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Outlook backup 2016 Automatically with Mail Backup Solution

How to Outlook backup 2016 – step by step method using Mail backup X

Mail backup X by InventPure is the best way to Outlook backup 2016 without putting in much effort. It is a certified solution that works on both MacOS and windows. It works at high speeds and ensures that even first-time email users are able to easily backup Outlook 2016 and more in few easy steps. You don’t have to be an expert to use this tool to its full potential. It has been designed with a very clear goal in mind to simplify the process of email backup and recovery for all users regardless of their skills. Previously, email users were often found to be lost and confused whenever the topic of email backup and recovery arrived. This was the problem that needed to be solved and is now finally solved.

What makes Mail backup X the best way to Outlook backup 2016?

There are several factors which define the worth and quality of any email management tool. We are listing some of the main factors which decide if the tool in front of you is high quality or not. Fortunately, Mail backup X checks all these boxes and confirms that it is indeed a high quality and professional solution that you can count on.

  • The tool must be easy to operate for all types of users
  • The tool must have a user friendly and clutter free interface
  • You should be able to backup any email service you want with it
  • The tool must also offer recovery features apart from backups
  • You should be able to customize the Outlook backup process
  • The tool should offer added features to enhance the performance and results of the tool
  • You should get the ability to choose what you want to backup or recover
  • The tool should be powerful enough to work with large files without lags or errors
  • You should get features to make portable and instant backups
  • It would be highly useful if the tool is platform independent
  • You should get a free trial of the tool

Mail backup X is the next big step that can change your life

Mail backup X offers all these benefits and is truly a comprehensive solution to backup Outlook 2016 for all users. It eliminates the fear of data loss and file modification from users’ minds. More than that, it gives users great hope that they can also succeed at email management. It makes users believe that they can also backup and restore their emails whenever they want.

How to Outlook backup 2016 in easy steps – Automatic solution

The first thing to do is to download and install Mail backup X.

Step 1: Launch the tool by double clicking on the tool icon

Step 2: This is the first window where you get the option to create a new backup profile. Click on “setup new backup profile”. You can also get this option by going to My profiles in the left side of the window.

outlook backup 2016

Step 3: The tool will bring you to the window where you have to select the email service that you want to backup. Since the tool backs up multiple services, you will see many of them. Select Microsoft outlook.

outlook 2016 backup contacts

Step 4: This is the window where you get to personalize your backup by selecting what you want to backup. The filter item feature is immensely helpful for users who want to make selective backups or bulk backups. Select the folders that you want to be included in your backup and ignore the ones that are not important. Click the “ignore empty folders” option if you want less clutter in your archive. Once you have chosen the folders and items you want to backup in outlook, click on continue.

how to outlook backup 2016

Step 5: This is the step where you make the most customizations to personalize your backup and to improve the quality of your results.

In this step, you get to make the following customizations

  • Setting up the frequency of your backups. Here you get to choose how often do you want your emails to be backed up. It is recommended to choose the automatic option since it is the expert recommended setting which ensures that you have the most updated backup at all times. You can also choose to do it manually.
  • You can map a USB drive to use the auto USB backup and sync option. The benefit of this feature is to provide you instant portable snapshot copies of your local backup as soon as you plug in the mapped USB device. This feature is immensely useful since it gives you instant backups without even a single click.
  • Specify storage location option allows you to choose where you want your Outlook 2016 backup to be stored. You can choose the location as your local storage or hard drive.
  • The tool also lets you store your Outlook backup data to cloud services. This opens up new avenues for your email data since if it is backed up in cloud services, you can have instant access to it anytime and anywhere. You can choose to backup to Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox currently.

When you have made the settings according to your backup plan, click on save.

best way to outlook backup 2016

Step 6: Clicking on save will start the backup process immediately. You can track the progress of the backup on this live dashboard.

This was the entire process of backing up emails with Mail backup X in easy steps. As you might have observed, there is no room for human error since the whole process has been automated for the benefit of normal email users. In few clicks, you can create new backups and even recover them like you want.

Let us take a look at what makes this outlook backup tool the best way to backup outlook 2016

Benefits of Mail backup X

  • This tool can be used by any email user even if they have no idea about email backup and recovery. Even if you don’t know where your email files are stored on your computer, you don’t have to worry about it. The whole process is automatic and is offered in quick easy steps. The user interface of the tool has been developed in such a way that even new users with no prior experience can excel and succeed at creating email backups and archives whenever they want in few clicks.
  • You get to backup and archive even other email services which might not even be compatible with your operating system. The tool offers cross service compatibility which enables it to be a multi-faceted solution to backup and archive several email services like Outlook, Gmail, Apple mail, yahoo mail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.
  • The fact that you get to convert emails from one format to another with Mail backup X makes it an exceptional email backup and recovery tool. This uncommon feature proves to be more useful than ever imagined. You can convert to and from any email formats. This saves so much time and effort that you will thank yourself for getting this multi-purpose email management solution.
  • This tool has not only simplified the backup process but also streamlined the recovery process for those users who don’t know how to restore Outlook backups for use. Mail backup X offers the user to restore Outlook backup to the live mailbox for immediate use in just a few clicks. You can also restore the backups immediately from any cloud backup.
  • This tool can archive outlook files in PDF format. This is a marvelous and futuristic feature that allows you to create portable and shareable Outlook email archives that can be shared with anyone. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized persons accessing these files since you can share them with trusted parties after protecting the file with a strong password. PDF files are useful in retaining the folder structure of your backup. Also, they can be accessed offline with any PDF viewer.
  • You will be able to save money in storage space as the tool automatically compresses the outlook backup and uses 3 times lesser space to store it. The tool is loaded with an automatic compression feature which compresses the backup data in 3X lesser space. So if you had been delaying the process due to lack of local space or cloud storage, this is your chance to make the shift.

Here are some questions asked by users related to backup and recovery

How to download the log report of the finished backup?

It is very easy to download the log report of your finished outlook 2016 backup with Mail backup X. As you know, you can view the live progress of the backup process in the taskbar under the activities section. It is on this dashboard that you get any critical notifications or backup alerts. After the backup process is complete, you can download a detailed log report from the tasks section. In this report, you will be able to see the complete details of all the items which were backed up. You can also take a print of this report for future usage or maintaining physical archives.

How does the search feature work?

The search box is embedded into the tool. You just have to enter specific search items in the search box related to the emails that you want to locate in the archive. The tool will then scan your system and archives to find that particular email item. This is an extremely quick and useful personalization feature.

Is the free trial of this tool worth it? If yes, where can I get it?

Yes, the free trial of this tool is totally worth it. You can now download the free live demo of the tool right here. The free live trial has all the features of the full version and it can be used for 15 days in a limited capacity. The free trial is immensely useful since without it, the user would never be able to trust the tool. Just like we take a car for a test drive before we buy it, we should get the free trial of software so that we are sure that we are putting our money in the right place.

You can get the free trial of the tool right here.