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How to backup data from Gmail account – Best solution for 2021

If you want to find out the best way to backup from Gmail, you are at the right place. Gmail backups are absolutely essential and should not be missed by any vigilant user who wants to take care of their valuable email data. With regular Gmail email backups, you will be able to stay protected from the various cyber threats that seem to be only growing with passing time. Regular offline Gmail backups ensure that you are keeping safe copies of your updated backups out of the internet. In this article we will find out the best way to backup from Gmail for all types of Gmail users.

How to backup from Gmail?

If you want the best results while you backup data from your Gmail account, you should try Mail backup X by InventPure.

  • Automatically backup emails from Gmail account with pre-set backup profile
  • Set up incremental backups or recurring Gmail backups according to you
  • Retain the originality of your Gmail account with data preservation
  • Select the folders you want to backup from Gmail
  • View email archives from different email services with inbuilt mail viewer
  • Save up to 3X space while storing Gmail account emails with advanced compression algorithm
  • Backup Gmail and other email services with single tool
  • Inbuilt email converter allows email transfer from major email file formats
  • Auto USB backup feature lets you get instant portable backups by just plugging in your USB drive
  • Smart backup and resume feature lets you make uninterrupted backups even with poor internet connectivity
  • Team version allows remote working access to the admin for other user profiles
  • Free and friendly support

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Now let us find out in detail, how to backup from Gmail

So, how do email users really backup Gmail?

Google offers a service called Google Takeout which allows you to take out all of your Google data in a single MBOX file. This is the most commonly used free method since it covers over 50 kinds of data to be backed up. So essentially if you wish to backup any of your Google service data, Google takeout can be used.

How to backup Gmail account with Google takeout (manual method)

Step 1: Log into your Google account. Go to takeout.google.com on your browset.

Step 2: You will be able to see all types of data that can be backed up by Google takeout. Scroll down till you find “Mail”. Make sure you have this section selected along with contacts and other email related data types.

Step 3: Click on “All mail data included” and a new dialogue box will open where you will see different options including the choice to select all messages in mail. You can choose to backup your Google chats, unread messages, and any subfolders.

Once this is done, click on next.

Step 4: This will bring you to the next step where you have to select the format in which you want your Gmail backup to be stored. By itself, the Google takeout service stores the data in MBOX format inside ZIP files. In this window, you are also prompted to choose the size of the archive files. It is not suggested to make huge archive files since they are not very easy to work with.

Step 5: The last step involves selecting the method of receiving the backup file. You can either select your preferred cloud service as your destination for storing the backup or ask for a download link on your email so that you can directly download the backup file on your computer. It is recommended to ask for a download link since storing the backup on your Google drive or cloud will eat up a lot of valuable cloud storage. It is best to download this backup and store it on an external hard drive.

Once you have specified all these options, click on “Create archive” option. Now you need to wait. This process will probably take plenty of time if your database is huge. You should have enough time on your hands if you want to take this route. This is not good for emergency backups.

Now that we have discussed the method, let us talk about its limitations.

  • This process is painfully slow – If you have large attachments or a huge number of mails, this is going to take a long time. It also depends upon your luck because many times, this process has been reported to stop in the middle.
  • These backups are difficult to recover – owing to the fact that there are lots of types of data in Google takeout backup, it can be very tricky to backup selected items since al the data is mostly contained within an MBOX file. Most users report that they are unable to restore or recover Google takeout backups for some reason or the other.

Better Alternative – backup from Gmail account automatically with Mail backup X

Mail backup X is a certified Gmail backup and archiving solution which has been expressly developed for email users who need a no fuss solution to backup and restore their emails whenever they want to without any extra manual effort. This tool is an automatic solution that works on both macOS and windows. This removes the limitation of platform compatibility that most users have. You also get the choice to backup multiple email services along with Gmail. It is packed with a set of highly unique and useful features which make it the best way to backup emails from Gmail.

