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Have you considered creating your own Microsoft Windows 10 email archive?

microsoft windows 10 email archive

Microsoft Outlook, the default email application in Microsoft Windows software, is one email client that is used across various professional platforms. As such, these databases consist of essential information such as confidential mailers, documents, images, etc. In order to ensure that these files are kept safe, the users take up the task to backup and archive their email files.

It isn’t just about the safety, however! Due to the peculiar nature of Outlook application, the users must consider taking up this task sooner than later. Here is a line-up of the top reasons why users must archive their data files in Microsoft Windows 10:

  • There is limited storage on Outlook and thus the users must act prudently. Rather than dealing with a full capacity inbox and facing operational difficulties; the users must act in advance by backing up their essential data.  
  • Of course, limiting the exposure of critical emails to online threats such as data breach, data theft, etc is a great factor in this regard.
  • Accidental deletion of emails leads to very expensive recovery costs. Sometimes, these are not recovered and users are left in a predicament.
  • Server maintenance and server downtime issues are yet another factor that promotes the need for archiving the emails.

Thus, every user must take an important step towards archiving their data files.

But what does the process of ‘Microsoft Windows 10 email archive’ entail?

Backing up data and then archiving the mails is a common task that is taken up by the users of email clients such as MS Windows 10. In that, genuine copies of the data files are stored locally on the systems of the users or on external hard drives for better security and access. This process is complicated to the extent of maintaining accuracy in the content being backed up.

The next obvious question that pops up in the mind of every user is the availability of the methods to get this task right.

Choosing a pertinent method to archive Microsoft Windows 10 email is crucial!

There is no doubt in the fact that choosing the most appropriate method to get the job done is every user’s desire. When confidential data is at stake, the priority turns towards maintaining absolute safety for such files.

While there are many tools providing such services, one tool that stands out in the market is Mail Backup X by inventpure Software. This tool has been in the market for a while but has gained an enormous database due to its impeccable performance at the Microsoft Windows 10 email archive task.

This tool can be better understood by looking into the benefits as well as features of this tool.

A guide on the perks of using Mail Backup X to make the decision easier for the users!

There are strong reasons which lead to the consistent recommendation of this tool by the experts in the field. The technology that it has been built on gives it an edge over its counterparts. Most importantly, it gives great final results which are in sync with every user’s expectations for the Microsoft Windows 10 email archive.

Here are some merits that the users gain with the use of this tool:

  • Convenient to make use of: The tool comes with a basic interface that makes it possible for the users to interpret every single aspect with utmost clarity. This leads to refined results regardless of the technological expertise of the users in the field. Thus, no one needs to be intimidated of this arduous task anymore.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac: This tool resolves the most common complaint of the users with regards to such backup tools. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 & above as well as Windows 8 & above.
  • Saves a lot of time: The sturdy technology within lets this tool work at lightning fast speed to deliver the results in time.
  • Safety: One of the greatest concerns of the users is safety of the data files. This tool ensures full safety of the content by keeping data theft, data loss, and similar issues at bay.
  • Cost effective: The tool is quite affordable. The tool has 3 license keys the details of which are as follows:
  • Mail Backup X: Allows 5 mail profiles. Installable on 2 systems. 
  • Mail Backup X for Small Business: Allows 5 mail profiles per user. Installable on 20 systems. Protects 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: Allows 5 mail profiles per user. Installable on 100 systems. Protects 100 users.

All license keys come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. Top-up plans to get up to 10 additional profiles also available.

  • Customer care services: The users get access to round the clock customer care services. This ensures that no user gets stuck at any point in their journey of Microsoft Windows 10 email archive.

Thus, to get maximum advantage, this tool is the best one to be used for the task.

Excellent features unique to Mail Backup X!

This tool has some out of the box features which are unique to this tool. Here is a list of the major ones of these:

  • Backup, Archive, Convert: Using this one tool alone, the users get to achieve three different functions. The backup and archive of the mails is certainly there. In addition, another common task which the conversion of emails from one format to the other can also be done with the help of this tool. These functions remain available for all the major email clients such as Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Thunderbird, Apple mail, Gmail, Yahoo, and the like.
  • Storage Space: This smart tool has great compression algorithms which help it in saving as much as 3 times the space while backing up the data files.
  • Backup options: The uses get access to various mail archiving options. For instance, they can set up mirror backup settings for increased security of their data files. Incremental backup is there to ensure backup of files as and when they arrive.  
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: This feature enables the users to view all their archived mails from one location. This means, that they do not need to switch between different applications.
  • Fast search module: The users can input search words such as subject, sender, combination of ‘and’ or ‘or’ inputs, attachment types (excel, PDF, etc.), etc. 
  • USB Auto sync: The users can setup auto sync with the USB drives. The tool maps its previous interactions with such drives and smartly saves the folders under the relevant heads.  
  • Integrated FTP client: This feature is again for increased security of the data files. The data is regularly uploaded on a secure FTP server to ensure instant access to the data files, if needed by the users.  

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can anyone archive Microsoft windows 10 emails with this tool?

Yes, that is one of the reasons why so many users are buying the Mail backup X. It is incredibly easy to use and needs no former experience.

  • How does the tool help us backup our mails?

The tool comes with a wizard based user interface which guides you through the conversion process in easy steps. Just follow what the tool says and you will get 100% safe and accurate results.

  • How safe is it to archive Microsoft windows 10 emails with this?

You get 100% assurance of total data safety. You are not going to lose any email files during or after the backup.

  • Why should I choose the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is quick, it is easy to use and it is affordable. You get all the desired features along with new innovating ones that totally enhance your results. If you are looking for an ideal tool, go for this.

  • I have a large database and I am confused if I missed something. What can I do?

This mail backup and recovery tool offers a search option that allows you to search for any email items in the database so that you don’t miss anything important.

  • What about portable backups? How to get them with Mail backup X?

You get to create portable backups with the auto USB backup and sync option. You can map the USB drive and the tool will automatically sync your backup when you plug it in again.

  • I have a large old mailbox that I want to back up. But it will take a lot of space. Is there a solution for this?

The Mail backup X comes with an advanced compression algorithm which compresses the archive in 3X lesser space.

  • What is the most surprising feature of this tool?

You get an inbuilt mail converter. Yes, you can also convert email files from one format to another with the Mail backup X.

  • How to preserve the folder hierarchy of the archive? Can I print the archive?

The Mail backup X offers you to save your archive in the PDF format. You can password protect these files and share them. Data hierarchy is preserved. You can also print them.

  1. What if I get stuck during email backup?

You can contact our support team any time. They are available to help you 24*7.


The Mail backup X enjoys the highest rating among email backup tools. The tool has a 5 star rating. You don’t have to worry about the performance and results.

Client Testimonials

“Our small business was struggling to find the best Microsoft windows 10 email archive tool. We found the Mail backup X and found that it offered a team edition that worked for our entire team. 100% safe and recommended.”- Nathan

“Whenever it came to the windows 10 email archiving process, I would hesitate. That was until I found the Mail backup X by InventPure. This professional tool works on both windows and mac. It is easy to use and also 100% safe.”- Regina


The Mail backup X comes in several editions which ensure that there is something for everyone.

Mail backup X Professional

  • This is for single users
  • You can backup 5 mail profiles/user and use it on two computers
  • To get more mail profiles, you can purchase a top up
  • Free updates and maintenance for a year

Mail backup X team edition

  • It is meant for multiple users
  • Works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users in different packages
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • To increase mail profiles for backup, you can get a top up package
  • Free support and maintenance for 1 year

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