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How to backup Outlook Mac 2018 Without Wasting Time?

backup email in outlook 2018

Which app you have used for the exchange of the massive database? There are many apps and the software in the professional market which give you the facility to get in touch with your customers and the employees. Among these, all the email clients are the platform which is a favorite medium for the safe and secure conversation. These email clients give you the facility to compose, write, read, send and receive massive information to your relevant business customers and the employees.

 However, from all advantages, there are some limitations of the email clients which give you the most complicated situations during the busy working hours. The main limitations of the email clients are the adverts, time taking backup process, limited storage spaces, data crashes due to the arrivals of the massive database and many more.

 To get rid from these complications the Inventpure Software Company has created the Mail backup X which give you the various instructions to create the How to Backup Outlook Mac 2018.

How To Backup Outlook Email On Outlook

First you need to install MAIL BACKUP X Software?

Once you have Downloaded the Dmg file, follow the below mentioned steps.

1. In the first step, double click on the DMG file to Launch the setup Wizad. 

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

2. Now click on tab Continue to proceed to next step.

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

3. Please select an appropriate location with required disk space to proceed with the Mail Backup X App installation on your Mac

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

4. Click Continue to next step as Installer checks for the required disk space

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

5. Click Install to proceed with installation, if you want to change the install location you may choose to do so before you continue with this step. Once you click install, you will be prompted for your system password. Please enter the password to allow the install to proceed. 

Description: Mail Backup X Installer

6. And the installation is completed.

A step-by-step guide to backing up Outlook Mail data to your Outlook

Step 1: Download the Mail Backup X application and install it on your Outlook.

Step 2: Once the Installation is finished. Start Mail Backup X from the programs / Quick Start menu

Step 3: you can start the fully functional test run of 15 days or activate the application once you have purchased it.

Step 4: you will be prompted to set up a new backup profile. Please select Setup a new Backup Profile

Apple Mail backup Profile Setup with Mail Backup X

Step 5: the option” Mail Clients” is displayed. Select” Outlook Mail ” and proceed to the next step

Choose Apple Mail Client to Backup Apple Mail on Mac

Step 6: get the folder structure of Outlook Mail Accounts. Please select the folders you want to save from Outlook Mail

Choose Settings that you prefer for Mail Backup

Step 7: now you will see advanced options such as the frequency of mail backup (automatically select as recommended or select the days and time period for backup). You can also specify that mirror locations for multiple copies of backups should be added and set up to provide additional security. You can also enable automatic USB synchronization. So when you connect the USB drive, it automatically copies and synchronizes a copy of the local backup to the USB Disc in the background.

Step 8: the backup profile is set up and your emails are now backed up according to the options and settings you have selected in the previous steps.

You can take the Backup Outlook 2018 Mac by using the various sub-modules of the Mail Backup X-

  • The tool can give you the backup in the manual and the automatic methods.  Manual is the one of the time taking a process which provides you with the exhausted working schedules in the company.  However, if you are using the Mail backup X, then the tool can perform the automated task to make the massive backup. For the automatic process, you have to mention the amount of the data in the defined time slots like in some days, hours, weeks, months and the years too. 
  • You can also restore the files from the massive Backup Outlook Mac Mail 2018 for sending replies to your customers after making many updates in the database.
  • The tool also has the search sub-module which can give you the instant results to fetch the database form the backup. It allows you to search the files by the name, number, data types, attachments and the contents of the saved database.  The sub-module will enable you to do the logical operations here with the help of and-or operators for the comparisons of the Backup Outlook 2018 Mac in the search box.
  • The compression engine helps the user to shorten the database to get the more storage space for the future works. It can compress the files in the 300 times less density without harassing the quality of the database. You can avail the best quality database even after the compression.
  • The tool gives you the security by storing the database in the FTP servers. No one can access the database with the permission of the owner. You can fetch the database from the server with the use of the FTP integrated clients even to produce the mirror copies of the database.
  • You can also import and export the various files into the inbuilt email viewer to check the multiple archives in the single display.