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Backup Outlook 2019 emails with automatic solution for MacOS/Windows

How to Outlook backup 2019– Use Mail backup X by InventPure

  • Step by step easy process
  • No need for manual method
  • Automatically Outlook backup 2019
  • Set up multiple backups based on preference
  • Modify your backup profile and get personalized results
  • Restore outlook PST backup to live mailbox
  • Backup multiple email service with advanced algorithms
  • Compatible with both mac and windows operating system
  • Outlook Backup 2019 contacts/address books and all related data
  • Data compression technology saves 3X space in storage
  • Inbuilt email converter adds double value to this email management solution

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The problem with outlook backups and how to solve them

A lot of email users find it difficult to Outlook backup 2019 because there is a lot of confusion about how to Outlook backup emails. The main reason behind it is the abundance of options that offer to Outlook backup 2019 which add to the confusion. If you are also confused about how to backup outlook 2019 emails with meaningful results, then stay here and read further. You will certainly find the best way to backup outlook 2019. However, it should be made clear that in order to make the right choice, you need some initial knowledge about email backup and recovery so that you can make a choice that sticks.

Mail backup X by InventPure to backup and recover Outlook emails

It is a certified method which allows seamless backup and recovery of Outlook emails for all users. It has been designed by dedicated experts who have integrated the most advanced algorithms into developing a user-friendly email backup and archiving solution for more than one email service. It is platform independent so you can use it on both Mac and windows OS. This means that you can Outlook backup 2019 mac and windows versions with the same solution. The most exciting part about using this tool is that you don’t need to have any previous experience with email backup and archiving while using this tool. This method has been successfully adopted by more than 40,000 users globally and they can vouch for its efficacy.

Loaded with a set of unique and powerful features, this Outlook backup tool truly makes a difference

  1. Set up automatic incremental Outlook backups

You can easily set up automatic incremental backups which means that the tool asks you if you want to backup your data since the beginning. It is the automatically recommended setting since it is the best thing to keep a backup since day one. You can also choose to start the backups from the current moment. With incremental backups, each email that arrives in the mailbox is automatically backed up and stored in the location that you have specified while setting up the backup profile.

  • Set up USB backups for portability

While setting up the backup profile, the tool allows you to map a particular USB drive. This USB drive can serve as the destination for automatic instant portable snapshot copies of your latest Outlook 2019 backup. You don’t have to do anything once you have set up this feature. Just plug in your USB drive and the tool will store the latest snapshot copy of the backup in it. You can then carry this anywhere you want.

  • Archive outlook 2019 backup in PDF format

You can now create easily shareable portable backups which don’t need an internet connection or even an email app to be accessed. You can readily archive outlook 2019 backups as PDF files. These PDF files can be encrypted with a strong password and can be shared with anyone you want. These PDF files are a great way to preserve the folder structure of your database.

  • Use remote backups in team version

 The team version offers a unique and useful feature which enhances the overall performance of the tool. If you are using the team version and you are the admin, you can perform remote backups and control the backup and restore functions of other users who are using the same license. This is to ensure that there is no scope of human error.

  • Backup other email services along with Outlook

You can backup Outlook, Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP based email services. You don’t have to worry about platform compatibility since the tool has been programmed to work with all major email services. This gives you total control over any email service that you might want to backup or restore in any situation.

  • Smart backup and resume feature

The smart backup and resume feature has been developed to solve a grave and old problem related to email backups. Many times it was noticed that whenever the connectivity is lost during a backup, the tool stops the process and begins it from the start. This made users lose a lot of time. Mail backup X, with its smart backup and resume feature can pause and hold the progress of the backup when the network is lost. The tool then resumes the process when it senses that connectivity is established.

  • Data compression feature

The tool has been embedded with an inbuilt compression feature which automatically compresses the Outlook backup in 3X lesser space than usual. As a consequence of this, those users who were delaying the process due to lack of space won’t have to put off the process any more. You can now store up to 3 times more data in the same amount of space. This will also save money for you since you won’t have to buy more storage to accommodate outlook backup data.

