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Best MS outlook PST viewer can now be your best friend for email management

What is the purpose of an MS Outlook PST viewer?

When users backup and archive their data files, they create huge databases of archives. These files pile up over the period of time and obviously grow more and more complex. The purpose of an MS Outlook PST reader then becomes that of a mail locating tool. This reader allows the users to access mails in the particular file formats in which the files are archived with ease. Thus, a .ost file or a .pst file can easily be located with the help of a fine mail viewer. And one such tool is Mail Backup X by InventPure.  

Why is Mail Backup X a good choice for you?

Mail Backup X is a refined tool that allows all users, from beginners to experts, to achieve the results they desire. This tool has been embedded with a professional grade mail viewer that can be used to access multiple archived file formats. In other words, this same tool can be used to acts as a OST viewer, MBOX viewer, OLM viewer, MS Outlook PST viewer,etc.

This tool cuts down the effort of the users by eliminating the need to keep switching between different applications to access the archived data files. In addition, it comes with a simple wizard that requires just a few clicks to get the job done. Hence, it remains broadly suitable for all users alike.

Mail Backup X- a great tool for perfect results

Mail Backup X is not an ordinary tool. This single tool gives out email backup, archive, and conversion services. The users can make use of this tool to treat files belonging to different email clients such as Apple mail, Proton mail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, Zoho, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Cpanel hosted websites, IMAP services, etc. Thus, the users can backup any kind of inbox with this tool. Moreover, email conversion generally requires investment in an individual mail conversion tool but not with Mail Backup X. The users therefore stand to benefit a great deal with this multifaceted service tool.

How to utilize Mail Backup X to backup Outlook mails

Mail Backup X is designed to support beginners as well as experts achieve their goals towards backing up and securing emails. The tool has a simple interface that can be understood even without deep technological knowledge on the subject. This user-guide has specially been included for those who require straightforward instructions to accomplish the task without any hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide to understand the process of backing up Outlook files.

Step 1:  The users must download the tool on their systems. Follow the simple setup wizard to install the same. Once done, launch it on the screen.

Step 2: The Dashboard is where the journey begins. It helps the users get full insight into the working of the tool. To begin the Outlook backup process, users can follow either of the undermentioned paths:

Go to ‘Tasks’ at the centre bottom of the pageà Select ‘Setup a new backup now’


Go to ‘My Backup Profiles’ on the left menuà Select ‘Setup a new backup profile’

Step 3: It is time to choose the relevant email client which in this case will be “Microsoft Outlook”.  

Step 4 (only for Mac users): The tool discovers all the identities on the system and then asks the user to choose the Main Identity as per their needs for backup.

Step 5: The tool now displays all the files and folders such as calendars, contacts, journals, drafts, inbox, etc, on the screen. The users are required to select/deselect these items by checking/unchecking the boxes against them. Once the list is finalized for backup, the users must click on ‘Continue’.

Step 6: The users have now reached the final step of the process. The users are presented with advanced settings which must be modified to suit the personal preferences of the users. These are:

  • To choose a name of the backup profile
  • To choose a location to save the backed-up files. This can be anywhere on the disk. This can also be on a hard drive. And it can also be on cloud space (support is currently available for Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox)
  • To choose to encrypt the data files so as to enhance the security by including a data encryption key. This key prohibits unauthorised use of the data files.
  • To setup a backup schedule. The settings allow the users to adjust the backup frequency to automatic, manual, or recurring mode.
  • To choose to activate auto USB synchronisation feature. Once automated, the tool automatically copies the data onto the synced USB drive as and when it is plugged in.

These settings help in personalization of the backup profile. Once done, the users must click on ‘Save’ appearing at the bottom of the page.

The backup profile is now functional as per the chosen settings. The progress of the same can be taken note of under ‘Activities’ on the Dashboard.

This is an extremely simple and smooth way of getting email backup done without any hiccups.

What are the system requirements for downloading the tool?

Checking the system requirements is essential for smooth and flawless performance of the tool. The basic checks that the users need to do prior to downloading this tool are:

  • Space on Computer- A memory space of 2GB or more
  • Speed of Computer- A computer processor with 1GHz or higher speed
  • Internet connection- A stable cable or DSL connection

Further, the tool is compatible with both Mac OS X (10.13 and above) and Windows OS (8 and above). The users can carefully choose the version that is compatible with their systems and accordingly proceed with the download.

