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Best Outlook PST viewer for Mac and Windows: Mail backup X

Mail Backup X by InventPure is a fantastic software that provides email users several services associated with the use of emails. One of these is providing easy viewing access to the archived files. For this, the tool has been embedded with a professional grade mail viewer. It allows its users to easily view and access PST files on the go. This Outlook PST viewer mail viewer obviates the need to switch to different applications to access Outlook files. It simply empowers a user to instantly use the file that they need.

What exactly is Mail Backup X and what more can a user do with it?

Emails are the lifeline to almost every business running today. As such, any conversation, be it marketing, professional, internal, or personal; it needs to be safeguarded by the end user. Such mails are needed for future references and thus are required to be kept safe. This is where this tool becomes purposeful.

Mail Backup X extends email backup, archive, and conversion facility to the users of email clients like Apple mail, Outlook, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo mail, IMAP supported email services, etc. With these many supported email clients, this tool has become widely popular amongst the users. Its USP, however, lies in its user-friendly interface which makes it suitable for beginners as well as experts. Thus, investing in this one tool alone allows the users to redeem multiple benefits.

Safety is the top priority of this Outlook PST viewer for Mac

Mail Backup X is considered to be extremely safe when it comes to protection of the data files. It has been tested by various experts in the field and is recommended as safe for use. The tool is downloadable and works offline on the system of the end user. Therefore, it completely locks out the outsiders and threats associated with them. It also safeguards the data files internally as it is entirely bug-free. And last but not the least, it furthers the purpose with features such as data encryption which can be used to protect data files with an encryption key to open the same. Thus, it ensures that the files remain absolutely secure from start to finish of the task at hand.

Widely compatible with user systems

The tool is compatible with both Mac OS X (10.13 and above) and Windows OS (Windows 8 and above). The users can carefully download the version that is compatible with their systems. Further, they need to ensure just three simple requirements:

  • Users need a stable cable or DSL internet connection to ensure smooth download of the software copy
  • It is important to keep 2GB or more computer memory space free for its download
  • A computer processor that has 1GHz or higher speed ensures quick and hassle-free working of the tool

The download and installation process is pretty basic and can be completed by following simple guidelines of the setup wizard.

Is Mail Backup X worth a user’s time and money

Mail Backup X is certainly a complete package that holds the power to provide the users their desired results without fail. It is packed with several features that work towards making the journey of the users smooth and rewarding. Let us have a look at the best features on this Outlook PST viewer online.

Import archived mails

In addition to creating new archives for the mails, this tool also allows the users to import already archived emails. Not just this but also it is possible to do so for multiple mail formats such as .pst, .ost, .olm, .mbox, .rge, .eml, .olk, etc. This way, the users can secure all their important mailers at one place and view them as and when they need.  

Inbuilt mail viewer

It is well established now that this tool comes with a professional grade mail viewer which makes it one of the best choices for Outlook PST viewer for Mac. It simply means that this tool acts as MBOX viewer, EML viewer, PST viewer, OLM viewer, and much more. It offers a single spot to view and read all the archived files with ease.  

Restore archived mails

Using a simple wizard, the users can restore their archived mails to live mailboxes. It takes only a few clicks to readily access the mails and use them for desired purposes on the go. It is a much-needed feature for frequent mail users, especially those who need referential mails for future conversations.

Compress data

The tool has high compression algorithms that save up to 3 times the storage space. This allows optimum utilization of the limited spaces that users have on their systems or drives. In the same amount of space, the users can save 3 times the data files.  

Cloud space storage options

In addition to choosing the location locally on the systems, the users can also choose to save their data files on online cloud spaces. This tool currently supports Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.  

Superfast search module

The users can quickly locate their data files with the help of its blazing fast search module. It is possible to search a file with sender name, subject, specific words, and/or combination input, file type, attachment type, etc. Performing complex search operations becomes extremely easy with this Outlook PST viewer.  

Partial / Absolute backup

With this tool, users have the liberty to take backup of their entire mailbox or just a few selected files. This makes selective backup of files a possibility for the users.  

Mirror backup

The users can modify the settings to suit their needs and choose between integrated, distributed, or mirror backup. This also helps in enhancing the security of the data files.

