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We found the best way to restore Office 365 Mailbox- Here it is

restore  office 365 mailbox emails

There are a lot of users who want to know how to restore Office 365 mailbox and this guide will help them to find out how to restore Office 365 mailbox without fail. There are a lot of tools circulating on the internet which claim to restore outlook 365 mailbox and help you in mail backup and recovery. However, you should be really careful while choosing any method to restore outlook mailbox emails. If you are dealing with confidential email data, do not fall into the trap of online and free tools.

How to choose the right tool to restore 365 mailbox?

The answer to this depends upon your priorities. If you are someone who cannot afford to lose any emails, the ideal tool would be a safe solution that you can trust. There are a lot of things that you have to consider when you are getting a utility to backup and restore outlook 365 mailbox items. You need to ensure that the tool comes from a reliable background and delivers the results that are promised.

What about first time users who want to restore office 365 mailboxes?

If you are not an experienced user or you are doing this for the first time, you are going to need a tool which is easy to use and does not involve any complex steps. Other than that, safety and affordability are the main factors which play an important role in the process of email backup and archiving.

Are professional tools the ideal solution to restore 365 mailbox?

Technically, professional tools are created to safeguard your email database and to provide you with a trustworthy solution. However, many professional tools are considered to be difficult to use and also expensive. This is why both mac and windows users have been searching for a solution which is professional, easy to use and also affordable.

Which is the best way to backup and restore Office 365 emails currently?

Fortunately, there has been a new development in the email backup segment. Experts at InventPure have created the Mail backup X as a certified solution to backup and restore office 365 mailbox without asking you to be a professional. The tool has emerged with some of the most groundbreaking features which make a lot of new things possible for all users, beginners or advanced. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your precious email files during or after backup.

Let us take a look at the Mail backup X and what it offers to email users.

The Mail backup X – Restore 365 Mailbox

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a certified tool that was created especially to ensure that all users are able to restore office 365 mailbox emails. The tool is ideal to restore outlook 365 mailbox because it strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and affordability. If you have been searching for one single tool that can help you learn how to restore office 365 mailbox, then this is the one. For the users who want to restore Office 365 mailbox items without losing them, then the Mail backup X is the perfect choice since it gives you an assurance of complete data safety.

What makes the Mail backup X the best way to restore Office 365 mailbox?

There are a lot of things that make this tool that best tool to restore Office 365 mailbox emails. This email backup and recovery tool works on both mac and windows and comes with a set of features which gives the power of successful email data backup and archiving in your hands regardless of your experience.

Here are the greatest benefits of using the Mail backup X

  • It comes in both windows and MacOS versions
  • It gives you 100% data safety
  • It is easy to use for first time users
  • Step by step instructions by user interface
  • Archive mailbox in shareable files
  • View imported files from different formats
  • Two in one function with email conversion
  • Portable backups
  • 100% efficiency in results
  • Saves time and effort
  • Gives peace of mind
  • No difficult steps
  • Reliable support

Top features which make the Mail backup X the best way to restore 365 mailboxes

  • Works with different email applications

The Mail backup X can backup and archive yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Gmail, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP based tools. The windows version also does the same with outlook windows.

  • Portable USB backups

The Auto-USB backup and sync option gives you the chance to set up a USB drive. You can plug in the device and the tool will automatically sync the latest backup in it.

  • Archive email database in PDF files

You can directly archive your office 365 database in the form of PDF files. These PDF files can be encrypted with a password and shared with anyone.

  • Data compression to save 3X space

The data compression algorithm of the tool allows you to save 3X space in your hard drive so that you don’t have to worry about wasting space.

  • Search box to find email items

Enter specific search item details in the search box and the tool will find the email items for you in no time.

  • Customize your backup

The Mail backup X lets you customize the backup process. You can ignore empty folders and set up scheduled backups and duplicate backups.

  • Inbuilt email converter

This is probably the most surprising feature of this email backup and recovery tool. You get an inbuilt email converter which lets you convert email files to and from different formats.

We answer the most commonly asked questions by our users

  1. What makes the Mail backup X unique?

The Mail backup X is unique because it is a professional tool which is both easy to use and affordable. It offers a set of unique and powerful features which are proprietary to this tool.

  • Can I customize my email backup and recovery?

Yes, you can customize your backup with many features. You can select and de-select the folders that you want to leave out. You can set up scheduled backups, USB backups and mirror backups whenever you want.

  • What are the safety benefits of the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is the safest method to backup and restore 365 mailbox. You will never lose a single email item while using this tool. This has been proven by all users who have used the tool.

  • Can I import emails from different email clients?

Yes, you can import email files from OLM, PST, MBOX, EML and RGE formats effortlessly with this tool.

  • Can I use the same tool on both mac and windows?

The tool is available for both mac and windows in separate versions. You will have to get them individually since the base platforms are different.

  • How long does it take to backup and recover data?

It takes just a few minutes to backup or recover data since the tool has eliminated all the time consuming steps which were used previously.

  • What are the problems that I can face if I am a first time user?

You are not going to face any problems even if you are a first time user. The tool is self explanatory and the user interface guides you throughout the process till you get your results.

  • What makes the Mail backup X so successful and popular?

The Mail backup X is popular because it has everything that email users have been asking for since a long time. It is safe, it is easy to use and it is reliable.

  • What if the tool does not work for me?

You are eligible for a 30 day refund if the tool does not do what is promised. 

  1. I want to encrypt my archives before sharing them. What can I do?

The PDF archiving option allows you to archive your email files in the form of PDF files. You can protect these files with a password and share them with anyone you want. This is a game changing feature which will provide more scope to your data.

Ratings that prove its worth

The Mail backup X has been given 5 star ratings by top experts from around the world. Thousands of satisfied users have also given it a 5 star rating based on its performance and results.

Comments from our recent users

“I wanted to find out the best way to restore Office 365 mailbox but I was not sure about what I wanted. There were a lot of tools out there that claimed to do the same task. I did not have much time to waste so I asked my boss about the tools that he uses. He told me to get the Mail backup X by InventPure. I got it in a free trial and found it to be the most amazing discovery ever. It works on both mac and windows and also gives you 100% data safety. It was effortless to operate and gave me the choice to backup my office 365 in PDF files. I upgraded to the full version in a team package which I share with 5 other users. I have never lost a single mail till date.”- Christian foley

“I was skeptical about the methods of email backup and recovery which were available online. That is when I came across a forum where a person suggested using the Mail backup X by InventPure. I did not want to risk my money so I took the free trial and found the tool to be really useful. The tool has multiple useful features which enhance its performance. To make things better, the tool gives 100% guarantee of data safety. I have never felt afraid of email backup and recovery since I got this tool. I would recommend you to test the tool at least once.”- Claire Gervais

Here are the system specifications which you need to run the tool

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are the packages offered by the Mail backup X

Personal edition

  • It is available in both mac and windows versions
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • You can use it on two computers
  • It offers an affordable top up which gives you 10 extra mail profiles
  • Free support and updates for a year

Team edition

  • It is available for both mac and windows OS
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • You can get it for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • You get an affordable top up which gives you 10 added mail profiles
  • You can assign the profiles to any user you want
  • Free support and maintenance for a year

The free trial – Try it before you buy it

The best thing about the Mail backup X is that it gives you immense freedom while using the free trial. All the features are unlocked so that you can test its performance in real time. Once you are certain that it works well according to your needs, you can choose the right package for the full version. The full edition can also be customized according to your need by contacting the company. It is really affordable and all types of users can now backup and restore their email database.

Do not miss this chance, get the free trial right now and see how it works.

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