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How to archive emails in mac mail: the best mac email archive solution

mac email archive software

Finding the best way to archive mails in mac safely can be a long process that starts from research to making the final decision about a mac email archive software. As technology moved forward with leaps and bounds, it became more complicated to find a single mac email archive solution. However, today you are going to find out how to archive emails in mac mail with 100% data safety and no risks. Read further to find out more about the best mac email archive solution.

If you want to find out the best mac email archive software, you are at the right place. It is normal to feel confused with the presence of so many online and free tools circulating the internet. However, for the best mac email archive solution, you are going to have to dig a little deeper than surface tools that are floating on the internet. We need dedicated mac email archive software which can offer the safety and results that we deserve. So if you don’t know how to archive emails in mac mail, stay with us and you will find out the best way to archive emails in mac without missing even a single file.

Best way to archive emails in mac: Go Professional

Even though free and online tools are just a single click away, you must ensure what you want your mac email archive process to be like. Online and free tools offer a lot of things but are mostly unable to deliver the required results. In the worst case scenario, you might even end up losing your valuable email data. We are sure that this is not something any of us want. So if you want a safe mac email archive solution, you should only look among professional tools which are created to safely archive mac emails.

How to find the right mac email archive tool?

There are a lot of things that you should look for while choosing the right mac email archive tool. Let us look at the things that you should not ignore and identify in the next tool that you find.

You should choose the mac email archive solution which comes from a reliable background. The tool should have expert support and also user reviews that tell of its performance and results. The tool should be compatible with mac and should deliver high speed results. However, more than anything the tool needs to be completely safe. The safety of user data should be of paramount importance. The tool that you choose should be easy to use for even someone who has no previous experience of backing up mac mail. The tool should have all the necessary safety features which ensure that you will not lose even a single file during the backup and archiving process. So if you haven’t been able to find such a tool so far, don’t get worked up. Here is the best mac email archive software that many users and experts suggest.

This mac email archive software never fails: 100% safety assurance

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a certified mac email archive solution that works right on mac. It works at high speeds and ensures that you don’t have to be an experienced user to archive mac mail folders. The tool can be installed in a minute and offers step by step instructions so that there is no room for any errors. This tool is perfectly safe to use by all types of mac users, beginners or advanced. The tool comes loaded with so many innovative features that you will feel in total control throughout the mac mail archive process. The best thing about this tool is that it guarantees to protect your email data from any kind of data loss, file corruption or data modification. So if you want to have quick results without working hard or risking your important email files, you should certainly check out what this tool has to offer.

Overall, most of the users have felt that this tool is ideal for mac email archiving since the user is not asked to do anything complex. It gives quick results which are easy to get in just a few clicks. The tool almost works automatically and guarantees complete data security which is very rare in software today. Additionally, the Mail backup X sports some of the most innovative features which are being introduced first time in a tool.

Here are some key benefits of the tool that you should look out for

Backup from multiple applications

You get to backup and archive from Mac mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This means that you can backup and archive from most mac based apps whenever you want. You get everything at once under one roof.

View archived emails

There is an inbuilt mail viewer in the tool that allows you to view archived email items from multiple formats without needing to switch the applications. This feature also ensures that you are aware of everything that you have in your archives. This gives you a sense of security while you archive your mac email data.

Find your desired files

There is an inbuilt search engine in the tool that helps you to locate your desired email items in the database. You just have to enter the specific search items and the tool will find the items in the archive and bring them to you. This also enhances the safety of the backup process since you can find whatever you want. This search feature also increases the speed of the whole process.

Archive to PDF files

The tool allows you to archive mac mail in PDF format. By archiving in PDF files you can preserve the folder hierarchy of the database. You can also share these PDF files after protecting them with a password. These PDF files can be accessed by a normal PDF viewing app too. You can also print the archives to share them or store hard copies. This gives you a way of carrying portable archives wherever you want.

Save more space

The tool offers an advanced data compression engine that compresses your email archive in 3X lesser space. This is highly useful for the users who want to save their old files in archives. You can now use 3 times lesser space. This is the true purpose of many users who archive their emails to save space.

Make portable USB backups

The tool is able to help you set up a portable USB backup that gets synced when you connect the device. The USB device is easy to map and set up. This gives you flexibility to carry portable backup whenever you want. USB drives are easy to carry and this is one of the perks of modernity.

Convert email files

This tool comes with an inbuilt mail conversion feature that allows you to convert email files to and from major file formats whenever you want. This makes this tool an email converter as well as an email backup solution. You get two tools in one. So don’t miss these amazing benefits.

Get a free trial

For those who are interested, it is highly recommended to get a free trial of this tool. Once you are sure that it works for you, feel free to upgrade to the economical full version. The full version is available in various packages and comes with free support and lifetime updates. The full packages are carefully designed by experts to ensure that all user needs and budgets are considered. To download the free trial, click here.