Let us take a detailed look at its benefits

  • Setup automatic incremental Gmail backups

This is the best feature of the tool which allows the user to set the frequency of the backup according to their preference. You can choose the automatically recommended incremental method where all the emails are backed up from day one and then the email backup database is constantly updated and synced as emails arrive. This ensures that you always have the most recently updated emails down to the very last email.

  • Setup customized Gmail backups

You can set up the backup profile in accordance to your personal preference. The user can choose to set up scheduled backups, mirror backups and distributed backups like they want. They are also free to choose the folders that they want to backup from their Gmail mailboxes. You can also leave the empty folders behind as they are not useful. These backups can be modified like you want.

  • Archive Gmail mailboxes in PDF format

This is another very beneficial and unique feature that gives you the chance to create portable organized archives of your Gmail mailboxes. You can directly archive Gmail mailboxes as PDF files. These PDF files can be accessed without needing any email application or online services. You can access these with any general PDF viewer. Additionally, you can also protect these files with a strong password so that no one can access them without this encryption key. PDF files can also be printed.

  • Automatic USB backups

While setting up your backup profile, you get an opportunity to make the best out of your Gmail backup. If you want portable backups instantly, set up a USB drive and map it as the destination for your automatic USB backups. Whenever you will plug in this USB drive, the tool will automatically detect it and store the latest snapshot backup in this device. You can carry this backup anywhere you want for instant access.

  • Smart Gmail backups

The smart backup and resume feature ensures that you are able to successfully backup your Gmail files with no interruptions. There are many times when you don’t have constant internet connectivity and the network is unstable. In such cases, any regular tool would stop the backup and re-start from the beginning, wasting time and progress, repeatedly. If you are using Mail backup X on the other hand, the smart resume feature will halt the progress of the process whenever the network is lost and resumes the backup when the network is regained. This saves more time and effort than you can ever imagine.

  • Smart search box

The smart search box is embedded into the interface of the tool. You can search for any email items within the archives by just entering specific searches. You can locate even single files with specific searches based on time, user name, date range etc.

  • Save up to 3X space in hard drive     

The inbuilt data compression algorithm of the tool enables all Gmail users to store their email backup data in 3X lesser space than usual. This is beneficial for users who have large databases and wish to save space in their local device while storing the backup.

  • Store backups online or offline

While setting up the backup profile, you get to select the location where you want to store your Gmail email backup. Users who have larger mailboxes can save their Gmail mailbox backups on their devices or external hard drive. Meanwhile those users who need anytime instant access of their backups can choose to store the backups on cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox etc.

  • Multiple versions

The developers of this tool have paid great attention to availability and accessibility for all uses who might have any interest in this tool. This is why different packages have been designed for different types of users. Due to the difference in budget and backup needs, it is necessary to have different packages. For now, you can get the personal edition and the team edition of Mail backup X.

  • Backup multiple email services

Mail backup X is useful for not only Gmail backups but also other email services like Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Office 365, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This means that you don’t have to settle for a single service tool. By getting Mail backup X, you get the chance to backup any modern email application you want. The tool also supports IMAP service backups so almost all email services are compatible to be backed up with this tool.

  • Inbuilt email conversion

One of the most surprising and beneficial features of this Gmail email backup tool is the fact that it can also convert email files to and from all major email formats. This means that you are getting two tools in one. You will be saving a considerable amount due to this valuable addition.


You have now learned everything there is to about how to backup Gmail successfully. You should try the free demo version of Mail backup X to ensure that this tool works according to you.

You can choose between the single user license and the team license.

Single license is meant for one user and can be used on two computers. It can backup up to 5 mail profiles at once. This version of the tool is ideal for single users who want to use it on their home and work computer. This version is compatible on both mac and windows.

The team version is useful for small to medium businesses. You can get it for 5, 10,15, 20 or 30 users. Each user can backup up to 5 mail profiles. You can get your own personalized version of this Gmail backup tool according to your requirements.

Both the versions can be upgraded by getting an affordable top up package which will give you 10 more mail profiles.

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