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The winner among Office 365 backup solutions

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History is written by the one who wins. This is as true for a war as for any other field or event. It holds true even when a user or and expert talks about a mail backup solution for Mac or Windows. Here too the focus will be on the winner because only the best tool is what anyone should be using. At the same time, it is important to know why and where the other tools failed to understand the importance of not using those. So, we will focus on Mail backup X, which is the clear winner, but we will also talk about other methods and tools that didn’t make the mark.

Why is email backup process useful?

It is important to understand the reason for doing something to realise its significance so that a user knows if a chance can be taken or not. The importance of Outlook 365 backup has been realised since a long time but now it is becoming even more clear to people. Email backup from any client is extremely important as IMAP based services receive a copy of messages on their devices. These files are vulnerable to getting corrupt. At the same time, there are many risk factors that can affect a server, hacking attempts being the most feared one. Best practices for Office 365 backup need to be studied and executed at any work place in order to keep data safe for present as well as future use. This backup is also important as one is then not affected by any issues with connectivity. One is best places by also taking an external backup as it is an additional layer when we talk of data preservation. This comes handy when due to any reason a user loses access to the device. It can be used for restoring important data either on a new device or to the same device when access is regained.

What are the ways to backup Office 365 emails?

There are a few ways with which a user can manage to backup email data in Office 365. Most users would know about Time machine which can be installed on Mac but it isn’t a powerful solution that can be relied upon for a long term and never ever professionally.

There is also the option that we don’t consider an option at all, but something users around the world try. But the end results are always bad and sometimes catastrophic. This is using online apps which as experts warn time and again the most important source of rogue programs and hacking attempts around the world. This is what you should stay absolutely clear from.

We are then left with Manual method and using third party tools. Let’s see which one is the best as well as most reliable.

Manual method– This method is safe as far as data privacy and safety are concerned unlike online apps. Still experts don’t prefer this or recommend it as it is tedious and consists of many steps. A beginner cannot manage this easily and will make mistakes which can lead to file corruption or data loss. You first have to create a mailbox. Then drag the desired files to this mailbox and drop them in it. Then you have to start exporting and select a destination. Even if you have more than beginner level experience, consider doing it for different email clients and accounts regularly. The sheer amount of time and effort it would take would be exhausting and eat away the time you need to focus on your projects. It is simply not practical unless no other choice is left.

Automatic method or third party tool

This is by far the best method. A third party tool as a backup Office 365 solution is reliable, efficient, safe, and most practical. For a professional tool, you are assured of privacy and safety which means the foremost condition for successful data preservation is fulfilled. With a good professional tool, a user will be free from any kind of struggle or extra effort. The best professional tool would be the one which will completely take over the task from a user yet leaving the control of which data to backup and where to the user. This would ensure that the backup is being done without user making an effort but being in control of when and where the backup is being done as well as which files/folders are being archived. There are many professional tools in the market but none gives as much control and decreases user effort as Mail backup X by InventPure. This is why we began by mentioning it as the clear winner.

Is there is a particular Office 365 backup solution that works?

The Mail backup X by InventPure works like mentioned just above. It is the only professional tool and also the safest which actually works fulfilling all the requirements of a true solution to backup IMAP mails. Starting from scratch, you pay a small price and get a personalised key.

A quick download and installation is through the easiest intructions. After which you choose from different options like where to backup, which clients to backup from like Yahoo or Google or Apple mail or other, you also select the accounts that are to be backed up, and the files.

Every choice, every instruction, each command is self explanatory thus giving you the freedom from any sort of assistance. Once the selection is over and command to proceed given, all of it is finished in few minutes, the tool takes over and your job is done. You are free to focus on your other tasks as the tool will now backup regularly leaving you free for important projects or to relax.

