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Here is how users found the best way to archive MS windows emails

how to ms windows email archive

MS Windows email archive or Microsoft Outlook email archive is a task that has become inevitable for the users. Such accounts generally belong to business organizations and thus to ensure full security of the content, the users dive onto the path of taking backup and archives of their email files. Many concerns lead to the urgency in the actions of the users towards this task. 3 major ones of these are:

  • Outlook users are prone to facing server downtime and maintenance issues. At such instances, the data becomes inaccessible. Thus, to have access to data at every possible moment; the users are required to have sturdy backups in place.
  • Outlook, like many other mail clients, offers limited storage space. Once the saturation capacity point is reached, users are forced to delete their mails. Having a backup in place helps greatly in such situations.   
  • To keep the files safe from threats of the online world, the users maintain safe backups on their disks.  

In addition to the above mentioned factors, the users may also come across situations such as accidental deletion, offline access to files, etc. Thus, it is evident that the task of MS Windows email archive is quite crucial for the user-base.


What do the backups/archives comprise of?

Email data files are representative of enormous amount of data in the form of contacts, calendars, attachments, texts, etc. If we talk about a proper set of archived files, it must reflect each and every bit of the data in the same manner and make. That is to say that the archived files are no different than the original ones. Their functionality as well as outlook is completely restored in the process of MS Windows email archive.  


Which tool best fits the description of an efficient MS Windows email archive tool?

Mail Backup X by inventpure Software is one tool that has proven its worth in the market with an impeccable track record. The users find it convenient to use; a feature that is not only desirable but also logical for optimum use.

The background of the tool is well verified too. Thus, its credibility gets full 5 stars as do the unique perks and features of this tool.

Mail Backup X- an advantageous method of obtaining ‘MS Windows email archive’ results!

Mail Backup X holds great perks for the users. It derives its uniqueness in the technology that has been embedded onto it. However, before learning more about its traits, let us look at what are the generic benefits that the users stand to gain from it:

  • Simplicity: The tool offers simplicity to the users. This enables even the beginners to use the tool independently and yet gain professional grade results in record time.  
  • Customer support: The tool extends customer support services in 24*7*365 format.
  • Full compatibility with Mac and Windows systems: This tool is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 & above as well as Windows 8 & above. Thus, it is suitable for almost everyone who wishes to undertake the task of MS Windows email archive.  
  • Time saving: Once the backup profile has been setup, there is almost negligible time that is spent by the users on getting archives of their files. The process of setting up the profile is well streamlined and lightning fast as well.
  • Absolute safety: The background of the tool is well checked. It is entirely virus-free and safe for use even when confidential data files are at stake.

There is no doubt that this tool is one of the most rewarding tools to learn how to do MS Windows email archive.  

The top features of Mail Backup X- defined!

Here is a list of the best features that the users get to experience with the use of this tool:

  • Backup/Archive or Convert: All three functions can be achieved with this one tool alone. The tool allows backup and archive of email data for all major email client services such as Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Mac Outlook, Windows Outlook, etc. Conversion of email files is also available for these email clients. It means that the users can conveniently use data from one client in the other one.
  • Saves Storage Space: The ultra-compression algorithms on this tool help in saving 3 times the storage space when backing up the data files.
  • Multiple Backup options: In addition to the incremental back up which allows backup of files as and when they arrive; this tool also extends options such as mirror and distributed backup.  
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: The users can access all their archived files from one location. Thus, no time is wasted in switching between the applications.
  • Folder hierarchy structure: The tool also maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files. This helps in archiving and printing purposes at later stages.
  • Advanced search module: This in-demand feature is commended by all users. Adding to the convenience of users, this feature ensures that with quick search inputs like sender name, subject details, combination inputs with ‘and’ & ‘or’, etc. 
  • Auto USB sync option: This is an extremely smart feature offered by the tool. While setting up the backup profile, the users can also setup auto sync with the USB drives. This directs the tool to sync the data automatically to the USB drives based on its previous interactions. It helps in saving time and effort of the users.
  • Integrated FTP client: To extend additional security, this feature has been included on the tool. In that, the data is regularly uploaded onto a secure FTP server. This gives instant access to the data files as and when needed by the users.

Do not hold back anymore. This is the best tool to have MS Windows email archive in place!

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can anyone learn how to archive MS windows email with this tool?

Even if you are a first time user with no experience of archiving MS windows email, you can still get 100% accurate results. You don’t have to be an expert to use this tool.

The Mail backup X comes with the most user friendly interface. You get step by step instructions through the backup process. You just have to follow these instructions and the tool will give you 100% safe results.

  • Is it safe to archive MS windows email with the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X by InventPure is the safest tool out there which can archive MS windows email without any danger of data loss. You get 100% guarantee of no data loss or file modification.

  • Why should I choose the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is quick, it is easy to use and it is affordable. You get all the desired features along with new innovating ones that totally enhance your results.

  • I am worried that I might miss a file. What should I do?

You will never miss a file because the Mail backup X comes with a search option that allows you to enter specific item details and the tool brings them to you. You won’t miss even a single file anymore.

  • Can I create portable archives with the Mail backup X?

Yes, definitely. With the Auto USB backup and sync option, you can map the USB drive. When you plug in this drive, the tool will automatically store the latest backup in the USB.

  • My database is huge. I don’t know if I have enough space. What can I do?

If you have an old database that you think will consume a lot of space, you should get the Mail backup X. With its advanced data compression algorithm, you will save 3X more space than usual.

  • What is the most innovative feature of this tool?

The greatest surprise about this tool is that it comes with an inbuilt email converter. You can convert your email items to and from major email formats.

  • How can I easily share my MS windows email archive?

The tool allows you to save your MS windows email archive in PDF format. PDF files are accessible easily. You can also protect them with a password.

  1. What kind of support does the tool offer?

The tool offers you access to our 24*7 support service. If you get stuck anywhere, we will help you out.


The Mail backup X has been recognized as one of the highest rated tools. It enjoys a 5 star rating by the best experts from around the world.

Client Testimonials

“If you are stuck with the MS windows email archive process, you should not think much. The Mail backup X is literally the most practical and easy to use tool out there. It offers everything that you can ask for. It is 100% safe and really affordable.” – Alicia Engleman 

“If you don’t know how to archive MS windows emails, safety should be your priority. This is where the Mail backup X comes in. It is easy to use and specially created for beginners. Just try it once and you will know.” – Henry Marconi

This tool is the most affordable because it offers a variety of packages

Professional Edition

  • It works for single users and backups 5 mail profiles/user
  • It works on 2 computers
  • If you need more mail profiles, you can buy a top up
  • You get free service and support for a year

Team Edition

  • It works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users on multiple computers
  • You can backup up 5 mail profiles per user
  • To add more mail profiles, you are offered economical top ups
  • You get 1 year of free service and support

Effective prices to suit the pockets of the users wanting perfect results in the ‘MS Windows email archive’ task!

Mail Backup X comes in 3 license keys all of which are very nominally priced. These extend different usage limits. Let us look into the details of the same:

  • Mail Backup X: This key is the smallest of all. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles. The users can install it on 2 systems.
  • Mail Backup X for Small Business: This key is meant for commercial use. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles per user. The users can install it on 20 systems. It extends protection to 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This key is meant for large organizations. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles per user. The users can install it on 100 systems. It extends protection to 100 users.
  • Top up plans: Top-up plans to purchase up to 10 additional profiles is also available to the users.

All of these license keys come with complementary maintenance updates for 1 year.

Apart from these paid versions, the users also have an opportunity to get FREE demo version of the tool. This is to test out all the major features of the tool.

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