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How to create Apple mail backup with a method that always works

how to create backup apple mail

If you want to create apple mail backup but don’t want to risk your files, there are lots of ways that you can do it. Here you will find the best way to create apple mail backups with a method that never fails. Mail backup X was designed by experts to ensure that all email users can create backup apple mail account with total security. We will find out more about this method. More importantly, we believe that in order to make a more informed decision, you need more information about the process and the other available methods.

We are not going to talk about free and online tools since they are not reliable and can prove to be extensively risky for user data. Let us explore the viable methods.

These are the three methods through which you can create backup apple mail mailbox

These methods can be used to create apple mail backup by users according to their preference of experience. If you are someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about how to backup apple mail accounts, you are not suggested to use manual methods since a lot of things can go wrong. While we go through the different methods of creating apple mail backups, you will understand which method is best for you.

How to create apple mail backup manually

Step 1: Launch Apple mail application

Step 2: Choose the mailbox that you want to backup

Step 3: Choose “Mailbox” and click on “Export Mailbox”

Step 4: Select the location where you want to store your Apple mail backup. Once you have specified the location, the backup process will start.

Your chosen mailbox will be backed up in the location that you have chosen.

Note: This method comes with its own set of drawbacks. Firstly, this is not error proof. There have been many instances where email users have reported data loss after this process. You need to backup one mailbox at a time and the process for contacts is different than this. With its limited capacity, manual method is not the most accurate or powerful.

How to create apple mail backup with Time machine

Time machine is the default backup service offered by the macOS. It is necessary for you to have your time machine enabled in order to create your apple mail backup with it.

It is extremely easy to back up email mailboxes with Time machine. Just launch it and you will see a pop-up menu. You just have to click on “Backup now” and your backup will get started. However, this method also has its limitations. Users have experienced slow backups and even data loss with this method. Many users have also reported data loss while restoring the backup. Since this application has been developed to backup all kinds of data, emails are also a part of it. Thus, we can see that emails are not the first priority of Time machine application. Nevertheless, if you are a normal user with no confidential data, you can use this. On the other hand, if you are someone who deals with a large amount of important data, you should not rely on time machine completely.

The third and the final method – Create Apple mail backup automatically with advanced solutions

The third method is the one which has constantly improved since it was invented years ago. Third party tools or professional tools are designed especially to backup email services securely. These methods are constantly improved by experts and we are at a place where we can find certain tools that are reliable enough to offer you a permanent solution.

Mail backup X as the best way to create apple mail backups

Mail backup X was developed specifically to ensure that all email users are able to backup apple mail and multiple other email services successfully without any effort or risk. The whole process of apple mail backup has been simplified into easy steps. Here is how you can backup apple mail email folders in just a few clicks.

Pre backup steps include downloading and installing Mail backup X.

Launch the application.

Step 1: You will find yourself on the main dashboard. Click on “setup a new backup”. You can also click on “My backup profiles” which is on the left panel and select “setup a new profile.”

Step 2: You will come to the second window where you are offered different email services to backup from. We want to backup apple mail so we will click on this option.

Step 3: In the next step, you will be shown all the contents of your chosen apple mail mailbox. You can select the folders that you want to backup and restore later. You can also de select the folders that you want to exclude from the backup. This window also offers you the option to ignore the empty folders. This is the feature where you are offered selective backups. Once you have chosen the folders that you want, click on continue.

Step 4: Now you are at the personalization window where you can customize your Apple mail backup.

  • You can set up the frequency of the backup according to your own preference. It is suggested to choose the automatic method for the smoothest experience. You can also choose the intervals manually according to your preference.
  • You can also set up a USB drive to make instant portable snapshot backups. Enabling this will map a USB drive which will be used a destination for instant portable snapshot backups when it is plugged in.
  • You can also encrypt your apple mail backup so that it cannot be accessed without the encryption key.
  • You can choose the storage location where you want to store your backup. You can select between local storage or cloud storage. In cloud storage, the tool supports Google drive, OneDrive or DropBox.

Once you have made the necessary changes, click on save.

Step 5: This backup process has started and you can check its progress on the dashboard under the activity section. It is here where you can find the log report or the detailed report of the finished backup process.

This was how you can create Apple mail backups with Mail backup X.

These are some of the other benefits of Mail backup X that you should know about

  • User friendly wizard based interface
  • Backup and restore multiple email services
  • Inbuilt search box to find apple mail items
  • Backup apple mail as PDF files
  • Inbuilt email converter for apple mail migration
  • Smart backup and resume feature
  • Customize your backups

What do users think about it? Here are the latest client testimonials

“I wanted to create apple mail backup but I didn’t have enough experience to do it on my own. I chose Mail backup X because it is a direct method which I can use to backup apple mail or any other email service in just a few clicks. I can also use it as an email migration tool.”- Eric lambert

“If you want a no risk approach to create an apple mail backup, get Mail backup X. Get this tool if you want to backup and restore emails in a few clicks without any risks. It handles large amounts of data easily without any lags. Try its free demo now.”- Barbara Olsen

Can anyone use this tool?

Yes, this method has been designed to be used by all users. It does not require any high-end computer to be used effectively.

These are the system specifications of the tool

System requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- Mac OS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Most frequently asked Questions by users

  1. How is Mail backup X the best way to create apple mail backup?

Mail backup X can be called the best way to create apple mail backups because it specialized in it and also offers more benefits which make it an all inclusive solution. It is effortless to use and can be used without experience. It is powerful enough to load large files and work with them without any lags or errors. It also works as an email converter so it is really a two in one solution.

  • What makes professional tools better than freely available tools?

Professional tools are designed with a certain vision and goal by its developers. Professional tools are designed with stronger security features which enhances data protection during and after backups. You can rely on certified tools because they are developed for a specific purpose and there is a strong background that supports them. On the other hand, free tools are not equipped with the necessary features which are required to make your backup fruitful.

  • I am a single user. Which version of Mail backup X will work best for me?

If you are a single user, you should get the personal edition of Mail backup X. The personal edition of the tool can be used on two computers. You can install the same license on your home computer and your work computer. It is available for both mac and windows. You can backup 5 mail profiles with this edition. If you have a need for more profiles, you can get a top up package.

  • Which are some other services which I can backup with Mail backup X?

Apart from Apple mail, this email backup and recovery tool works for multiple other email services. You can successfully backup and recovery Yahoo mail, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. You are getting the benefit of multiple tools in one.

  • Can I use Mail backup X for free?

There is a free trial of Mail backup X that everyone can use. You just have to get the free demo version and test it for yourself. None of the features are locked and you can use them for a limited time. This gives you the clear picture about the performance and the real time working of the tool. You can get the free trial on https://www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/