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Best PST reader for mac: Mail backup X for best email management on mac/windows

What does it take to choose the best PST reader?

Backing up and archiving data files is one aspect of safeguarding the data files. But a consequence that the users sometimes do not consider is locating the data files at a later stage. It is important because sometimes such files are required urgently and finding them within a huge database without a good PST reader becomes impossible. It is at this point that the users realize how a prudent choice can save them hours of labour. For this purpose, Mail Backup X by InventPure happens to be one of the finest choices in the market.  

How can Mail Backup X ease up users’ struggle to find the archived files?

Mail Backup X comes with a professional grade mail viewer that acts as a PST viewer, OST viewer, MBOX viewer, OLM viewer, and much more. In simpler words, this single viewer allows the users to access their archives in multiple formats. The users are, therefore, not required to switch between applications to access and read their archives. It a single access point that allows the users to quickly make use of the files that they need.

Mail Backup X- PST reader Microsoft for beginners

Mail Backup X is a brilliant piece of technology that keeps its users loyal with up-to-date features. As such, the experts find it extremely beneficial to make use of. And as far as the beginners are concerned, they can reap the benefits of modern-day technology too. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is quite interactive prima facie. Not just this but also the process to backup the files is completely streamlined, self-explanatory, and smooth to work on.

Did you know it is a one stop tool for multiple services?

Another interesting fact about this PST reader is that it acts as an email backup, archive, and conversion tool all from its single platform. The users can achieve results for these services for all the major email clients such as Outlook, Apple mail, Proton mail, Zoho, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, IMAP services, etc. These services are rarely found together on a single tool and thus the users are able to save a lot of their hard-earned money by investing in this tool.

What comes before a user accesses PST reader?

The need to access archived emails arises only if the users have a database in the first place. Creation of data archives is generally deemed to be a cumbersome process but not with Mail Backup X. This tool lays down a very simple path to backup the data files and archive them at preferred locations. The users have great control over the entire process and hence feel completely satisfied with this tool’s performance.

This user-guide includes step-by-step process to backup and archive Outlook files post which the users can make use of its simple wizard to read the PST files. Let us have a quick look at what these steps look like.

Step 1:  Download the tool. Install it using its simple setup wizard. Launch it on the screen.

Step 2: The first interaction of the users with this tool happens via the Dashboard. It is the place from where the users can navigate to different avenues that this tool offers.

To begin the Outlook backup process, users must go to ‘Tasks’ and the select ‘Setup a new backup now’.
This can also be done by going to ‘My Backup Profiles’ and then by selecting ‘Setup a new backup profile’.

Step 3: The users must select “Microsoft Outlook” from the list of email clients being displayed on the screen.  

Step 4 (extra step for Mac users): The tool reads the available identities and the users are required to choose the Main Identity for the version for which they want to take the backup.

Step 5: All the files and folders like inbox, drafts, calendars, contacts, etc, are displayed on the screen. The users must select/deselect these items to finalize the content for backup. Once completed, click on ‘Continue’.

Step 6: This step is where the users get a lot many customization options to personalize their backup profile. The advanced settings need to be modified as per user preferences. These relate to:

  • The users must choose a name of the backup profile
  • It is possible to choose a preferred location on the disk. The users can also choose to save the files on a hard drive. Yet another option is to save the files on cloud space (the tool currently supports Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox)
  • The users have the option to encrypt the data files. With this, a data encryption key is generated that can be used for sharing purposes with trusted users
  • The backup schedule can be set to automatic, manual, or recurring mode as per user requirements
  • A smart feature is to activate auto USB synchronisation. With this the users can automate the process of data being copied onto the USB drive as and when it is plugged in

Once all the settings have been tweaked, it is time to click on ‘Save’ appearing at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: The tool is now ready to start the email backup task as per the backup profile. The progress of the same can be mapped under ‘Activities’ on the Dashboard.

The files automatically get saved at the chosen locations. The users can now access these files by making use of the best PST reader.

Check the system requirements before downloading the tool

The system requirements are quite basic but the users must ensure that these are well in place before they download a copy for themselves. These are:

  • Computer memory is required to be 2GB or more
  • Computer processor speed must be 1GHz or higher
  • Internet connection can be a stable cable or DSL connection

The tool is compatible with both Mac OS X (10.13 and above) and Windows OS (8 and above). The users must carefully download a copy that is compatible with their operating systems.

