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Mail Backup X Tool to export OLM to Mac Mail with Step by Step Guide

How to export OLM files to Mac mail format – Best method

To export OLM files to Mac mail format, you need a solution that you can trust. If you search online, you will find that there are many options that offer the same thing. However, each method has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Here, you are going to find the most balanced way to export OLM files to Mac mail format, directly on mac.

Mail backup X OLM to Mac mail converter – Professional solution

Mail backup X works flawlessly for all users regardless of their experience. It can be downloaded on any computer. It works on both windows and mac OS. This tool is recommended by all experts from around the world because it offers more than just OLM to Mac mail exports.

Why choose this OLM to Mac mail export tool?

This tool works as a complete email management solution for mac and windows users. You can convert, backup, restore and also archive any emails you want. Additionally, you also get to use it to manage different services like Apple mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP based services.

These are the benefits of working with this tool

  1. The tool is remarkably user friendly and easy to work with
  2. You can use it for multiple tasks
  3. The tool automatically finds all email profiles and data
  4. You get the benefit of selective email transfers
  5. Easily work with large amounts of data
  6. No lags or performance issues
  7. You get to modify the process on your own
  8. Dedicated email backup and recovery
  9. Create email archives when you want
  10.  PDF archives for portability
  11.  Create auto USB backups
  12.  Preserve uniqueness of database
  13.  Different packages for all users
  14. Free trial for all

How to export OLM emails to Mac mail – detailed guide

The first thing that you need to do after you get the tool is install it. Once the tool is installed, launch it by double clicking on the main icon.  

On the first window, you will clearly see an option to “convert” emails. You have to click on “Convert” to get started with the OLM to Mac mail export process.

export OLM to Mac Mail

Here, the tool shows you all email services which can be migrated or managed with it. Since we are trying to export OLM to Mac mail, you have to select Microsoft Outlook.

how to export OLM to Mac Mail

The tool starts to scan for any outlook installations and related outlook data on your computer. Once that is done, the tool shows to you all related outlook identity folders. You can either choose your preferred identity folder or browse to find your stored files on your computer. You can also choose files from your previous backup profiles. Make your choice and move forward.

import OLM to Mac Mail

Once you choose your profile, you will see that the tool has brought to you all the files from within that email profile. Click on the file that you want to export and then select “open”.

how to import OLM to Mac Mail

Once you choose your desired email file, the tool opens it and shows all the contents of the OLM file in the next window. Now, all you have to do is select the email items that you wish to be exported. Choose the ones you want to migrate and leave behind the rest. Click on continue when you are done.

export OLM files to Mac Mail format

Choose the format or email service to which you want to export. Here, we are clearly trying to export OLM to Mac mail. Click on Apple mail.

import OLM files to Mac Mail format

Now, it is time to select the location or folder where you want to store your exported mac mail emails. You can choose a predefined folder or create a new one according to your preference. Once you have decided where to store the emails, click on open. The process will start immediately.

step guide to import OLM files to Mac Mail format

The OLM to Mac mail export process will start immediately. You can see the direct progress of the OLM to Mac mail conversion before you. The tool even lets you check out the names of the items which are getting exported from OLM to Mac mail.

step guide to OLM files to Mac Mail format

You can also check the end results of the process on a separate window where the tool shows you the total number of items converted along with their location.

This was the step-by-step process to export OLM to Mac mail with Mail backup X.

As you can see, the process of migrating OLM to Mac mail is pretty simple. You just have to follow simple steps and your job will be done. This tool gives you the chance to enjoy total control over your email files. You don’t have to waste your time with free OLM to Mac mail converters. Try the free demo of this tool to find out more about it.

User testimonials

“I could never even imagine that I would be able to export my OLM mac emails to Mac mail format. Luckily, I came across Mail backup X which gave me the confidence to work with my email files any time I want. I am able to export any emails I want to and from any formats I want. I am able to use the tool to backup, restore, archive and also convert any emails on both mac and windows.” – Roger Breto

Check out these packages for all users

Single user version

The single user version of the tool has been designed for individual users who want to export OLM files to Mac mail format on their computer without any help. This version of the tool can be installed on two computers and can be used by a single user. You get to manage up to 5 mail profiles per user. If you want, you can also upgrade this version with a simple top up which gives you 10 more mail profiles to work with.

Team version

The team version is available for multiple users. You can get it for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. The tool lets you convert or manage up to 5 mail profiles per user. The team version admin also gets to use the tool remotely for other users. You can choose to get a $20 top up package which gives you 10 more mail profiles to work with.

Get the free trial right now!

The free trial of this tool is great to test the features and the real time performance for all. The free demo version of this tool works for 15 days and gives you all features that you want to test. All features are unlocked for use. This is the only free trial which offers everything to the users. You can also directly upgrade from the free demo to the full version.

Frequently asked questions

How to export OLM to Mac mail?

If you want to export OLM to Mac mail, you have to options, either do it manually or do it with the help of a third-party solution. It is suggested to only use professional third-party software to manage emails since they eliminate the risk of data loss. The best way to export your emails is with Mail backup X. It lets you export, backup, restore and also archive any emails you want from different email services. It easily works with large amounts of data without any errors. You don’t need anything else to manage your emails.

Should I use Apple mail or Gmail?

If you are a mac user with multiple apple devices, you are suggested to stick to the apple ecosystem. If you have several email IDs from multiple devices, Apple mail will be the right choice for you. Apple mail works best for mac users because it is built for them.

Which is more secure Apple mail or Gmail?

Apple mail by standard comes with S/MIME encryption while Gmail offers this to only paid users. Free Gmail users get TLS encryption. So, in general, Apple mail is more secure compared to the free Gmail services that most users work with.

Which version is best for single users?

Mail backup X offers a single user version and a team version for all users. If you are a single user, you should certainly work with the individual license. It works for a single user and can be installed on two computers. You can add a top up and get 10 more mail profiles to work with. This is the best license for single users as it is also the most affordable.