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How to do a full backup on Mac without errors?

mac full backup to external hard drive

Use this certified solution for a full and error free mac backup

Mail backup X lets you do a full email backup of macOS emails: Here is what you get

  • You can do a full macOS backup in just a few mouse clicks
  • Create automatic incremental backups without repeated effort
  • Auto USB backup facility for portable backups
  • Smart backup feature for consistent backup and recovery
  • Choose between full mac backup or partial backup according to your convenience
  • Step by step guidance by user friendly wizard based UI
  • Easily handles large mailboxes for mac full backup
  • Backup all major mac based email services
  • Track live progress of backup process
  • Create remote backups in team version
  • Save 3X space with data compression to save space during mac full backup
  • Store full macOS in external hard drive
  • Backup macOS emails to cloud storage or any location
  • 24*7 support and regular updates

Interested? Why don’t you try the free demo of the tool right here?

Get the free demo of Mail backup X and do a full macOS backup instantly with minimum effort.

Why choose a professional solution to do a full backup on mac?

The moment in which we decide that we are going to use a professional tool for our macOS backup, we have taken our first step towards having a better email experience. By choosing a safe and reliable method, we are ensuring future peace and security for our valuable emails. Since mac users are known to be more demanding in terms of security and quality, it does justice to opt for professional tools instead of freeware.

Benefits of Mail backup X as a means for full mac backup

  • Using this tool is extremely easy even for a novice
  • Step by step instructions are provided by the user interface
  • It is compatible with both macOS and windows OS
  • You can backup and restore all major email services with this tool
  • It also offers email conversion in one of its features
  • Your data is protected from unauthorized access due to its double encryption feature
  • Your files are safe from data modification and file corruption
  • The whole process is automatic
  • Saves all email data and related details
  • Protects Unicode content and meta data
  • You can customize your backup according to your need
  • The tool does not lag or face errors even with large files
  • You can search for any email items within the mac email archives
  • You can filter what you need in order to create selective backups
  • You can restore the full macOS backup whenever you want
  • You can choose between the single edition or the team edition according to the number of users
  • You get to archive your macOS email backup as PDF files

These were the numerous benefits of using Mail backup X as the final solution to backup mac OS files with maximum protection. The fact that it can convert email files makes it a double win for you.

Understanding the importance of email backup and recovery.

Earlier, users considered backing up emails a waste of time. This was until emails became the primary means of all communication. There are whole businesses which are based on email communication. It was due to the rising need of data security and the rising cyber threats that users finally realized that email backup and recovery is as important as sending and receiving emails. Mail backup X has been developed with a new and different approach towards email backup and recovery. It has been brought forward to put an end to all the confusion that exists around the topic. You don’t have to worry about the protection and well being of your professional email data anymore.

If you have a regular backup which is maintained, you can be free from the fear of hacking, accidental deletion or any other cyber threat. Just make sure that you have online and offline backups and multiple copies of your backups for maximum protection.

Here is what our clients say about their Mac backup experience

“I used Mail backup X to do a full mac backup and it did what I expected out of it. I had multiple apple mail mailboxes that were quite large but the tool handled them quite well. I also made few email transfers by converting my apple mail to Outlook mac for work. It totally works as expected.”- Adam Crowder

“To do a full mac email backup sounded intimidating to me. That’s why I chose a professional tool like Mail backup X. I had to worry about nothing since I just followed instructions and the backup was made automatically. I stored the backup on the cloud and on my hard drive.”- Corey Newman

These are the system requirements for using Mail backup X

Unlike what you might be thinking, this professional tool does not ask for a high end computer. It is extremely light to run and can be installed in any regular computer. Here are the software requirements for using this mac email backup software.

System requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are some FAQs- Frequently asked questions

Suggest what is the best location for local backups as well as for external backups. Also, which of these locations does Mail backup X cover?

For local backup, backup on your device as well as a USB drive which you will be keeping in your office or home if you work from home. For external backup, save on a USB drive as well on a Cloud based service if you have subscribed to it. Our tool can backup to any of these locations for which you will have to choose your preferred location. But always backup on at least two different kind of hardwares so that if one is damaged, the other is still there.

What kind of filters can I apply for searching my files? Is there a way to make it easier for me to search without having to juggle between different windows?

As there are many accounts from which the backup is done, there can be a problem of juggling between different windows. But with our tool, the entire database can be seen in a single window. By using simple search terms such as to/from, cc, subject to applying more complex ones by using on, and, etc., this tool can be used to search for particular files.

What kind of backup strategy is best for reducing downtime in case of data loss? Even doing a backup will halt the other processes. Won’t it?

The best backup strategy is to store a full backup in the destination location. An external backup is a must. After that incremental backups are necessary to ensure that data backup almost matches that on the system. This will significantly reduce any downtime. As far as everything coming to a standstill because of backup is concerned, you shouldn’t worry if you use Mail backup X. This tool does not need other processes to stop while it backups. Once you have selected the files for backup, applied all filters, and given the command, it does its work in the background. Incremental backups are automatically done.

Do I have to pay any money to try a demo?

There is no payment to be made for the demo. Just keep in mind that it is a trial version given to you so that you can try different features and see the performance of this tool. This is why it will work for a very limited time. For continuing after this, you need to buy the full version.

I have one device which uses Windows while the other one is a Mac laptop. Which version should I buy and would one license suffice?

You can get a single license. It will work on each of your systems. The personal edition would be best for you. If in future you need the tool to work on more devices, go for the Team version where you can buy this edition for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 users. There is a bulk license buying option too where discounts are also available.

How do I know what is happening in my backup process? Can I see it?

Yes, you can view the live progress report while the backup is happening. You can go to the dashboard and see the backup process in real time. You can also switch to other features after checking the progress. Once the process is over, you can come back to the dashboard to see the log report of the backup process.

Get the free trial of Mail backup X now.

The free trial of the tool is now offered for all interested users. You are suggested to get it right away if you want to see how it really functions. You can directly upgrade to the full version from the free trial with a few clicks. The full versions are made affordable and designed according to the requirements of different types of users. Go ahead, take the first step and get the free trial of this tool so that you can backup full macOS and a lot more.