Packages available for individual and team users

Mail backup X offers packages for both individual and team users. The details have been included below:

  1. Individual/personal edition

This licensed edition is meant for a single user. The users can instal it on two computers. Backup of up to 5 mail profiles is possible. One can also add 10 more mail profiles at just 20$.

  • Team edition

This licensed edition is meant for users working in teams. There are 4 categories based on number of users. These are suitable for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users. Backup of up to 5 mail profiles per user is possible.

In case the teams are even larger, custom quotes can be asked for.

Mail Backup X- an innovative MS Outlook PST viewer

Mail Backup X is not restricted to one kind of service or feature. It has several interconnected features that make the journey wholesome and productive for the end user. The creators of the tool have innovated to include every feature that supports fulfilment of the peculiar demands of the users in this segment. Here are some of the best features on this tool:

Import archived files

The tool extends email archive facility for all the future mails of the users. But that is not it. The users can also import archived files from the past. These can be in any of the formats such as .pst, .ost, .olm, .olk, .rge, .mbox, etc.

Archive restoration

This is an important function that is a must have for users who regularly backup their data files. Archived mails are generally removed from the live mailboxes to create more space. But these may be required by the users at any given point in time in the future. As such, having a facility to restore them instantly to the live mailbox is important. And this facility is provided by this tool.  

Compress data files

The tool makes use of high compression algorithms to compress the data files. This helps in saving up to 3 times the storage space when backing up data files on the drives. With this increased space, the users are better able to optimize their limited storage spaces.

Superfast search module

A search module allows the users to input search filters so as to locate the data files within the dump of archived mails. This is an important feature to speed up the process of finding a mail. The users can input smart filters like sender, attachment file type, and/or combination operators, etc, to quickly locate the data files.  

Use it for a single file or large number of files

The tool has the power to handle databases as large in sizes as several Terabytes. And at the same time, the tool is designed to offer the same services for single or few number of files as well. Thus, every user is able to gain the results that they desire.

Integrated FTP server

If the users have a secure FTP server, then they can choose to save the data files on such servers. Team users stand to benefit from this feature as the administrator gets full control over such data.

Mail backup available for remote users (team version)

This tool provides an option to run and manage live remote backup of the data files for their team members. The admin can setup auto upload to companies’ FTP Server or cloud storage. They can also download the files when needed. This enables the users to clear cloud storage as per requirement.

Safe and steady for use

This is a well verified tool that is recommended by experts for use. The tool is bug-free and therefore runs seamlessly through and through. It is presented in an offline format which allows users to prohibit external interference. Moreover, it extends data encryption facility to add to the security of the data files.

Dashboard to control the tool

The users can navigate the entire tool via the Dashboard that is the essence of this tool. It gives full insight to the users as to the activities ongoing or scheduled.

This is one of the best tools in the market and is definitely worth a user’s while.

FAQs always turn out helpful for quick resolution of queries. Here are top 3 questions of the week for Mail Backup X.  

Q1. Can I easily print my archived data files for official work?

A1. Yes. The users can easily convert their archived files to PDF file format using this tool. The tool ensures that the integrity of the data files remains intact. Once converted, these can be easily shared or printed as per user requirements.

Q2. Will I be able to save my contacts when I backup my files?

A2. Yes. The users can save various folders including contacts, calendars, drafts, inbox, journals, etc, when backing up the data with this tool. This tool has all the features that allows users to comprehensively secure their data files.

Q3. What is the major difference between its free demo version and fully paid version?

A3. The good thing about its free demo version is that the users get absolute access to the features of the tool for 15 days. Beyond this, the users are required to secure the fully paid license key to make use of the tool.
Another difference is that the users get free maintenance updates for one year with the paid version.

How should a user proceed with Mail Backup X?

Although there is no doubt that Mail Backup X is one of the best tools to exist in this market space, it will still be a good idea to start with its FREE demo trial. This trial version gives access to full features of the tool for a period of 15 days. During this time the users can fully verify the claims made for this tool.

If found satisfying after use, the users can easily convert their copy to a licensed version for a nominal payment. The license key is provided via email that is provided at the time of registration. Take home your copy of the FREE demo version now.