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How to backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive while preserving all data

backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive

 When you want to archive emails from Thunderbird Mail, you want to do so with careful consideration of the tools available. There are thousands of options for you to archive and it can sometimes become quite a task to pick the right one. There is no need to break a sweat anymore because we will show you how to backup Thunderbird emails to external hard drive with the best paid software application. If you are looking for an efficient email archiving tool which works wonderfully with Mac then you are right where you should be!

Preserve and backup Thunderbird emails to another device

InventPure’s Mail Backup X email archiving utility is the software tool that you can use for archiving Thunderbird emails along with attachments. This tool’s priority is to preserve your mail data at all times. Hence, when you archive Thunderbird Mail data with this tool, all mail data is preserved. The software utility preserves all languages and so if you have emails in languages other than English, the tool can still archive while ensuring the full preservation of data. The tool ensures the full preservation of your entire Thunderbird Mail data. The tool has the ability to help you archive your email contacts and all the information in them as well. This is a bonus and helps you truly protect everything that is important in your Thunderbird mailbox.

You must be thinking whether it is necessary to do so in the first place. Why do you need to back up your Thunderbird emails to another device apart from your Mac? The reason is simple. Your Mac won’t be there with you forever. We don’t want to be negative but just give this a thought. If you had a single copy of your entire Thunderbird emails in your Mac then you might have to face some problems. For example, if your Mac got physically damaged then you would not be able to access your archives at all. Another scenario is that if you are somehow unable to access your Mac then you won’t be able to access your archives either. If you don’t want to get stuck in a similar situation then you should backup Thunderbird emails in an external storage.

Mail Backup X gives you the option of storing your Thunderbird archives in two different ways. It allows you to simply copy your Thunderbird mail archives to the device of your choice. You can plug in the device where you want to store the extra copy of your archives. You can then simply copy and paste from your Mac. However, this is the manual way of going about the task of storing in another external device. It will take time as you will have to specify what to copy. What if we told you that you can actually automatically store your Thunderbird emails into another device? Mail Backup X has the feature called the ‘sync’ feature. You can access it through the dashboard. You can even see this feature when you are archiving your Thunderbird emails with the help of the wizard. It says ‘Auto Copy To External USB Drive’.

The sync feature works like magic. You need to plug in the device first and then set up. What the software will do next is amazing. From the next time you plug in the device, it will check the Thunderbird archives in the device. It will go through your local Thunderbird backup archives. It will then compare the archives found in both. When the tool finds a Thunderbird email archive missing in the USB drive which is there in the local backup, it will copy it. In this manner, each time you plug in the external storage device, the tool ensures the same set of Thunderbird archives are available in both of the locations. That is, your Thunderbird email archives will be synced so that the copy in your Mac and the device will be exactly the same.

The sync feature saves you tons of time and effort. The best thing about the sync feature is that you don’t have to do anything about it except for the initial setup process. The syncing takes place in the background. Hence, you can keep doing whatever else you were doing. The syncing process doesn’t take too long either. Remember that in the beginning, you will have to assign a folder in the external storage device where the Thunderbird email archives will be stored. Even during syncing the folder assigned will be the storage location where the archives are going to be saved.  You don’t need to select the folder each time and this saves you further time. This way of saving archives has the benefit that you don’t have to manually do anything after plugging in the device.

Backup Thunderbird folders easily

The main feature you need to remember about this email archiving software is that it is effortless to use by anyone. If you want to archive Thunderbird Mail, then this tool can be used by you. It doesn’t matter how many years of expertise you have or don’t have. You can perform the process of email archiving from your Thunderbird Mail all by yourself. And before you ask, there is no need to read any manuals either! Yes, you can find the steps to archive on the website but there won’t be a requirement to because the tool is really simple. The steps are laid out in a simple and self-explanatory fashion. If you are still a bit uncertain then you can contact the customer support team of InventPure anytime you want. You will get your queries solved in a matter of minutes.

Mail Backup X lets you archive the folders you want to. You don’t have to always archive all the folders that are part of your Thunderbird mailbox. You can choose particular folders from Thunderbird Mail and choose to ignore empty folders while backing up emails. You can change what you want to archive easily too. The software gives you the ability to completely archive and keep archiving everything. When you set up automatic archiving, then all emails will be archived on your Mac as soon as they come into your mailbox. This gives you relief as you do not have to manually perform the procedure whereby you tell the software to archive when there are emails. The software does so itself. This happens incrementally and so your Thunderbird archives are stored once without any repetition.

The email archiving software encrypts Thunderbird Mail data. This encryption is useful for security purposes. It gives you the ability to store your email archives of Thunderbird Mail wherever you want. Hence, even when you store them on an external hard drive, you don’t have to worry about those archives being accessed by anyone else apart from you. The encryption ensures that you are able to access the Thunderbird archives yourself. It adds protection to your emails and attachments. This is always the case and is performed by itself. This is a boon for businesses as they can store confidential information sent and/or received through Mail with the help of this archiving tool. You can, of course, add to this by ensuring that the place where you archive your Thunderbird email archives is safe and secure, to begin with. Hence, you can store at FTP servers too.

Mail Backup X lets you save your Thunderbird Mail emails in the form of PDFs. If you are more comfortable working with PDFs and you find those more convenient then you can do that. This is an option and you can opt for it when you wish. No matter how you save your archives, one thing is certain that your folders are going to remain completely preserved. What we mean by this is that when you archive Thunderbird Mail folders, everything about them is going to be preserved as it is. The name of the folder is going to be retained. The name of the sub-folders and the emails in them are going to be preserved. Hence, you don’t need to rename or stress about any of that. This is automated too! When you have several folders and sub-folders, this can save you a lot of time and effort.

The email archiving software application has the benefit of letting you view and search through your data. When you use the viewer, you will be reminded of your mailbox. It is indeed something similar. The viewer, as the name suggests, helps you view the Thunderbird Mail archives on your Mac. You can view all the Thunderbird email archives with the help of the viewer. The search tool is for finding emails and attachments. It is a versatile feature that lets you search for your emails in a myriad of different ways. You get a free email format conversion tool and the ability to restore emails back. It is important to note that although it is great to archive Thunderbird emails onto the external hard drive, you should archive on your Mac first. Only after that, it is a good idea to archive onto other devices.