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Increase your productivity and not your effort when you perform Gmail backup

How to Backup Gmail

Due to an increase in data loss threats in the past few years, backing up your mail data is the best way of ensuring you are able to retain all mail data. In fact, it is the only surefire way of retaining all your Gmail data for future reference purposes. When you perform Gmail backup, it does not always equate to extra effort. Although the process of archiving Gmail data is one that must be done accurately, there is one tool that ensures you can be productive while doing it. The name of the archiving solution is Mail Backup X. It has been developed by InventPure which has some of the world’s most trusted clients. This solution is available worldwide. It is a Gmail backup software application that makes it easy for you to back up with ease and less effort.

Be productive when you backup Gmail account

How does being productive connect with backing up your Gmail account? See, with other archiving tools, you spend way too much time and effort archiving your mail data. Setting time aside for archiving your mail data is a fantastic thing. However, when you overdo it then it becomes a burden which is not good. Moreover, it makes you unproductive as you are unable to spend as much time as you would like on other things. If you did not have to spend so much time archiving your data then you will be able to do other important tasks as well. Isn’t it? This is where Mail Backup X helps you out being productive. It provides an easy and effortless way of archiving and backing up your Gmail data with ease.

The entire process of archiving your Gmail data is simple with Mail Backup X. This tool is probably the easiest software for archiving your Gmail folders in your mailbox. It provides you with a layout that is effortless to understand and does not require for you to do any prep work in advance. In fact, you do not need to read up on anything in order to fully comprehend the archiving software and how it works. You will be able to use it for the first time like a true archiving professional because it is so easy! You do not need even the help of experts. So all you beginners out there can effortlessly perform the archiving of your Gmail data with utmost ease only with this email archiving software tool.

The best thing about archived Gmail data is the knowledge that you can derive from it. The more you communicate via emails, the more information they contain. You will be able to derive crucial information about a myriad of things from your Gmail data alone. Once you have backed up and archived your Gmail data, you can use analytics software for finding patterns. This can help you see where email communication is great and where it lacks. Hence, you can then put measures in place to improve the way in which you communicate. This can help you become more productive. This is particularly useful for businesses and enterprises that comprise hundreds of employees or more.

As you will be able to get knowledge about what is working and what is not, improvement is easier and more efficient. It won’t put any pressure on you either. When you know what type of communication and email strategies are working, you will be able to work better. Once efficiency improves, a lot of things are bound to improve automatically. This will decrease workload and you will be able to accomplish more things in lesser time. It will help you concentrate on other important aspects of the business as well. But since all email archiving solutions give archives, what is the difference between Mail Backup X and the others? When you are looking for patterns, your email has to be completely preserved and this tool confirms it.

The software tool ensures your mail data is always preserved to the tee without even a single dot missing. Hence, preservation is complete, accurate and crisp every single time. This helps you ensure that all Gmail data including the attachments are retained without any issue. When the analytics software works on that archived data, you are sure to get results that do matter. Moreover, your results will be very precise in nature. Mail Backup X is one of the few email archiving software solutions that ensure your emails are completely preserved. It ensures that no data corruption has the chance of occurring. This leads to perfect archiving of your mail data.

More about Gmail backup data with Mail Backup X

Mail Backup X is an archiving tool that is the right blend of automation and manual operation. When you are backing up your Gmail mail data, you can simply automate the process of backing up data. The best option for complete automation of Gmail data is to use the automatic archiving option. This archives each of your Gmail emails as they enter the Inbox in your mailbox. If you cannot afford to lose a single Gmail archive, then this is how you must archive your Gmail data. This option lets you do other work without having to permit anything. You just need to set it to automatic archiving so that the backup can take place by itself whenever the need for it arises. You can perform recurring Gmail backup too.

You might have folders and sub-folders apart from the Gmail folders that are there by default. Mail Backup X helps you select the folders from your Gmail mailbox for archiving them. When it does so, your folders are preserved. That is, their names and the sub-folders that each folder contains are retained without fail. This helps make your job easier as renaming and re-arranging won’t be your headache. The software does everything for you. In addition to that, the folder trees are going to be retained so when you archive Gmail mailbox, it will be as it is. This makes it easy for you to archive particular folders or even everything. You have the choice to change what you archive when you want.

When you archive with InventPure’s email archiving software, the emails will be saved incrementally. This ensures a single copy of each archive in one location is saved. If you want the same set of Gmail archive folders in more than one location, you can archive using mirror or distributed backups. This option is available in the same step where you will specify the way in which the Gmail archiving will take place. Remember that regardless of the option you choose, incremental archiving and backup is what will take place. This is to ensure that no two emails are saved twice because they will take up space on your Mac. Mail Backup X compresses your email archives up to three times to ensure minimal space is taken by the tool.