Mail Backup X is filled with smart features

Mail Backup X is a tool that is fully packed with features that are bound to satiate the peculiar demands of the users. This tool has many features that complement each other and subsequently enrich the overall journey of the end user. Let us have an understanding of the best ones among these:

Archive restoration

Archiving mails helps in clearing up of the mailboxes for future mails. These are kept safe in preferred locations for one reason; they might be needed for reference sometime in the future. For this purpose, the tool includes a quick archive restoration feature that allows the users to restore the archived mails to the live mailboxes with a few simple clicks. It a progressive feature that saves a lot of time and effort of the users.

Optimum utilization of space

Besides providing multiple options to locate the data files on the computer, hard drives, or cloud spaces; this tool also has compression algorithms. These help in saving up to 3 times storage space by compressing the data files. The users are able to save more data in the same limited space.

Import of archives

The tool certainly lets the users archive their mails. In addition, the users can use this tool to import already archived files. Interestingly, these can be imported in several supported formats such as .ost, .pst, .rge, .olm, .olk, .mbox, etc.

Seamless process

The process is completely streamlined from start to finish. Every step has been laid down to be comprehensible by beginners as well as experts. The application runs without any downtime and hence provides quick results to the users.

Advanced search module

A fine and complementing feature to this PST reader is the advanced search module. The tool offers smart search filters such as subject, date, sender, and/or combination input, etc. The users can also locate the data files by entering the file/attachment type. Thus, the users can perform complex search operations in a matter of few moments.

Integrated FTP server

In addition to saving the files on cloud spaces, the users also have the option to save the files on a secure FTP server. This is particularly helpful when the data pertains to teams. The administrator is given full control over such data.

Mail backup for remote users (team version)

Teams that make use of this tool to backup the data files benefit from this feature. The admins can run and manage mail backups for their team members. They can setup auto upload to companies’ storage, download the files, and clear them when needed.

Absolute safety of data files

The tool is absolutely safe for use. It has passed all industry standard safety-checks. In addition, it is completely bug-free and therefore runs incessantly. The tool is an offline mode tool that helps in eliminating the exposure of data to unwanted parties. It also adds an extra layer of security by offering data encryption option to the users. The users can cut-off unauthorised use of data as it gets protected by a personal encryption key.

Processes a single file or huge database

The tool is capable of handling a single file or a database that might run into Terabytes. The idea is that this tool can seamlessly provide email backup solution for any number of files that the users wish to secure.

Real time updates

The tool extends an interface that allows the user to understand the ongoing activities of the tool with a single glance. The progress rate is continuously displayed under ‘Activities’ on Dashboard.

This tool certainly allows the users to display ownership for the safety of their data files. Do give it a try to reap full benefits of the best PST reader online.

Here are a few questions that might resolve your queries on Mail Backup X.

Q1. What is 30-day money back guarantee and how can a person avail it?

Ans. The creators of Mail Backup X strongly believe in customer-satisfaction and therefore have included a 30-day money back guarantee feature. Under this, if the users may come across circumstances where they might not be able move forward due to a technical fault they can get in touch with the team. If the users face any issue that, after every possible effort, has not been resolved by the technical team, the users can ask for a refund. The team would be happy to provide it.

Q2. Is it really the best way to backup emails with an offline mode tool?

Ans. Yes. The reason is pretty simple. When the users make use of an offline mode tool, they are able to control the exposure of data. The tool ensures that the data files remain completely secure from start to finish. For this, the creators have gone an extra mile by including verified authentication sessions wherein the users can confidently enter their mail credentials. Not just this but also the tool does not store any information; it simply acts as a medium to help the users secure their data files.

What is the next best action for the users?

The users may or may not feel contended with the claims being made about this amazing tool. For this reason, it is a smart choice to download the FREE demo trial version of this tool. This version gives full access to the features of the tool for a period of 15 days. During this window, the users can test each and every feature to their fullest satisfaction.

If the users feel that this tool indeed supports their requirements then they can choose to convert their demo version to a fully licensed one. This requires minimal formalities and payment of a nominal amount. Start your journey today with its FREE demo version.