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Best way to Email backup Outlook 2016 Mails

Do you want to know how to email backup Outlook 2016 effortlessly? You are at the right place.

To backup outlook 2016 emails might seem like a difficult task for some users. This is because of unnecessary confusion among Outlook users about the backup process. If you are a first-time user or an inexperienced user, you might also find yourself in a situation where you want to find out the best way to email backup outlook 2016 . We are going to share with you the best tool to backup outlook 2016 emails without any extra effort. Let us get started.

Mail backup X – Best way to email backup outlook 2016 (Here is why)

  • Automatically backup outlook 2016 without manual method
  • Set up automatic incremental Outlook 2016 backups for regular automatic backups
  • Retains original structure of outlook email folders from your mailboxes
  • Smart outlook backup and resume feature
  • Smart compression feature to save up to 3X space
  • Search feature to find desired email items in mailbox
  • Easily backup large mailboxes without lags or errors
  • Step by step outlook backups with help of user interface
  • Archive Outlook 2016 emails to PDF format
  • Backup outlook along with other email services with ease
  • Inbuilt email conversion feature allows you to convert emails from one format to another
  • Easy to reach support team whenever you need help

Why waste time? Test the free trial of Mail backup X to know how this tool works in real time. No need to risk your money. Upgrade to the full version only if you like it.

What makes Mail backup X the best way to email backup Outlook 2016 mails?

The number of reasons which make Mail backup X are endless but you should know some of them which will hopefully make you realize the amount of difference it makes.

  • Now all email users can successfully email backup Outlook 2016 without worrying about the process or results
  • Completely accurate results without any discrepancies
  • This tool doesn’t stop the backup completely when you lose connectivity. Smart backup and resume feature holds the progress where connectivity is lost.
  • Automatic process guided by friendly wizard-based interface
  • You get to set up automatic USB snapshot backups where you just have to plug in the USB drive and the tool will automatically store the latest backup in it.
  • You can make instant PDF archives of your outlook application
  • You can recover your outlook 2016 backup directly to the live mailbox
  • No fear or data loss or file modification anymore due to human error
  • You can find any email items in the mailboxes with an advanced search box with simple specific search items
  • Personalize your backups with different types of backups according to your need
  • Filter items and select only those mails which you want to backup or restore
  • Easily handle large mailboxes without any lags or errors
  • You can backup Apple mail, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, Outlook mac/windows, Thunderbird, Yahoo mail, Postbox etc
  • The inbuilt email converter allows you to convert/export/transfer emails from one format to another. This eliminates the need to buy another separate tool for email conversion
  • You can remotely use this tool for other users if you are the admin in its team version
  • There are various full editions available for different types of users according to their usage and budget

How to backup Outlook 2016 emails

It is up to you if you want to choose the traditional manual method or the modern third-party software. The manual method is recommended for those who have ample experience of email backup and recovery. Another thing to note about manual backups is that they are not 100% error proof. Users have reported crashing of their outlook application while creating backups of large mailboxes. On the other hand, third party software offer better features and security. However, choosing the right professional third-party Outlook 2016 backup software is not as easy as you might imagine.

Let us check out the automatic method (recommended) to backup Outlook 2016 emails

We will be using Mail backup X to email backup Outlook 2016 mails

Pre backup step 1: Download and install the latest version of Mail backup X tool.

Pre backup step 2: Launch Mail backup X by double clicking on the tool icon

Step 1: You will be at the first window where you will find the option to create a new backup profile. Click on “setup a new backup now”.

email backup outlook 2016

Step 2: This will bring you to the next window where you are shown the possible choices of email services that you can backup with this tool. You will see different options like Outlook, Apple mail, Mozilla thunderbird, Postbox and other email services. You have to choose Outlook.

how to email backup outlook 2016

Step 3: The tool will automatically scan your system to find any Outlook identity folders even if they are from different outlook versions including 2016. It is advised to choose the main identity folder of the email service that we are trying to backup.

best way to email backup outlook 2016

Step 4: In this window, you will see a neatly organized view of your email mailboxes along with their contents. In this step, you need to choose the folders that you want to backup. You can leave those folders de selected which you don’t wish to be included in your backup. You can also include all subfolders or exclude all empty folders in a single click. Once you have chosen what you want to backup in Outlook 2016, click on continue.

