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Is it necessary to take Outlook mac 2016 email backup?

backup email outlook 2016 mac

It doesn’t matter if you are from large scale organizations or an individual Outlook mail users; every user faces the dilemma of backing up their email databases. Email files which contain crucial information like contacts, calendars, events, documents, graphic images, etc. are valued by the users and hence they need to safeguard them to the extent.

The question that always bothers the users is whether or not they need to need to backup Microsoft outlook 2016 mac emails. If we are to believe the experts in this field, they unanimously point towards the importance of Outlook mac 2016 email backup task. There are some problems you will be facing if you are using Outlook, allow us to show what those are:

  • First and foremost, the storage space which sooner or later pushes the users onto the situation where he/she has to delete some mails to continue using. To avoid such situation, it is essential to back up your files from time to time.
  • Outlook users have to be wary of server downtime and server maintenance issues. On such cases, the data remains unavailable to the users so they will suffer unnecessary work delays.
  • Keeping the confidential files safe is a challenge in this digital world where instances of data theft, data breach, are everywhere. On such occasion, a copy on user’s drive will be the simplest solution.
  • As a general practice too, experts recommend Outlook mac 2016 email backup task for sustainable use of the services. The important thing here is that you should start backing up your Outlook mac 2016 profile as soon as possible.

But the question remains how to backup Outlook mac 2016 emails with zero experience?

Like any other technical task, the users have the choices of taking assistance from the tools developed for such projects and it will be the best way to backup Outlook mac 2016 emails. In this case, a third party tool is necessary for the users to continue their work without hassle.

To get the simplest yet effective results, experts recommend the use of Mail Backup X– a tool by InventPure Software. This tool has set standards within the market with its flawless performance. Read the following segment to know more about this product.

An exclusive list of the simplest yet effective features contained on Mail Backup X!

  • Email backup, archive, and conversion: The tool is profoundly gifted with capability to handle intense tasks like backup, archive, and conversion of your files. The tool effectively turns around files coming from Apple mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. This tool is basically an all in one tool with 3 different functions.
  • Folder hierarchy: The tool maintains the structure of your files by preserving the folder hierarchy, so you can find your desired files in an easier manner.
  • PDF archive feature: The tool allows the users to archive their email files in PDF format. This is highly beneficial for archival and printing purposes via PDF.
  • Saves Storage Space: With its ultra-compression algorithms, the tool saves 3 times the storage space while doing the Outlook mac 2016 email backup task.
  • Multiple Backup settings: The users can customize their backup profiles to any extent with the assistance of different backup settings such as incremental backup, mirror backup, etc. The users are allowed to setup the frequency as per their requirements.
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: This feature enables the users to scroll through all the archived files from a single location. In simple words, the users don’t have to modify between applications in order to access their files.
  • Lightning fast search speed: The tool also comes with ultra-fast search module which allows quick search by providing complex search inputs like subject, attachment type (word, pdf, etc.), etc.
  • Auto USB sync: The tool smartly maps its previous interactions with the USB drive in order to automatically backup your files onto the connected drive. This smart feature helps the users by saving their time and energy on this task.
  • Integrated FTP client: The data is consistently uploaded onto a secure FTP server which ensures quick and safe access to your files as and whenever desired by the users.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I backup Outlook mac 2016 email without being an expert?
Just follow the simple steps given by the tool and you’ll get 100% safe and accurate results. There is no need for you to be an expert if you are using Mail backup X.

2. What is the best thing about this software?
The best thing about this tool is that it is user-friendly and easy to use, reliable and easily affordable.

3. Will I lose my data if I use this tool?
There won’t be any chances of that happening to your data. The tool is 100% safe for all users regardless of their experience and your data will be safeguarded.

4. Am I able to get portable backups with this tool?
The Mail backup X gives you an auto USB backup and sync option, with this feature all you need to do is just plug in a USB drive and the tool will sync the newest backup into your USB drive.

5. If I want to share my archives, what should I do?
The Mail backup X allows you to save lots of time by allowing you to convert your archives into PDF files. You can protect these files with a password and share them as you wish.

6. What will happen if I do backup using this tool even though I have lesser storage space?
Another good thing about the Mail backup X is that it comes with an ultra-high data compression algorithm that compresses the database in 3X lesser space.

7. I have a large database, but want to make sure that I don’t miss any files. Is there a feature for this in this tool?
The Mail backup X comes with a search engine that permits you to enter specific search items and the tool will find them for you instantly.

8. Does it work with other email applications or email clients?
The Mail backup X works on mac as well as windows and thus it supports Apple mail, Mac outlook, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

9. What is the unique feature that this tool offers?
The Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt email converter that permits you to convert your email files from one format to a different one. So this tool can also be called as a two in one solution.

10. What if I need any help?
The Mail backup X offers endless support whenever you want. You’ll be able to reach our support team anytime and they will solve your problem immediately.


The Mail backup X has been given a solid 5 star rating by top professionals around the
world and still getting lots of approvals from experts.

Client testimonials

“I wanted to find a way to safeguard my data; my data was once lost due to system failure. I don’t want that to happen again, so I searched for a way to avoid that. And that’s how I found this tool. I’m still using this tool and I will recommend this to everyone” – Gwen Santana

“There is not always 100% guarantee for your data to be safe. And if a random tool on the internet says that, then don’t trust that. InventPure is a well-known company for its software and we can trust them. That’s why I installed this tool and I also recommend it to you”- Jocko Dobrick


Mail backup X personal edition is here
– This works well for single users
– You can use this version on two PCs
– You can backup up to five mail profiles with this version
– Compatible with both mac and windows platforms
– Maintenance and updates for one year (free)
– Buy the top up profile packs in affordable rates to increase the mail profiles

Mail backup X team edition is here
– it’s available for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users in several packages
– Backup up to five mail profiles per user in this pack
– Compatible with mac and windows
– Maintenance and support for one year (free)
– Buy more profile packs to extend mail profiles

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