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Yahoo Mail Backup

Why should everything extra-ordinary have to be expensive these days? Users have the notion that only the priciest can be the greatest in today’s world. However, we are here to tell you that you can get an excellent product at the best bargain without breaking the bank. You can spend the least yet get a feature-rich archiving solution that meets all the archiving needs that you ever want. It is the world’s best archiver software with which you can perform Yahoo email backup. While this email archiving may look simple to you on the first go, its power-packed performance will leave you stunned.

The email archiving software is InventPure’s Mail Backup X. This email archiving software tool is the most sophisticated backup application for your emails. Let us look at each individual feature and how you can get the most out of each when you archive Yahoo Mail emails.

Preserving mail data

Mail Backup X is a professional tool that is an expert at preserving all your Yahoo Mail data. It can preserve your email content as it is. Are you someone who converses with your friends and family in your local language? Do you use English only for work purposes? This tool ensures all your email content is retained regardless of the language your email data is in. You will never find symbols, weird accents, and numerals where they do not belong. This ensures your content is stored as is. When you open the Yahoo Mail archive, you will find your content perfectly as it was when you saved it.

The archiving tool also preserves your folder data, names and the sub-folders. This retains the folder hierarchies as they are and does not change the way in which you had originally saved them in your Yahoo Mail mailbox.

Data safety

When you archive your emails you want Yahoo Mail backup emails to be safe. If someone is able to quickly and easily access, then that would mean they can do something to the data. They may modify it or delete it altogether. However, Mail Backup X ensures none of this can ever happen. The first way it does this is by ensuring you are the sole person who can access the Yahoo Mail email archives. This is accomplished by encrypting each Yahoo Mail backup email. The encryption acts as a barrier that enables you to be the only one who can access the Yahoo Mail email archives. The other way is by letting you save anywhere.

Store archives anywhere

You can set the path where you want the Yahoo Mail email archives to be saved. This instructs the software where it needs to save your email archives. You may choose one location where you want to save the backup emails. Else, you can archive in more than one location. You can have mirror backups as well. The benefit of storing in this way is that your emails will be independently saved. The archived emails in location A and the backed up emails in location B are independently stored in the locations. When you delete archived emails or make changes there, they won’t be shown in location B. This helps keep each location’s archives safe.

You have another brilliant way of archiving your Yahoo Mail emails. You can synchronize with an external hard drive. The emails stored in your Mac will be synced with the device you choose. This is what you need to do in order to accomplish this:

        i.            You must define the folder from your Mac location that you want to sync.

      ii.            You must add the device with which you want to sync the folders.

    iii.            You must create a folder and definite the location where the additional folders need to be saved.

This syncing process will do the following:

        i.            When the device is plugged in, the software will check the files in the attached USB device and your Mac.

      ii.            Then it determines if the folders and files are the same in both. If not, then it is going to make a note of that.

    iii.            It will then copy the folders from your Mac location archived folders and copy them to the USB device where you want to sync.

This process is automated and you are only required to set it once. This helps you to have your email archives stored in an external device that you can keep safe. You can change the sync settings easily through the dashboard.

Actual archiving

How does Mail Backup X perform Yahoo backup? It is in fact, left up to you! There are different users who want to archive their Yahoo Mail emails in different ways as per their needs. The archiving solution gives each user the freedom to set up archiving as they want. Businesses may want to automate the process of backing up. Individuals may want to perform the backup only when they want to. Hence, one way of archiving cannot be right for everyone. InventPure understands that which is why it allows everyone to archive as they want. There are three options you have when it comes to archiving Yahoo Mail emails:

Manual: You can have the ability to decide when to archive your emails. The manual archiving technique will let you make the software tool archive your emails only when you want. There is no need to set an interval or automate.

Recurring: You are only required to define the interval at which the backup of Yahoo Mail emails needs to take place. Then the email archiving tool will take it from there and archive your emails at the same interval.

Automatic: This will keep your Yahoo Mail data the safest as it archives emails as they enter your mailbox’s Inbox folder.

Monitor and search

When you archive, you want the ability to view all your emails in one place. Would you rather open each email archive individually or view them together? Of course, viewing them together will make your life much easier. Mail Backup X comes with an excellent viewer feature. This shows all your Yahoo Mail emails together. You can then view the archive content easily without opening and closing each Yahoo Mail archive. This will save you lots of time and let you monitor your content easily. You won’t need to log into your Yahoo account each time.