Step 5: This will bring you to a new window where you get advanced settings for your Outlook email backup. You will get various settings like the ones listed below.

  • Setup frequency of your own backups (Automatic recommended). You can also choose manual or recurring backups according to your need.
  • You can set up encryption on your backup so that it can be accessed only with an encryption key.
  • You can setup a USB drive with the auto USB snapshot feature. You just have to plug in the USB device and the tool automatically detects it. It then automatically stores the latest snapshot copy of your backup in that USB device within seconds. This gives you instant portable backups on the go.
  • You can also select the location where you want your Outlook 2016 email backup to be stored. You can choose to store it either on your local device, on your external hard drive or on a cloud based service. It is suggested to make multiple copies of your data in order to ensure maximum security. As of now, Mail backup X supports Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

After you have made the necessary settings, click on “Save”

Step 6: This should start the backup process and you will be able to see it under the activities section. You will get any critical alerts or notifications right here. You can also switch to any task from here without an issue. At the end of the process, you can view or download a detailed log report from this dashboard.


This was all that there is to creating backups on the Mail backup X application. You just need to follow the simple steps as shown in these images and you will be able to get the results that you have always wanted without any fear of data loss. This is ensured with the robust algorithms of this tool which make the process automatic and remove any scope of human error.

It is with the free trial that you will fully understand how these steps work so you should try it certainly.

Why we don’t go for manual backups?

The manual method was used till there were no better alternatives available. It is useful only in cases where you are not dealing with classified or confidential data. The manual method is not completely fail-proof and can cause data loss if not done carefully. Experts suggest that first time users should refrain from utilizing the manual method because of its unpredictable nature. Also, the manual method for backing up different types of files is different. So, you need to do it repeatedly, one email account at a time. You can certainly use it for small or inconsequential backups but the reality is that automatic third-party tools are way ahead in terms of flexibility and benefits.

Let us discuss one of the most important and frequent questions that email users ask us.

What are the things that a user should look for while trying to find a tool to email backup outlook mails?

There are a lot of factors which decide the worthiness of a particular software solution. Here are few things you can look for while searching for a reliable Outlook email backup tool.

  • The software should be easy to install and operate
  • The tool should have an easy-to-understand interface for even first-time users
  • You should be able to backup any emails you want at any point of time
  • The tool should not lag or cause any errors while dealing with large files
  • You don’t want a tool which cannot handle large files
  • The tool should support files of multiple formats
  • You should be able to view email archives of different email services
  • The tool should offer portable backups
  • You should be able to restore emails with this tool easily
  • You should get the facility to store your outlook email backup wherever you want (including cloud backups)
  • You should be able to backup several email services with a single tool
  • You should get constant support and guidance if you need it
  • You should get different packages to choose from while getting the paid version
  • You should get a free trial which really works

Client testimonials

“To backup Outlook 2016 was something which I wanted but I couldn’t do. I was not sure whether the available modern tools will be able to backup older versions of outlook. Mail backup X loaded all outlook identities and I was able to choose the one I wanted. It also backs up both mac and windows Outlook so I don’t have to worry about platform compatibility. You should give it a free trial.”- Taylor Lauren

“There were a lot of options to backup Outlook 2016 with, but Mail backup X stands out of the rest quite clearly. It runs on both mac and windows and also supports an array of different email services. This is my favourite solution because it just gives you so much to do with your own email data that you never even thought about it.”- Nicole Hayden

What is your best choice? Choose from these versions

There are two main packages that you can choose from.

The single user edition of Mail backup X

  • This can be used by a single user
  • Available for both mac and windows
  • It can be installed on two computers
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • You can get 10 more mail profiles with an affordable top up

Mail backup X – Team edition

  • This can be used by multiple users in packages set for different number of users
  • It is available for both mac and windows
  • It can be installed on multiple computers
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Get an easy top up to add 10 more mail profiles (these can be assigned to any user)
  • Admin gets remote backup authority to work on all user profiles

Confused about which version fits you best? Test the free trial to find out which version suits you. You will be glad that you made this choice.

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