / Quick Start menu

Step 3: you can start the fully functional test run of 15 days or activate the application once you have purchased it.

Step 4: you will be prompted to set up a new backup profile. Please select Setup a new Backup Profile

Apple Mail backup Profile Setup with Mail Backup X

Step 5: the option” Mail Clients” is displayed. Select” Outlook Mail ” and proceed to the next step

Choose Apple Mail Client to Backup Apple Mail on Mac

Step 6: get the folder structure of Outlook Mail Accounts. Please select the folders you want to save from Outlook Mail

Choose Settings that you prefer for Mail Backup

Step 7: now you will see advanced options such as the frequency of mail backup (automatically select as recommended or select the days and time period for backup). You can also specify that mirror locations for multiple copies of backups should be added and set up to provide additional security. You can also enable automatic USB synchronization. So when you connect the USB drive, it automatically copies and synchronizes a copy of the local backup to the USB Disc in the background.

Step 8: the backup profile is set up and your emails are now backed up according to the options and settings you have selected in the previous steps.

The free utilities which you can get in this firm are listed downwards-

The free demo version has offered by the firm by which you can easily make the unlimited backup outlook 2010 mac os with the limited restoring of the files for only fifteen days agreements.

  • Free assistance service is also provided in the official website of the firm www.mailbackupx.com to discuss the repair and the maintenance issues with the experts.
  • The company has given you the private money back offer here for the thirty days if you have ever unsatisfied with the Inventpure’s Mail Backup X.

You can get the tool in the three licensed versions that are for the ordinary users, small scale and the large scale firms. The first and the second version is available in the 59$ and enterprise version available in the 44.99 USA dollars with five email profile backup and the one-year free maintenance and the regular updates facility. It can also give you the add-on bucks too to enhance the email client’s backup process in the ten more computers only in 20$. For more details, you can check out the website of the company.