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Best automatic email backup service for macOS and Windows

best email backup services

Now use Mail backup X to automatically backup and restore your email services

  • Automatic email backup and restore with one time setup
  • Restore email backups to live mailbox in few clicks
  • Backup and restore major email applications like Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook macOS/Windows, Gmail, thunderbird and Postbox etc.
  • IMAP email backup service to backup other email applications
  • Automatic USB backup and sync feature for portable backup
  • Store your email backup wherever you want
  • Backup to chosen cloud service like Google drive
  • Store email backup data in up to 3X lesser space
  • Filter item facility to selectively backup chosen folders
  • Inbuilt email conversion feature
  • Free trial and 24*7 support

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These are the top salient features of this professional email backup services

  • Backup and restore multiple email services with one tool

Mail backup X is not an email backup service which is limited to just one email service. You can use it to backup and restore multiple email services without having any compatibility setbacks. This tool has been developed to be a comprehensive solution for all users so it performs accordingly. If you are using different email account, you can use this tool to back them up. The number of accounts depends upon the license that you choose.

  • Platform independent email backup and recovery

Platform independence is one of the greatest strengths of this email backup service. You can use Mail backup on macOS and windows. It has been made to work on both OS since many users have a work computer and a home computer. You can buy the same license and use it for both. You can get the single user license and use it on two computers. The team license works for more users according to the plan.

  • Smart backup and resume service

This feature acts like a life line for those users who face constant setbacks due to poor connectivity. Imagine you are in the middle of a backup and you lose your network, what will happen? If you are using any other tool, you will lose all the progress and the process will start from the beginning when you regain the connection. However, Mali backup has been designed to halt the process when it senses there is no connectivity. It automatically resumes the process when the internet connection is re established. It saves a tremendous amount of valuable time.

  • Automatic incremental backup and other backups

With this tool, you get all kinds of email backups, including the best. Incremental backups serve great since they are regularly updated. You can also set up mirror backups and distributed backups according to your requirement. This means that Mail backup X offers a vast variety in terms of backup and archiving. It lets you restore the backups to the live mailbox as well.

  • Select your own folders for backup and recovery

The amount of personalization that Mail backup X offers to its users is surprising. You get to choose the folders that you want to backup or restore because it is not practical for every user to backup their entire mailbox every single time. You can backup or restore even a single email if you want. You can use the filter item feature for this purpose which lets you select or de select the file items or the folders that you want to backup or restore.

  • Track your live progress during backup or recovery

You can check the status of your ongoing backups on the dashboard. The live status of the backup and recovery process can be checked on the dashboard notification panel. You can switch to any other window or process from there and resume your work. You will also find a finished log report at the end of the backup process.

  • Inbuilt email converter

You can use the inbuilt email conversion feature which is embedded within this tool. This email migration feature gives you an added opportunity to migrate your email files to other formats. You don’t have to buy another tool specifically for the purpose of email migration. You get to transfer to and from different email formats without needing to install any other plugin or support app.

  • Store your backup where you want

This is one of the best features of Mail backup X as a professional email backup service. You can choose the storage location of your backup according to your convenience. You can store it in an external hard drive or on the cloud. You can even make portable USB backups and store the latest backup on a USB drive. You have total control over how many copies you want of your backup as well.

Client testimonials

‘I feel happy that I chose this professional solution rather than some free application. With the Cloud based backup, I was able to restore all my files recently when my device gave up on me. I had to buy a new device but my files which included my projects were all restored without any struggle. Thank you for providing customer support to deal with my queries in late hours.’ – Tate Williams

‘I am looking at downsizing and cost cutting for my business. While I was looking at email backup services, this tool caught my eye because of some amazing features as well as data compression. It helped me keep costs down when buying storage space. Loved this feature the most. Overall a very easy tool to get a hang of.’- Martin Bayles

These are the software specifications of the tool

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

FAQs- Questions asked by users

  1. What makes Mail backup X better than other email backup services?

There are a lot of factors which make Mail backup X better than other email backup services. The most important part of this is the research involved which was done over many years to study the limitations that users had been facing with other tools. The developers worked endlessly to eliminate these errors and then came out with this tool. Mali backup X is the ideal email backup service also because it is easy to use and it can be used to backup a variety of email backup services without asking you to install any plugins. It also offers portable backups and instant recovery to live mailbox. Overall, it is much better than other email backup services because unlike other professional tools, it has the perfect balance of ease and affordability.

  • What are some factors that can help me choose the right email backup service?

These are some things that you should consider while choosing your email backup service

  1. Is this tool from a reliable company/background?
  2. Has this tool worked for other users? If yes, what are its ratings?
  3. How much data can this tool handle during backup and recovery?
  4. Does it backup just a single service or multiple email services?
  5. Does it offer any safety assurance for my email information?
  6. Does it store my login credentials?
  7. Are there any additional features in this tool that can benefit me?
  8. Is this tool affordable for me according to my needs?
  9. Can I get help with it if I get stuck while working with it?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you make the final decision about your email backup tool.

  • I am getting many offers from free email backup services. What should I do?

It is not uncommon for free and web based email backup services to use mass advertising to reach more people. Don’t fall for the claims, test the tool and see for yourself. According to experts, free tools generally lack the security features which are absolutely essential to handle official data. So if you are going to deal with personal or professional information that you cannot afford to lose, it is not advised to go for free email backup services. Instead, play it safe and make a one time investment in a professional service which will stay with you for the long haul.

  • What are some extra benefits of using Mail backup X software?

There are a lot of extra benefits that you get by using Mail backup X as your email backup service.

  • You can set up portable USB backups
  • You can store your archives in a PDF file
  • You can convert emails to and from major email formats
  • Make scheduled backups
  • Personalize your own backups
  • Restore emails to live mailbox
  • Backup to cloud services
  • How much data can Mail backup X handle?

Mail backup X has been tested with files of 100+ GBs and more. It can handle pretty much any large files you can try to throw at it. This tool has been designed with the most powerful algorithms so that it can handle professional data, which is mostly in large volumes.

  • How can I be sure that Mail backup X is the right tool for me?

If you are unsure about Mail backup X and how it works, you can get the free trial of this tool. The free trial is designed to give you a clear idea of how the tool performs in real time without any hidden features. The features are open to all so that all interested users can check all that this tool offers. Once you are sure that it works for you, upgrade to the full version of the tool at an affordable cost.

Here is the free trial that you can get right now.