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How to backup GoDaddy Emails: Best GoDaddy email backup solution

There is a large number of users who work with webmail services like GoDaddy email. If you are also one of them and wish to backup GoDaddy email, you are right where you should be. You should read this till the end if you want to really find out how to backup GoDaddy emails.

Mail backup X by InventPure is the best GoDaddy email backup solution that works.

Let us take a look at what it offers.

  • Easily backup GoDaddy emails to your preferred locations
  • Set up automatic incremental backups for perfect results every time
  • Migrate GoDaddy emails to different formats with inbuilt feature
  • Advanced feature to archive GoDaddy emails as PDF files
  • Filter item feature and search box embedded into tool
  • Inbuilt compression feature which saves up to 3X space in hard drive
  • Double layer encryption for 100% security
  • Schedule your backups like you want with automatic feature
  • Ignore duplicate items and folders to reduce clutter
  • Step by step instructions given by user friendly wizard-based interface
  • Restore backup to live mailbox any time you want

Want to see how this tool works in real time? Get the free demo of the tool right here – https://www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/

How to backup GoDaddy emails with the best results?

There are times when GoDaddy email users wish to have access to their GoDaddy emails offline or want to migrate to another email service. It is during these times that you can need a tool for GoDaddy email backup and recovery.

You might have seen several tools or options out there which claim to backup GoDaddy emails, but none of them work like the solution which we bring to you.

We are talking about Mail backup X by InventPure

This certified third-party tool has been developed by experts who have put in years of research behind this. You will notice a massive difference between the features offered by this tool and its contemporaries. This tool offers the most unique benefits which elevate the experience of email management for all users who work with it. It works on both windows and mac operating systems. It lets you backup, restore, archive and also export emails from all major email services used across the world.

Best features of InventPure GoDaddy email backup tool

Comprehensive backup of GoDaddy Emails

You can backup your complete GoDaddy email mailboxes just like you want. This tool gives you a chance to get full backups, partial backups, automatic incremental backups and duplicate backups.

Backup GoDaddy emails to a cloud service

You are given a chance to backup your chosen emails to your preferred cloud storage service. You just have to configure your cloud service account with the tool and you can use this storage to backup and restore your emails instantly without any issue.

Export GoDaddy emails to multiple formats

The inbuilt email converter is a surprising addition to the list of features that this tool offers. This feature makes Mail backup X a dual-purpose tool which works as both an email backup and conversion tool. Now users don’t have to spend their time and energy in finding another tool for email migration.

Choose what you backup with filter item feature

The filter item feature embedded within the tool allows you to choose each file or item from your email mailbox. After you have logged into the tool with your email credentials, you are shown all the folders within your email mailbox. You just have to choose the items and folders you want. This gives you the power of selective email backup and recovery.

Smart backup and resume feature

This is one of the most unique and useful features which increase efficiency of the tool. The tool offers a smart backup and resume feature which automatically holds the backup progress when it senses that the system has lost connection to the internet or the connection is unstable. Similarly, when the tool senses that the connection is re-established, it automatically resumes the process. This ensures that no progress is lost when the tool loses connectivity.

Archive GoDaddy emails to PDF format

This is another amazing feature which gives you immense control and flexibility to manage your email data like you want. The tool allows you to archive your emails directly in the form of PDF files. These PDF files can be shared with any user you want. You can also protect these PDF files with a password. These files are great to preserve the folder structure of your mailboxes. You can also print these if you want.

Backup all major email services

You can back up all major email services including Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo mail, Postbox and other file formats. This enables you to get complete control over all aspects of email management. You are getting to backup, restore, archive and export all major email services with a single service. What else can an email user want? You should certainly get this tool if you never want to worry about your emails.

Here is what our users said about us!