  • Advanced search box and filter items

The advanced search box allows the user to enter email related search items and then finds these emails for you instantly. You can search for any email items in the archive with this search bar. Additionally, you get the option to choose the files that you want to backup in your email service. The filter option allows you to personalize your backup and to make selective or bulk backups according to your need.

  • Inbuilt email converter feature

This is probably the most unique and surprising feature of Mail backup X. The developers have embedded the tool with an email conversion feature. This means that now you have a dual-purpose tool which can work both as an email converter and an email backup and recovery tool. This saves all the time and money that you would have had to spend in order to find a separate email conversion solution.

Track live progress of backup

This extra feature also proves to be immensely useful since it allows you to track the live progress of your email backup and recovery. You can see this under the activities section. You can also see all critical notifications in this section. You can also switch to any task that you want from here without affecting the backup in any way. You are also offered the option to download.

Does this Outlook backup tool really work? Here’s what our users say

Mail backup X allowed me to do something that I never imagined I could do. I was able to backup outlook 2019 contacts separately without any extra work. I knew how to backup few emails manually but the process to backup contacts was not understood by me. I solved all problems with a single decision to get Mail backup X which offers to backup, restore and even convert email files whenever I need them.” – Silvia Winter

Some Frequently asked questions – Answered

Why do people get attracted by free and dangerous methods which will eventually harm their data?

As you might have observed, this Outlook 2019 backup tool is packed with all the benefits that an email user might need. Even then, many users find themselves attracted to the free first tool that they can find. This is mainly due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge about data security. To solve this, users need to be made aware about the risks that come along with using free and mediocre tools which do not have any safety features or a background support. Free and mediocre tools can usually seen backed by attractive ads which make great claims of giving you everything for free. Well, in the real world, everything comes at a cost. You should read about users who had chosen free tools as an impulse and then went on to regret it as their data was lost, stolen or modified. Only professional tools have the authority and research behind them which makes them reliable enough to work with official data. So, do your research before you choose an outlook backup or recovery tool. Mail backup X currently stands as the best solution to backup outlook 2019 emails without being difficult to use.

Mail backup X comes with an email converter. How is that beneficial for me as an email user?

Like email backup and recovery, email migration/conversion is also an important part of email management. Many times, users are not satisfied with their email service and hence they want to make the transition to another email service. For example, a user might feel the need to switch to windows outlook if he is not content with mac outlook due to its few limitations. That is when he is going to need a professional email converter. Now, professional email converters which you can trust are as hard to come by as reliable backup tools. So, designers of Mail backup X have solved a huge issue by offering email conversion facility in the same backup tool. Eventually, you get two tools without having to spend more for the second one. Once you have made your backup, you can also convert your mails to another format so that they can be accessed in a different email application.

How A Wizard Based Process Makes It Easy to Use a Software?

When it boils down to intricacy when using or installing a software, it is duly pragmatic that you won’t desire to put up with head storming task of performing a series of delicate tasks manually. This is where wizard takes over the reins and hands out an easy blueprint that even a novice can understand. A wizard lays out a number of options within a software package that you may zero in on or discard. On the other hand, you may want to install a software with every catered feature; the luxury of choice is always at your disposal. In addition, wizard makes it much easier to identify and install the modules within a software package rather than installing them manually. The pictorial or linguistic description of the series of steps while installing or using a software is inscribed within the wizard, making it a child’s play for you to achieve the intended goal.

Get the free trial of Mail backup X software

The free demo of Mail backup X is a marvel to use and work with. It is a free demo which comes with all the features unlocked in working condition so that you can use it and test its performance. The free trial works for 15 days and you can test how it runs in real time with real files. If you are satisfied, the next step would be to go ahead and choose the full version which suits your budget. The full version is divided into multiple packages which ensure that you are able to get services according to your personalized needs. You can choose from the single user version or the team version.

To download the free trial of this Outlook backup 2019 tool, click here.