Here are the benefits of the Mail backup X

  • Practical, effortless, safest, and affordable package
  • A package to meet requirements of an individual user as well as a package for an organisation
  • The most affordable licensed software that promises precision never experienced before
  • Comprehensive backup which leaves nothing by including every part of file selected like metadata, Unicode content, etc.
  • Searching and viewing options which are innovative and ground breaking.
  • Consolidated backup solution which works for all IMAP mails on Mac as well as Windows 8 and later.
  • A solution that stays relevant with long term access as well as updates.

Why do users love to backup Office 365 with this tool?

Here are the features of this tool that make it stand out

  • Consolidated and integrated backup tool for multiple email clients
  • Compatible for Mac OS and also compatible for Windows 8 and its later versions
  • Team and personalised packages made available at reasonable prices
  • Comes with email conversion feature inbuilt to provide better value versatile product
  • Long term access given to users with a one time payment through an individualised key
  • Compression algorithm as a part of tool for better space utilisation

What do our users ask us frequently?

  1. What kind of options I get for Office 365 backup when I use this software?

You get the choice of scheduled as well as mirror backups with this software due to its groundbreaking technology.

  • Will I need assistance to begin if I am a beginner?

As the technology is most advanced and the tool uses wizard based interface, tool is capable of complete backup without much effort. At the same time, it comes with simplest of instructions which are also explicit so that a user does not need any assistance. Yet, our customer support is always available.

  • Why is this tool a paid one and not free?

A lot of research has gone into its development. At the same time, support is to be provided to users as well as updates are needed to be rolled out. This requires a team to work continuously. For this reason a professional tool can’t be free. What is free won’t be really useful and safe.

  • Can I also save on more than one location with this tool?

Of course, as you get the option for mirror backup. If you select this option, then you can get multiple backups on local disc.

  • At what intervals do I need to pay to keep using this tool?

You need to pay only once and that too a reasonable price unmatches anywhere else. After that you can keep using this tool for an many times or years you want without having to pay anything at all.

  • How much has to be paid if I want email conversion feature as you mentioned can be had in this tool?

You pay nothing for that feature. It comes as a part of the package and is not to be paid for. Enjoy.

  • Can I somehow use the tool and then pay after I am satisfied?

Although you can’t do this for the paid tool, you can try our short term demo for the same goal. Except the restriction for usage, you get almost all features that help you make up your mind.

  • How long will I have to stop my work while tool backs up?
    • You will not have to stop any work which you are doing when tool is backing up emails as this can be done in the background.
  • How much time will it take for me to learn to use this tool?

It would take you zero minutes because it is a user oriented, user friendly tool that requires absolutely no learning at all.

  1. Can I keep using the demo version?

No, as the demo version is for a short trial period only. For long term usage and access, you will have to buy full version which is the most economically priced professional backup tool.

Ratings given by users and critics

The Mail backup X has been given 5 star ratings from top critics who have tested the tool to its full extent. Normal mac and windows email users have also given 5 star ratings to this tool.

Here are the system specifications needed to run this tool

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here is what our clients have to say about the tool

“Disappointed with manual backup and totally exhausted, I chose this tool not expecting different results. But right from the word go, this has been a surprise package that takes no work from me and yet executes the task brilliantly. Kudos to the team behind this!” -Mark

“I took the team package for ten people. The price is simply amazing and so are the results. None of my team members faced any issue while installing or using it. Our backups are complete and in order without having to spend any time on this task. Thank you for this tool.”-Sophia

Here are the packages which are created especially for you

Single user edition

This edition works for a single user on two computers. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user with this edition. If you want more email profiles, you can get a top up which will give you 10 more mail profiles at an affordable price. The tool is available for both mac and windows in different versions. You also get free maintenance for 1 year.

Team edition

The team edition works for multiple users. You can get it for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. If you want to increase the backup profile numbers you can get an easy top up which adds 10 more mail profiles. You can get it for both mac and windows. You get free maintenance for 1 year.

Why waste more time? Get the free trial today!

You read what our clients have to say. You saw how this is the best solution for Office 365 backup for both task execution as well as pricing. It is time for you to give it a go with a demo to evaluate it. Evaluate and then pay to stay ahead with regular and safe backups.

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