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No need for alternatives to make the best ‘Outlook 365 mail backup

backup email outlook office 365

Getting worked up due to failure to locate a reliable method to backup Outlook 365 mail is not going to make things any easier. It is instead important to direct one’s energy towards finding out what has worked well for others and why!

In case of Office 365, a highly popular email client, it is quite cumbersome process to backup the data files. That, however, is no reason to undermine its necessity for the users. For reasons such as limited storage space, high email recovery costs, server downtime issues, etc. it is but natural for the users to resort to the Office 365 backup task sooner or later.

As far as finding the correct pathway to the same is concerned, the users can always take assistance of email backup tools that are available in abundance in the market today. Let’s find out how one can locate a good tool from such options.

Safety gets compromised with generic online mode tools for Office 365 backup?

The reason why you must keep away from the online tools is to safeguard your files from instances of data theft, data breach, and the like. Such online mode tools mostly come from unverified backgrounds and thereby it is downright foolishness to rely on such tools.

In order to ensure full safety of the content, always look for an offline-mode tool for your valued and confidential email data files!

Mail Backup X- the slickest tool out there!

Mail Backup X is a tool by InventPure which has been created keeping in mind the needs and requirements coming from various users belonging to different categories. That is to say that be it a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or an expert user; this tool has the capability to satiate all sorts of Office 365 outlook backup email needs of the users. And the best part is that it is an offline mode tool which thereby offers the best security, control, privacy, and expertise over the process in general.

Perks that would make Mail Backup X an irresistible tool

Mail Backup X offers great deal of merits to the users who choose it for their email backup journeys. Here are some highlighted ones for you to take note of:

  • Extremely safe for use
  • Absolutely bug-free and virus-free
  • Caters to cent percent data without leaving anything behind
  • Offers 100% precision in results
  • Simple to use
  • 24*7 customer care support
  • Full of competitive skills and logics
  • Nominally priced

Read through the next segment to get detailed insight into the major characteristics of this tool!

Mail Backup X- a tool filled to the brim with brilliant and innovative features!

Mail Backup X justifies its full price through its splendid feature list. The tool has magnificent traits that are hard to find on any generic Outlook 365 backup tool. Here is a detailed list of the best features on it:

  1. 3 in 1 tool: Mail Backup X has a very unique feature which pertains to its functional capabilities. The tool has been designed to include skills and methodologies for not 1 but 3 services.
    Firstly, one can backup email files with this tool without any hassle. The tool allows the users to setup backup profiles as per their preferences which can further be saved at different locations.

Secondly, the users can also import archived email files for all sorts of formats like .olm, .mbox, .eml, and the like.

Lastly, this tool can also be utilized to convert the email files from and to all the major email clients such as Apple mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Office 365, IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

  1. Auto USB Sync: The tool has a very smart built-in feature namely Auto USB sync. As the name suggests, one can use this feature to setup automatic synchronization of the files with the hard drives. The tool further has smart technology to also map the relevant folders under which the data has to be secured. This certainly helps in saving enormous time and effort of the users.
  1. Inbuilt mail viewer: The tool comes with an inbuilt mail viewer which helps the users in accessing all their archived files from a single point. This means that there is no need to switch between different email clients to get to the final mails.
  1. Integrated FTP client: The idea behind including this feature is to give the users assurance on safety as well as instant availability of the data files. The data is constantly uploaded onto a secure FTP server which in turn helps the users in restoring data, as and when desired by them.
  1. Multiple backup settings: The users can make use of multiple backup settings for securing the data files. Incremental backup, for instance, helps the users in backing up the data files as and when they arrive. For increased security, the users can also make use of mirror and distributed backup settings. In addition to this, there is also customization available for deciding the frequency of the Office 365 backup of data files.
  1. Comprehensible interface: The users get to work on a very simple and understandable interface. There are just a few steps in the form of clicks that have to be followed by the users to get to the other end.
  1. PDF archive function: The tool allows the users to retain all the backed up and archived files in PDF format. This is particularly helpful for printing purposes, if desired.  
  1. Advanced search module: The tool has a very innovative search module within. It allows the users to out in search options of the likes of subject name, sender name, type of attachment file (PDF, Word, Excel, etc), ‘and’ / ‘or’ combination input, and much more. This is essential to speedily get to the files from within the huge dump of backed up data files.
  1. Compression algorithms: These algorithms are meant to save the space that is otherwise consumed in backing up the data files. The tool is known to save up to 3 times the data space in the task to backup Office 365.
  1. Preserves structure: To ensure that the integrity of the data files remains fully secure, the tool also maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files.