When you are using a Mac for archiving your data, you don’t want your archived Gmail data to be easily accessible to everyone. The email archiving software tool by InventPure applies encryption which protects your backed up Gmail data. This makes your archived Gmail data inaccessible to anyone apart from you. When you are part of an enterprise, your emails are just as safe due to the strong encryption that is applied. The Gmail email archives can be stored as PDF files to make it easier for access and printing. However, if you intend to store your archived Gmail emails for long-term storage, it is up to you how you want to store. You can store your archives in PDF format or leave them as default archives.

All your archived Gmail email folders are stored in a centralized fashion. This is why it becomes very easy to access your emails for you. However, remember that due to the encrypted nature of the Gmail archives, only you are authorized to view. No one else can ever access or modify the Gmail email archives. You can store your email archives in one location or in more than one location. The choice depends entirely on you. You can sync a storage device so that when you plug in the device, the archived Gmail folders are automatically copied to the device. This helps with storing emails onto another device easily. You can store archives anywhere you please. The tool works on the new Mac computers as well as older ones.

How to backup Gmail right away with the tool?

The amazing aspect of InventPure is it allows you to test the tool for free. Want to know if this email archiving tool is worth the investment? Simply test the archiving software today on your Mac. You can look at all the license options too. You will be placing a digital order when you choose to buy this archiver. Therefore, once the order has been placed, you will get the archiver immediately. When will you be able to use the archiver for archiving Gmail data? Immediately! Just like all the features of this awesome email archiving software tool, you will be able to quickly use the tool for archiving your mail data. 24*7 customer support is available in case you need it for any query.

Uncover the perks of using this Gmail backup tool!

With Mail Backup X by InventPureusers need not to put effort into understanding how to do Gmail email backup. This tool offers a distinctly automated procedure to do that task, so you don’t have to move a muscle.

Here are the few perks in which the users stand to take benefit from using this device to backup Gmail email automatically:

  • Compatible OS: This tool is well matched with Mac OS 10.10 & above. For Windows
    customers, it is well matched with Windows 8 & above.
  • User-friendly UI: The device has a simple user-interface that permits free motion from beginning to the end.
  • 24*7 Customer care: The users get to avail 24*7 consumer care offerings to resolve any query on their mind.
  • Technological excellence: The customers get to make use of recent or latest technology at a very nominal cost.
  • Quick process: The steps to setup a Gmail backup profile involves only a few clicks on
    the part of the user. In short, it is quick, simple and rewarding.

There is not a single reason for you to hesitate any more to won this tool.

All you need to do is simply download a demo version of the tool to backup Gmail emails in a pleasing environment.

You can easily run the tool with the following requirements

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Frequently asked questions by new users

1. Is this tool well matched with all sorts of OS?

Yes! It is compatible with both mac and windows and will work in latest versions too. This is why most mac and windows users love it.

2. What package should I buy?

If you are a single user, then purchase our profession version or if you are a company then you should purchase our Team edition. All versions offer the chance to increase 10 mail profiles with a top up pack.

3. Is this tool user-friendly to anyone who has zero experience?

The user-friendly interface of this device is incredibly easy to use and anyone can use it. You get step by step instructions to ensure that you don’t get stuck at any point during or after the backup and recovery process.

4. Will your customer service be available to answer my queries?

Our customer support crew will be available for every person to clear their queries 24*7 at any time.

5. What if I get stuck in the middle of the process?

The chances of you getting stuck in the middle is zero. You can reach out to our support team any time you want.

6. Will this tool work with massive database?

It can work with any size of database, this device will help you with your database regardless of its size.

7. I’m a novice, I have no experience, and can I use this software?

Anyone can use this tool with easiness in their mind, it’s 100% user-friendly and provides 100% data security. You get step by step instructions at all times.

8. What is the easiest way to share my files, Can I use this software to do that?

Yes! You’ll be capable of using this tool to transform your documents into PDF format then your files are available for sharing.

9. Am I able to use this tool as a converter apart from a backup tool?

Yes! You’ll be capable of using this tool as a converter once you installed, this device lets you to convert email documents to and from any kind of formats you like.

10. What about the probability of lags and errors?

There will be no errors or lags or any malfunction on our watch, considering that this tool runs on advanced algorithms.

Expert ratings that give you support

The Mail Backup X has 5 star ratings, it’s given by the top critics and experts, and if you wish to buy this tool you must recall making your decision after seeing our ratings and reviews.

Client Testimonials- Words that matter

“I’ve been using this tool for about a year, and now not even a single time I felt any discomfort while using it and I’m recommending this to everyone.” – Nicolas

“I always wanted to archive my Gmail emails and then I came to understand about this convenient software through a commercial. I’m saving my valuable time by using this tool now and I’m recommending this to you.”- Archie

Packages – something for everyone

The Mail backup X is presenting you two various packages

For single users – Professional version is generally recommended
– An user can backup up to 5 mail profiles in this package
– Basically this package can be utilized in two computers at a time
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows platforms
– Maintenance updates are supports are available for a full year

For a company – Team version is generally recommended
– Team edition is obtainable for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users in this package
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows platforms
– Affordable top-ups are available to increase your mail profiles
– Support and maintenance are available for a full year

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