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How to backup Gmail account with world-class archiver while cutting down costs

How to backup Gmail account?

Gmail Archive Solution

This question is probably one of the best questions you might have ever asked yourself. Backing up Gmail is a great way of ensuring retention of data for both short term and long term. Email archiving is a procedure that every industry and business should perform. It ensures that Gmail data is retained without any loss. There is a lot of business data that is stored in emails and attachments which is why it is vital to store all data. Archiving and backing up provides you with a way of storing all Gmail data with ease and the ability to access it when required. One of the main uses of archived data is when there are audits going on; whether internal or external. In addition, archives help you access the data without a connection to the Internet.

When you archive your Gmail account data, you can analyze the mail data with ease. Archived data provides a better way of data analysis that would otherwise not be possible. This analysis results can help your business grow and do better. If communication is improved then you can improve your business drastically and this will help you do better in the future. Archived Gmail data analysis helps you to see where you are falling behind and where you are spot on. The archiving software tool enables your data to be secure without any loss. If your Gmail account was hacked or that of your business, then the hacker may delete all emails. However, if you have the Gmail data archived somewhere, you will still have the mail data secure.

Smart Gmail backup with a smart archiving solution

Mail Backup X provides you with a smart way of archiving your emails with simplicity. This archiving tool by InventPure ensures you are able to archive Gmail mailbox data along with your contacts. It is a powerful tool that provides you with a complete way of archiving your business’s received and sent emails. The following five powerful features of this archiver make it one of the top archiving software tools for Mac that let you save.

  • Data retention

Mail Backup X is the master of retention. It has the ability to preserve your Gmail data completely with accuracy that is superior to other tools and manual methods. The preservation ensures that all your email content from Gmail is precisely archived. There are no errors or bugs which is how the archiver is able to ensure complete retention and thus data integrity. When your business emails are archived, you want the data to be completely archived so that you can rely on the data. If you want to save the data for many years, you want that it stays the same. This lets you clean your Inbox of older emails that you are not currently using. Moreover, it helps you only keep an archive which you can trust and refer to later when required.

  • Security of archives

The software utility for archiving Gmail makes it a priority to secure your emails. When you are saving business emails data stored in Gmail, you want the archives to be secure. Why should you waste more time securing when Mail Backup X already automatically secures them? An automated encryption process takes place whereby each Gmail email is archived and encrypted. The result is a secure Gmail archive whose content you can rely upon. The best aspect is that the encryption used is a strong one. Therefore, only those whom you have authorized will be able to look into the content of the archives. It will not allow anyone else, who is unauthorized, to view what your Gmail archive contains.

  • Preview of emails

When you have folders, folders, and more folders, everything can get confusing. InventPure’s tool makes it easy by first retaining the name of the folders from your Gmail account. Hence, there is no requirement to change the name of the emails. Next, all the emails from all the separate archived Gmail folders can be viewed together. There is a viewer feature that is part of the software tool which enables preview of Gmail emails and attachments. It acts like the mailbox view that you see in Gmail. That is, you can view the sender, subject and a bit of the body/content part of the email. The viewer makes it easy to monitor emails from all folders together in one place. This has the benefit of saving the time of opening a single archive at a time.

  • Search facility

The backing up tool for Gmail has an embedded search facility that is efficient. The search tool can be used for finding emails and attachments that meet certain criteria that you set. There are numerous ways in which you can use the search facility. You can search through your entire database in the following ways. You can enter the name of the sender to narrow your search results. You can find emails according to a time frame that you can easily set. You can find Gmail emails with SQL queries. These have the benefit of allowing you to search for emails that meet a set of criteria. You can simply make queries with operators AND and/or OR. For businesses, this can be a boon as they can find emails fairly quickly with this feature.

  • Compression

InventPure’s software application helps you save a lot of storage space due to compression characteristic of the tool. The utility compresses the email archives up to three times. This process is performed automatically so you do not have to perform even one extra step for it. Hence, an email archive that takes ‘s’ space with other software tools and manual methods would take 3 times lesser amount of space. This can be quite handy for businesses as Gmail archives will increase with time. If you are part of an industry where you are required to store your email archives for many years then this feature is quite useful. The reason is that your storage requirements will decrease drastically.

InventPure’s Gmail archive solution cuts cost in other ways. It gives you the following features as extra features without any additional cost.

You can convert your Gmail archives into other formats for export and import of mail data. The conversion tool lets you convert as many archives as you want. You can convert other archives so that they can be imported to Gmail and vice versa. 

You can archive emails from other email clients that are popularly used. Hence, if there is a usage of more than one account then you can use the email archiving software tool for archiving that mail data as well.

There is an integrated FTP client that is provided at the time of license purchase of Mail Backup X. If there are particular emails or data of your business that you want to store separately, you can store them on that secure FTP server.

You can sync with an external device with a few clicks. This helps you to automatically store Gmail archives of your business onto a USB recognized device such as an external hard drive. This can help archive effortlessly on the device of your choice.

How to backup Gmail with InventPure’s archiver?

The method of backing up emails from Gmail onto your Mac with Mail Backup X is an uncomplicated one. This is what enables new users, beginners, and experts of any field to archive with ease. There is no pre-training required for using the tool by a business. Your IT staff does not have to dedicate time to learning how to archive with this particular email archiving software tool. It works like a charm on new Mac OS X 10.10 and above computers. As new OS versions are launched, the email archiving software is updated so that it works on the new versions without any errors. You get a notification regarding the same so that you can download the update and continue using the latest version of the software tool.

There are only a few steps involved when you back up your Gmail account with Mail Backup X. You are required to choose the Gmail folders that you want to back up. You can select all Gmail folders from your mailbox or you can choose some. The sub-folders will be automatically archived. You can choose to have a mirror and distributed backups of your Gmail data. The data is stored independently in different locations when you back up in these ways. This ensures that when you archive, your Gmail archives are safe and if something occurs with one, the other copy is entirely safe. You can specify one or more locations for storing your Gmail archives. You get to archive automatically, with an interval and you can instruct the archiving when you wish.

Mail Backup X gives you lots of freedom so that you can archive your Gmail email data the way you wish to. You can test the free trial version to see how the tool can help your business archive Gmail emails, attachments and contacts with plain ease. There are different license options available for businesses of varying sizes depending on the number of users.