Auto USB sync

The users can activate auto USB sync setting to cut down on their time and effort to copy the data files to hard drives. The tool automatically maps the destination folder based on its previous interactions with the drive. Whenever the device is plugged-in consequently, this tool copies all the backed-up files under the correct destination folder.

It is undoubtedly a smart move to go ahead and test this tool to the fullest using its FREE demo version.

A simple user-guide on how to best use Mail Backup X for backing up mails

The users, especially the beginners, find it easier to navigate their way from start to finish in the presence of guidelines such as these. It is for this reason that a detailed step-by-step process has been included here below:

Step 1: The users must download a suitable and compatible version of the tool. Install the same using a simple setup wizard. Launch the tool on the screen.

Step 2: The Dashboard is where the users begin their actual journey to back up the mail files. To go ahead with the process, go to ‘Tasks’ and then select ‘Setup a new backup now’.
There is one other way of doing so. The users can go to ‘My Backup Profiles’ and then select ‘Setup a new backup profile’.

Step 3: From the list of mail clients being displayed on the screen, select Microsoft Outlook to begin the mail backup journey for Outlook files.

Step 4 (for Mac users only): The tool smartly extracts all the identities on the system. The users must select the Main Identity folder for which the backup process has been taken up.  

Step 5: A list of files and folders present on the system will now be displayed on the screen. The users must select/deselect these based on what they wish to backup. Now click on ‘Continue’.

Step 6: This is the point where users personalize their backup profiles. They can adjust the advanced settings for:

  • Name of the backup profile
  • Location of the files post backup process. These can be saved locally on the systems, on an external drive, or on cloud space (currently supports Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox)
  • Data encryption of files. The users can add a data encryption key to prohibit unauthorised use of data files.
  • Backup schedule for the backup process. These can be set to automatic, manual, or recurring mode.
  • Auto USB synchronisation. The users can sync an external drive. This tool automatically backs up data on such drives as and when plugged in.

Once done, click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: This is where the process comes to an end. It starts operating as per the chosen settings. The users can go to ‘Activities’ on the Dashboard to check the progress of the process.

This is a smart and quick way to backup the files without falling into the trap of malicious outside parties. It is time to take full control of your email backup journey with this smart Outlook PST viewer tool.

Ensure the system requirements are in place

The users must make sure that the system requirements have been adjusted for smooth running of the tool. Some basic requirements that must be met before downloading the tool are:

  • Ensuring sufficient space on the computer- it should be 2GB or more
  • Ensuring sufficient speed of computer- it should be 1GHz or higher
  • Ensuring good internet connection- it should be a stable DSL or cable connection

Compatibility: The users can use it on Mac OS X (10.13 and above) and Windows OS (8 and above).

Packages details- individual and team users

Mail backup X has packages that are suitable for both individual and team users. The details of the same have been included here below.

  1. Individual/personal edition
  2. Licensed edition for single user
  3. Can be installed on two computers
  4. Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  5. Get additional 10 mail profiles at just 20$.
  • Team edition
  • Licensed edition for teams
  • 4 categories for 5, 10, 20, and 30 users.
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user

Note: For larger teams, custom quotes can be requested.

FAQs that can resolve the most common queries right away. Find the answers to your questions below.  

Q1. How can I backup my calendar and contacts?

Ans. Mail Backup X has a comprehensive backup solution for the users. It reads and lays down all the files and folders contained on the mailbox for the users. These include inbox, contacts, calendars, journals, etc. The users can select/deselect these files as per their backup preferences. This happens during the backup process when setting up the backup profile. This way, a user can back up their calendars and contacts with absolute ease.

Q2. How can I backup data files on external drive?

Ans :- With this tool, the users can easily backup their data files on an external drive. The tool extends auto USB sync feature using which the users can automate the copying of data onto the external drive as and when it is plugged in. Thus, it extends a smart feature that saves the time and energy of the users. In addition, the users have an option to save their data files on cloud spaces (Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, or Dropbox) or secure FTP servers.  

Is trial version the best way to go about it?

Yes. Even though we are confident about the success of this brilliant tool, we recommend that every user verifies the claims for themselves. For this, they can download a copy of the FREE demo version of the tool.

The FREE demo version gives full access to the tool for a period of 15 days. The users can utilize this window to test it out all they want. If satisfied at the end of 15 days, the users can convert their copy to the licensed edition. The transition process is simple and hassle free.

Take home your FREE demo trial copy today.