“You don’t have to buy multiple tools anymore for your email management needs. Mail backup X by InventPure is the perfect tool that lets you backup, restore, archive and convert your desired emails regardless of the service. I used it to backup my GoDaddy emails and everything was so smooth that I have never look for any other solution. I would suggest all email users to try this tool at least once.” – Adrian Grate

“I was always worried that I might lose my emails if I made the wrong choice while looking for a backup tool. I wanted to backup my GoDaddy emails but there was no manual method for it. I had to look through a huge number of options, most of which looked the same and offered the same things. Only Mail backup X could stand out from the rest. With its state-of-the-art features and friendly support, I am now able to backup and restore any email I want, without thinking twice.” – Jeremy Davis

These packages make it all worth your while

The best thing about this professional solution is that you get to choose your own package according to your budget and preference. The developers of this tool have very thoughtfully offered different packages which are designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Individual license

This is the single user version meant for individual users. You can install this tool on two computers as a single user. You get to backup and restore up to 5 mail profiles. This tool works on both mac and windows operating system. The tool offers a top up package which gives you 10 more mail profiles to manage and backup.

Team license

The team license of this tool has created sensations in the email management segment. With packages starting from just 5 user versions and going to 30 users and above, this tool is for everyone. You can backup and restore up to 5 mail profiles per folder. Similar to the single user version, the team version also gives you the chance to get a top up package which brings 10 more mail profiles under your control. You can backup different email services with this tool under a single license. Isn’t this impressive?

Additionally, the team version of the tool allows the admin to use the tool remotely for other users.

Backup GoDaddy emails with Outlook application

Before you go on to backup GoDaddy emails automatically, you should know that you can also configure your GoDaddy emails with your Outlook email application and then export your backup to a PST file. This method has a few steps which need to be followed carefully. While this method works for many users, if you need high flexibility and 100% security, this might not work for you. There are several limitations of this method and you should take everything into consideration before you make your final choice.

How to backup GoDaddy emails automatically – Step by step method

  1. Download and install Mail backup X tool.
  2. Launch the tool and start the backup process
  3. You will be on the first window where you can see different options related to email backup and recovery. Click on “Setup a new backup profile”
  4. Now, the tool will show you different email services that can be backed up with it. You have to click on email server. Once you click on this option, you will be taken to the next window where you will see even more options which can be backed up with this tool. Click on IMAP server and you will be taken to a new window where you are asked to enter your email ID and password. You have to enter your GoDaddy email credentials here.
  5. Clicking on login will enable the tool to scan your email mailboxes and will bring all the email files and folders to you so that you can choose the ones you want in the filter item window
  6. Once you have chosen the files that you wish to backup, you can click on continue to move forward.
  7. Now, you are brought to the advanced settings window where you can modify your own backup to get the results that you want.
  8. Give a name to your backup profile
  9. Select the storage location where you wish to store your backup
  10. Map a USB drive to configure instant portable snapshot USB backups
  11. Configure your chosen compatible cloud service to store the backups to a cloud service you want
  12. You can also set up a strong password to protect your backup
  13. Set up a schedule of how frequently you want your emails to be backed up
  14. Once you have modified your settings, click on save
  15. Once you click on Save, the tool will automatically start the backup process and you will find that your backup is in progress.

The tool has an inbuilt live dashboard where you can track the progress of the backup. You are also given the option to download the finished log report after the backup is done.

This was the process to backup GoDaddy emails automatically with the help of the best third party GoDaddy email backup tool. You can easily restore and also convert your emails just like this.

The email backup and recovery process were never this effortless. Why don’t you test it and see how this method works for you? You are getting a completely unique, powerful and affordable solution for email management. In just a few clicks, you can backup, restore, archive and also export any emails you want, all under one roof.

Interested? What are you waiting for? Get the free trial today!

Yes! The free demo version of the tool is now available for download. The free trial works great for 15 days and gives you access to all features so that you can really test how it works. You can test the tool without any risk and upgrade only when you are satisfied. The demo version is perfect for users who are sceptical about how this tool would fare with real files in real time.

Once you are sure that it works, upgrade to your preferred version from the packages discussed above.

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