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Time-tested email archiving software tool for flawless Gmail backup data for businesses

Gmail Backup Data Software

Gmail backup of your Gmail data is crucial which is why it is a fantastic idea to be picky about how you archive your Gmail mail data. A mail backup software tool is a way of archiving your Gmail mail data. When you use a backup tool that is not good enough, the following problems are most likely going to occur.

  • Your Gmail backup data software needs to be preserved to the fullest. In this way, if the wrong tool is unable to archive properly, your data won’t have any value as there will be data missing. This will make your email data unreliable. Even if you access it at a later time, you won’t have complete Gmail data.
  • You will not be able to harness the power of archiving your Gmail data. If the tool is unable to perform quick archiving, it will slow down your business. You will be wasting your time and that of your employees. This will lead to a loss of productivity for everyone which can cause problems for your business.
  • You will have to put in the extra effort. The setup might take too long. The process of archiving might be tough to perform. These kinds of problems occur in archiving tools that are not up to the mark. The extra effort is the biggest hurdle as it makes employees unproductive and unable to archive their emails properly.

Therefore, if you want a proper backup of your Gmail account, you should think about the long-term benefits of any archiving tool that you choose. Only after you are satisfied that the tool is good should you ever start using it for archiving your Gmail account. Do you want to know about a tried and tested archiving software for archiving Gmail data?

Why perform Gmail backup with a known tool?

The benefit of a tested archiving software tool is that you are sure about its reliability and the way it works. It can give you a better insight rather than simply trying out your luck for the first time with a particular archiver. As more people have used it, there is a greater sense of trust in it. Tools that have been out for over a year give you the much-needed confidence about using it. You have testimonials from people who have used it and who write about their experience. This helps you understand what to expect from the particular tool. If it matches what you require then it is great, else you can use another tool. This helps save time in some ways. This is why it is recommended to use tested tools that have been used by people already.

The second advantage of using a Gmail mail archiving tool is whether it is worth what it costs. We are talking about paid tools in particular. You want to be sure before you invest in a particular email archiving software application. If you would have spent your money, and had a bad experience, you would have wasted your business’ resources and time. On the other hand, if you took the time out to search and then buy an archiving software tool, the returns would be better. That is, there is a higher chance of the archiver turning out to be good rather than bad. This can help better plan as well about how you are going to archive. This is why we recommend that you plan ahead of purchasing an email archiver software.

One of the best email archiving software applications in the market right now is Mail Backup X by InventPure. This tool has been used and tested by thousands of businesses of different sizes already. The biggest advantage of using such a software tool for archiving Gmail mail data is that people have given only positive reviews about it. That is because the tool is a superior level archiving software tool made for businesses of all types. This makes the archiving tool applicable to people in any industry and of any size. The tool comes with excellent customer service that is available at all times; 24*7! You can contact the customer service and expect an immediate answer from InventPure’s representatives.

Mail Backup X has been developed for Mac users and it supports all the new Macs. What if you have purchased the software then what? When there is a new OS version available, InventPure ensures that the tool is ready for use in the new OS. It upgrades the archiving tool so that it works on the newest Mac OS versions. You get a notification for the same so that you can download the update. This ensures that as new advancements are done, you are always able to archive your Gmail emails on Mac without any fuss whatsoever. You do not have to do anything apart from download and upgrade so that you are always using the new version of the software. You can see the log of updates as well.

How to backup Gmail?

There are three methods in which your Gmail mail emails can be archived on Mac using Mail Backup X. They are as follows.

  • Automatic: You can set the software tool of InventPure to archive your emails automatically. This is the best way of archiving your emails and it archives when even a single email comes into your mailbox. It is the best way of enabling you to archive every single email.
  • Recurring: You can archive your emails at a set time. For example, every 12 hours. This gives you the ability to perform archiving of your emails at a certain period of time. You don’t have to remember the time when the archiving will happen as it will happen automatically.
  • Manual: There is no set time and the tool does not archive when your Gmail emails come into your mailbox. Instead, you are the person who is responsible for when the archiving is done. When you make the tool archive your Gmail data, it only archives your data at that time.

Mail Backup X gives you the option to save your Gmail email archives in any location on Mac. You can choose wherever you wish to store your Gmail archived folders. The only requirement is for you to specify the storage location or locations. You have the freedom to save on as many locations as you want on your Mac. There are extra options for saving your Gmail archives in other locations. The first extra location is an FTP server whose FTP client is provided by InventPure. This is an optional choice that you can choose. The other option that you can make use of is the syncing with an external device. Set it up once and then you can enjoy automatic syncing of your Gmail folders on Mac with the device.

The syncing enables you to save archives directly to another device of your choice. As long as the device is USB-recognized, you can use that particular device for storing your archives. The setup process is pretty simple. Mail Backup X simplifies the process of the entire archiving. This is why when you archive your Gmail data you can do that with ease without any complications at all. This ensures you are not required to invest in training of your IT staff or employees. They can archive easily without the help of any manuals or live demonstrations. You can check the website for more information about how to archive your emails step by step if you want to get the gist of how archiving can be done with Mail Backup X email archiving software tool.

How Mail Backup X helps you more than other archivers?

Mail Backup X comes with encryption and compression that are applied at the time of archiving procedure. That is, when your Gmail emails are in the process of being archived, they are compressed and encrypted. This takes place each time that archiving takes place. This protects each Gmail email so that only the people of your business who are authorized can access the data inside each archive. The encryption is the foundation that keeps your Gmail email data safe. Alongside, compression of your Gmail archives takes place. When the archiving is taking place, the tool compresses your email data so that storage of more Gmail archives can take place when compared to other tools. It compresses up to three times.

There are other ways in which Mail Backup X helps you. It has an embedded search and view tool. This can help businesses search through emails and view emails respectively. The viewer tool enables you to get a centralized view of all the business’s emails. The search tool is a sophisticated embedded tool that comes with the archiving software. When you backup to Gmail, you won’t be able to always access the mail data. Hence, archiving with a software tool like Mail Backup X ensures you get archives that are archived whenever you want. When you make more copies in different places, the more accessible your archives will become. However, don’t try to save in unnecessary locations where you won’t be able to access.