Yahoo Mail archived emails can be many which make it difficult to manually search and find the email or attachment you are looking for. If you archive on a daily basis then this can become a problem before you know it. Therefore InventPure has added a way for you to search through your archived Yahoo Mail emails. You can use the sophisticated search tool for finding emails as quickly as you can imagine. You can do the following for searching for your emails and/or your attachments:

Use AND OR operators to create queries for complex searches where various parameters need to be met

Find emails according to attachment file types

Search using keywords

Find emails using a specific word in email or attachment

Search according to the sender

 Find emails at a specific time frame

 A little something extra for you

There are two additional features that you get when you archive with Yahoo backup tool by InventPure. These are as follows:

FTP client: This feature enables you to store your Yahoo Mail email archives on a secure FTP server. You can store the Yahoo Mail emails with the most-sensitive information here. However, note that only saving here is not the best idea as you won’t be able to access the server if there are network issues. Hence, you should see this as an opportunity to store in another location safely. You should save here as another backup for your archived files.

Email format conversion software: Do you have emails in other email clients that you want to import or export? Are you thinking of buying a software for performing this conversion? No need to anymore! When you have Mail Backup X, you don’t need to invest in another export or import tool. The format conversion utility will help you do that. It can convert from and to any popular email format. This means additional savings for you.

Track record

Mail Backup X has helped thousands of individuals and businesses (of all sizes) to archive their emails with ease. The tool is highly scalable and works like a charm for every type of business. It has made an impact in over 100 countries where people love the way the tool works with them. If you want to know how easy this tool is to work with then be sure to check out the trial of this tool. It is free! And it comes with all the features so you can test it out before you purchase. You can check the check the suitable licenses to see which one is the best! If you want to archive more than 5 email accounts per user then you can buy additional add-ons!

Learn the effective way to do Yahoo email backup at the proper time!

The files from your email are sensitive in nature and thus liable to any kind of risks. As such, any Outlook user needs to be prudent to look out for symptoms that indicate in the need to do Yahoo email backup without issues in a distressing situation. This can absolutely be achieved with full consciousness of the conditions which make it incumbent to Yahoo email backup.

Here is a list of the five not unusual situations which lead the users into taking on this mission:

  • Email Recovery: It is frequently stated that prevention is better than cure; this includes your e-mail files as well. Losing the documents and getting entangled in the nearly impossible recovery of your files is the worst situation to be in. A mere deletion of the file can account for extremely dire situation to the person. Therefore, the customers must proactively do the backup of their documents in time to time.
  • Data-safety: Having the backup of documents on the drive allows the customers to confidently stead toward their each day operations involving such documents. It also ensures 100% protection of your files.
  • Confidential statistics: The e-mail documents refers to private mail formats including messages, documents, contacts, etc. To keep those in safe custody, it is important to
    have backup of your documents.
  • Server issues: Many Outlook customers come across server issues and server downtime issues which cause inaccessibility of their files. However, if the customers backup their files, this scenario will become the least of one’s worries.
  • Storage limitations: The users are offered restrained storage space on Outlook which subsequently runs out. And then the most effective alternative that customers are left with is to Yahoo email backup tool.

Learn how to do Yahoo email backup without any hassle!

Inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X is a tool that has extra-ordinary characteristics to Yahoo email backup with no glitches or lags. This tool has a marvelous five star rating and is the pinnacle recommendation of most of the experts in the field.

An all-inclusive tool to do Yahoo email backup with higher accuracy!

Mail Backup X offers the users a straightforward way to make pristine copies of their data files without messing up the integrity of their files. This sincerely requires high degree of skill which this device has in abundance.

Have a look at the high-quality features and the tool’s use for the consumer:

