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Office 365 email archiving

 Are you searching for the right Office 365 archive mailbox software? Here is how you can archive Office 365 mailbox like a professional.

There are a lot of mac users who look forward for Office 365 email archiving. However to archive Office 365 mailbox, you need knowledge about the process so that you can do it efficiently. It can be difficult for a normal mac user to archive Office 365 without the necessary experience. It looks like a very daunting task on the outside. There seem to be a lot of steps involved with it and overall it is a lot of work. So if you are someone who has no experience of Office 365 email archiving and you are afraid of the process, it is all natural and nothing to worry. You can now archive Office 365 mailbox with the right Office 365 archive mailbox software. If you go out on the internet looking for solutions, you can find a lot of Office 365 email archiving tools. Let us look at the possibilities that these methods offer and what can we do to keep our database safe.

 How to avoid the wrong Office 365 email archiving tools?

There are a lot of Office 365 mailbox archiving tools on the internet. Many out of them claim to be the best Office 365 archive mailbox software. Nevertheless, if you want to archive Office 365 with the best results, you need to avoid free and online tools that have no background. The best Office 365 email archiving tools are the ones which have been created professionally. Professional tools area created with advanced safety features which enable all types of users to archive Office 365 mailbox with no fear of data loss or file modification. So we need a solution that is easy to use, reliable and also very effective. Let us look at options and explore the best solution for Office 365 mail archiving which can be used by anyone.

Are manual Office 365 email archiving methods good for you?

There are manual methods through which you can archive Office 365 mailbox but not too effectively. Manual methods are not safe and one needs to have certain amount of experience to be mildly good at manual email backup. You need to be an expert in email archiving in order to carry out the process seamlessly. However, even if you are an expert, there are certain limitations to the manual Office 365 email archiving process. The manual process is not fail proof or fully safe. Even a single error from the user’s side can mean data loss or file corruption. This is why it is not suggested to use the manual method of Office 365 email archiving if you cannot afford to lose your data. There are certain size limitations to the manual method of Office 365 mailbox archiving. You cannot fully archive the meta data as you can do with third party tools. So if you are someone who cannot afford to lose even a single file, you need a solid third party solution that works. Third party solutions are created expressly to ensure streamlined Office 365 mailbox archiving with added safety.

Which is the best Office 365 mailbox archive software?

The Mail backup X by InventPure has been created by experts to ensure that even first time Office 365 users can archive Office 365 mailbox without worrying about data loss or file modification. It is a highly professional tool which works on advanced algorithms at high speeds without any risk of data loss or file modification. This tool has been especially created with great safety features which protect your database even while working with large amounts of data. The tool works with multiple email applications and ensures that you get control over multiple email clients under one roof. The tool has been created to be so easy to use that all mac users can use it without missing even a single file. The tool carefully guides you to back up and archive Office 365 mailbox without needing a complex procedure. You are given step by step instructions till you get the end results. What else can a mac user want who just needs safe and accurate results?

Here are the greatest benefits of using this Office 365 mail archiving tool

Works on mac

The tool works on mac so that all mac outlook users can work in their home territory. Since Office 365 is a cloud based service, having a local backup in your mac is extremely useful for everyone.

Lightning fast search engine

If you are searching for any email items in the archive, you can now easily do so with the advanced search option. You can now enter specific search items and the tool will scan through the archive to find your files. Once the tool has found the files, it will bring the searched items for you.

Inbuilt mail viewer

You can now view imported emails from multiple clients and different formats. The tool can view OLM, PST, EML, MSG, RTG etc formats so that you have control over other email formats all under one roof. This feature is highly useful for users who want to back up email files frequently from all possible email applications.

Back up multiple email applications

You can now back up Yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Mac outlook, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This gives you flexibility and over all control over most email applications that run on mac. Now you don’t have any limitations of accessibility like before.

Backup and archive to PDF files

This tool has been created with one of the most ground breaking features that you can imagine. The tool can archive your email database and create PDF files. This is the best way to preserve the folder hierarchy of the email database. You can also print and share these PDF files. This features opens up your Office 365 archive to new horizons by making it compatible and accessible via PDF readers.

Auto USB backup and sync

You can set up a USB drive to store your email archive. You can map and set up a USB drive to automatically sync the email backup so that whenever the USB is plugged in, the tool can automatically create your Office 365 mailbox archive without needing any effort. Getting portable USB backups is the best thing that can happen to frequent users who need mail backups for meetings.

Ultra high compression

You can now save 3X the storage space with this tool. You can archive Office 365 mailbox and save 3 times the space that you would with a traditional tool. The tool uses its advanced compression algorithm and ensures that you can store more data in lesser space. Hence fulfilling your needs for mail backup and saving space.

Data safety assurance

This is one of those rare Office 365 email archiving tools that offer data safety assurance. This is also one of the reasons why millions of users trust the Mail backup X; you are given an assurance that you will not lose or corrupt your email files. All you need to do is follow simple instructions and you will get your results.

Feeling curious? Try it for free!

You can now try the free demo of the Mail backup X. The free trial works for a limited time and ensures that you understand how the tool works. Once you are sure, you can upgrade to a full version at an affordable cost. The full version offers free support and free updates for life. The full version comes in various affordable packages that you can choose from.

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