The tool is an absolute giver when it comes to surprising and rewarding the users with convenience and comfort in their Office 365 backup and restore process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I take up backup email Office 365 task?

The most fundamental reason to take up this task is to safeguard the files so that they remain instantly accessible as and when needed by the user.

2. Is there any waiting period in the whole process?

No, there isn’t. The tool is completely bug-free which helps it in running the process incessantly.

3.Should I get some technical training before taking up Office 365 backup and restore task with this tool?

Absolutely not! The tool is extremely user-friendly and therefore even the beginners can accomplish the task without any hassle.

4. Is it safe to use in the Office 365 outlook backup process?

It is by and large the safest tool for carrying out the email backup, archive, and conversion tasks for all the major email clients.   

5.Do I need a different tool for saving my contacts in Office 365 backup task?

Absolutely not! This tool alone safeguards all the elements on the email files such as contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, etc.

6. Do I need good internet connection to work with this tool?

Well, since the mails have to backed up from an email client, it does require you to have a decent internet connection.

7. Is it compatible with Windows 8?

Yes. The tool works seamlessly with Windows 8 and above. It also works great with Mac OS X 10.10 and above. With recent inclusions, it is prepared for Mac OS X Catalina as well.

8. How many files can one backup with this tool?

There is no limit to the number of files that can be backed up. The users just need to setup a backup profile with relevant folders to be backed up and the rest is taken care of by this tool.

9. Is it possible to do Outlook 365 mail backup quickly with this tool?

Certainly! The tool works at lightning fast speed to provide accurate and well-structure files to the users as per their backup preferences.  

10. Does it come with a manual guide?

No. The process is pretty simple to understand as it is displayed on an intuitive interface. For any help, users can get in touch with 24*7 customer care services.


Client Testimonials- A great verifying source to know about the best backup email Outlook Office 365 tool!

“Picking up Outlook 365 backup and restore task, all on my own, was one of the most crucial decisions I’d made after testing Mail Backup X with its demo version. I must say, I don’t regret it even one bit! It’s been 6 months and the journey has been pretty smooth. I’ve used its Auto USB sync feature to setup auto-load of files to my hard drive. And the backed up files are absolutely precise with even their structure maintained. If you are a beginner then this is the tool for you!”- Sarah Jameson.

“The tool gives you best value for money. It is very easy to get Outlook 365 backup done with this tool; just few simple clicks here and there. I’ve recently tried its mail conversion feature tool and that too works like a charm. Beginner or not, this tool is definitely going to charm you with its smart features”- Riley Bing.

Ratings from critics and experts

The Mail backup X is one of the top rated tools that you can find anywhere. It is rated 5 stars by experts who have extensively tested the tool for any errors and glitches. You can read the user reviews to find out how it has performed for others.

System requirements to run the Mail backup X

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are the customizable packages of the Mail backup X

The Mail backup X offers the following packages for major type of users

Mail backup X for single users

  • You can install it on two computers
  • It is meant for a single user
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • You can get 10 more mail profiles with a top up
  • Free maintenance for 1 year

Mail backup X for Team

  • You can install it on multiple computers
  • It is meant for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users in different packages
  • Now backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Get a top up and get 10 more mail profiles to assign between any users
  • Get 1 year free maintenance

Free trial to find out how it works

The Mail backup X offers a free trial to all the users who want to test and verify its performance and results. Once you are sure that it is the right solution to backup your files, you can upgrade it to any of the versions mentioned above. The tool has not locked any features with the free trial but it works for a limited time.

So do not miss this chance and make sure that you try it and see its performance for once.

To download the free trial of the tool, click here.