  1. 3-in-1 tool: Investing on this tool is considered one of the exceptional decisions that users can make on their side, as this tool gives three features which might be generally comes from three kinds of software. With this device in hand, the customers can backup, archive, and convert their electronic mail documents. This can also be performed for emails originating from Outlook, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo mail, etc.
  2. Inbuilt mail viewer: This tool comes with an in-built mail viewer which allows the customers in having access to the documents without switching between different applications. Thus, the customers can get to all their archived documents from a single location.
  3. Saves storage space: The device comes with ultra-high compression algorithms which enables the users in saving up to three times the space within the method of Yahoo email backup.
  4. PDF archive function: The customers can make use of this option to archive the files in PDF layout. This can end up useful for printing purposes.
  5. Advanced search module: This function comes in handy to locate the documents from a big database. The users can seek their files by using inputting items like subject, sender name, complex input with ‘and’ or ‘or’ components, etc.
  6. Multiple backup settings: There are multiple backup settings that the users can utilize to customize their backup profile. These are mirror, distributed, and incremental backup settings. In addition, the customers can also pick the frequency of backup to their preferences.
  7. Integrated FTP client: The customers can relax with regards to the safety of their documents as this device regularly uploads the facts to a steady FTP server.
  8. USB auto sync: To backup Yahoo email files routinely, users can make use of this setting. It automatically synchronizes the files to the USB on its previous interactions with it.
  9. Integral structure: The tool fully maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the files.
  10. Precise results: Precision is guaranteed without a doubt with the use of this phenomenal software.

Thus, with such immensely smart functions, every person is sure to get desired results within the task to Yahoo email backup.

System Requirements to run the Mail backup X

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Frequently asked questions

1. How to backup Yahoo email documents automatically?

The Mail Backup X has been specifically created to make sure that you don’t lose any e-mail files. It works nearly routinely. It gives you grade by grade instructions to ensure that you don’t feel stressed anytime.

2. Is it hard to do Yahoo email backup with the Mail backup X?

No, the Mail backup X become especially designed to make sure that every customer is able to backup emails to without stressed about the lengthy procedure. The User interface guides the customers till they get the end results.

3. Will this tool works in a large database?

Yes! This tool works in any kind of database without inclusion of its size. If it’s either big or small, it doesn’t matter, this tool will be useful to you.

4. What about the safety while doing Yahoo email backup?

The Mail backup X has been created with the sole goal of providing absolute safety for
your database. You will not lose even a single file with this tool. You can load even the most exclusive files freely.

5. I want to print the PST archive. How can I do that?

The Mail backup X comes with the awesome potential that allows you to do the PST archive
directly as PDF files. PDF files can be printed.

6. I want to search for a particular document inside the database. How can I do that?

You get an advanced search module with the tool where you can enter specific item info and the tool will find the files for you at a faster rate.

7. I need to store my Yahoo e-mail archive in a USB drive. What should I do?

The device comes with an auto-USB backup and sync option where your files will be stored in a USB drive. When you plug in your USB, the device automatically stores the daily backup inside the USB. This is how you can get short backups.

8. What are some other email clients that this tool works with?

This tool works with Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Mac outlook, Gmail, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

9. What is the unique feature of this software?

The most unique function of this tool is certainly the capability to view emails. Yes, the tool comes with an inbuilt email converter through which you can convert e-mail items from one layout to another.

10. What if the tool does not work for me?

The tool comes with a 30 day cash back guarantee if it no longer works for you.


The Mail backup X enjoys its spot within the topmost rated electronic mail backup and restoration tools with a five star ratings.

Client Testimonials

“I wanted to find a way to ease my burden of backing up files daily. The reason why I start to take backup daily is, one day there was voltage fluctuation occurred in my apartment and then all the electronic items which are connected to the switch board got busted. That includes my TV and my PC. I had important documents on my PC which I need for my work. I don’t want it to happen again so I searched for a way on the internet and I found this awesome tool where you can back up your document on a server. So I bought this and this tool works very well for me.” – Paul Ibrovic

“Whenever someone asks me that they need assistance in backing up emails, I suggest them to try the Mail backup X. The Mail backup X is a professional tool that works on mac and windows and gives you the chance to backup emails without having any experience. It offers 100% guarantee of no data loss and it’s full of brilliant features. Everyone have to try it once.”- Carla Alexander


Mail backup X- Personal Edition is waiting for you
– You can use it on two computers
– It is well suited with mac and windows
– It supports backup of up to 5 mail profiles
– You get free 1 year worth of support and maintenance
You can get 10 extra mail profiles for an affordable top up.

Mail backup X- Team edition is waiting for you and your team
– This software works for 10, 20 and 30 users
– It supports backup up to 5 mail profiles
– It is compatible with both mac and windows
– You get free 1 year worth of support and updates

If you need 10 more mail profiles, you can get them with an affordable top up.

Try the free demo- Be a smart user

You can get the free trial of the tool right here. You can use the tool till you are satisfied that it works for you. Once you think that you have made the right choice, you can upgrade to the edition of your choice according to your budget.

To download the free trial of this Yahoo email backup tool, click here.