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How to convince yourself to ‘restore Postbox’ with immediate effect!

restore posbox mac

Postbox is quite frequently used email client by the users. It serves as a great utility service by providing immense information in the form of news feed and of course by supporting the generic email services. More often than not, users utilize this client to keep their data files safeguarded. However, this is not a permanent solution if the files being shielded are to be stored for a long period. In that, the chances of running out of storage place alongside the threats posed by the digital world interfere with the safety aspect to a large extent. Hence, the users proactively restore Postbox Mac emails by taking backups on time. This is an absolute necessity if the users do not wish to lose out on confidential and valuable files that have been stored in Postbox. The bottom line is that every user wishing to keep their hold strong on the data files is required to take this task up without fail!

How must a user approach the task to ‘restore Postbox emails’?

Once the user prioritizes their intent to take up the task to restore Postbox emails, it is imperative to choose a reliable route to achieve the same. If the users were to believe the internet, there would be several options to choose from to accomplish this task. However, experts and critics in the field have vigorously tested all of these choices and subsequently concluded that not even a fraction of these are truly dependable in terms of accuracy, safety, swiftness, etc.

There are three major filters that the users need to put while deciding on how they would eventually restore Postbox Mac!

  • Firstly, users must be aware that the online tools are prone to data breach and data theft threats and thus have greater chances of putting the data files in jeopardy. It is therefore recommended to make use of offline mode tools.
  • Secondly, the price is one big consideration. Most of the professional grade tools cost tremendous amounts and are thus unaffordable for most. Finding something that falls under the budget is what the users need to do.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, the technological make of the tool must be a dependable one. The quality of the final results is entirely dependent on this aspect. This can be tested by looking at the track record of the tool or by taking a trial run, if provided by the creators of the tool.

While the users can put in more filters to refine their choices; the above mentioned factors are absolutely non-negotiable.

Mail Backup X- the absolute rescuer for those who wish to ‘restore Pop mail from time machine’ hassle-free!

Inventpure Software has brought forward its invention better known to the world as Mail Backup X! This is a third party offline mode tool that allows the users to take up the journey without being trapped in any of the regular complications that come in the way of attaining the results for the task to restore Postbox.

How using Mail Backup X sets you apart from those who don’t!

Mail Backup X is a unique tool and it definitely gives the users an edge in obtaining the final files without any glitch. Some of the downright advantages of picking up this tool for restoring Postbox Mac are:

  • EASY TO USE: This tool is extremely user friendly and thus it does not baffle the users with technical jargons or complicated steps in the process to restore Postbox emails. On the contrary, it displays everything on an intuitive interface. The process is highly automated which cuts down the user’s involvement to bare minimum.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: The users can get any query or problem resolved by contacting the 24*7 customer care support. This company believes in quality product as well as service; thereby, its after sales services are one of the best in the industry.
  • PRECISION: Accuracy in the final results is something that the users can fully rely upon. Every single element such as contacts, calendars, attachments, etc. is fully restored.
  • SWIFT: As compared to its counterparts, this tool works at lightning fast speed; thus enabling the users to secure the results in record time.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Mail Backup X is compatible with Mac Operating System as well as Windows Operating System.

Get this tool today to empower yourself with the best way to restore Postbox. Simply click on the link to get your copy.

Unique features of Mail Backup X!

The features embedded onto Mail Backup X are extremely innovative and unique. These are majorly responsible for its immense success. Let us have a look at some of these:

  1. One stop tool: Using this tool alone, the users can backup, archive, or convert their email files for Apple mail, Postbox, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc.  
  1. Mirror and distributed backup: In addition to incremental backup, users also enjoy mirror and distributed backup options. They can also adjust the frequency of backup as per their needs.
  1. Inbuilt mail viewer: The tool comes with an inbuilt mail viewer which allows the users to access all the archived mails from a single location.
  1. PDF archive function: Using this feature, the users can save their data files in PDF versions which is helpful in sharing and printing purposes.   
  1. Search module: The tool comes with an advanced search module with complex input options.  
  2. Auto USB Sync: As the name suggests, the users can use this tool to automatically sync the data with external hard drives.
  1. Integrated FTP client: This feature adds security quotient to a large extent. The data is constantly secured onto a secure FTP server and is thus fully secured.
  1. Compression algorithms: The tool has ultra-high compression algorithms which help the in saving 3 times the storage space.
  1. Folder hierarchy structure: The tool fully restores the folder hierarchy structure of the data files.  

This tool is nothing but the best in the field to restore Postbox emails with absolute precision. Get this tool today and unfold the magic like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I do with this tool?

This tool is meant for backing up, archiving, or converting data files for all the major email clients.

  • Can a beginner make use of this tool?

Any user, from beginner to expert, can depend on this tool for flawless final results.

  • Is there any discount on the final package?

The packages offered for this tool are highly affordable. However, the users can avail educational discounts with a valid Student/Faculty ID.

  • Are my data files safe with this tool?

This offline mode tool comes from a reliable background. The files are 100% safe and secure.

  • Are there chances of getting stuck during the process?

The tool offers a fool-proof pathway to restore Postbox. The chances of getting help up anywhere during the process are negligible. In case of need, however, the 24*7 customer care services can be reached.  

  • Can I return the product?

In case any complications arise in the process of backing up the data files and these are eventually not resolved by the technical team, the users can avail the option of 30 days money back guarantee.

  • How much space is used by the final files?

This tool comes with compression algorithms and thus the users must not worry about space issues.  

  • Which OS is it compatible with?

This tool works seamlessly with both Mac and Windows.

  • How much time does it need to backup files?

While it entirely depends on the size of the data base, the users must know that this tool works at supersonic speed; thus delivering the final results in less than expected time.

  1. Does it backup contacts?

The tool backs up every single element on the tool. This includes items like non-English content, graphics, emails, etc.


Mail Backup X is a tool with ground breaking technology; it no doubt enjoys 5 star rating.

Client Testimonials

“I have zero technological inclination and therefore my fears of messing up the task to restore Postbox were well founded. Two of my biggest requirements were to have a user-friendly and reasonable tool to devise a strategy for backing up my valuable files. I asked around and fortunately a colleague from the IT team advised me to use Mail Backup X by Inventpure for the task. I am so grateful for having made the choice to go forward with this tool. It is an absolute charm and so is the 24*7 support team who helped me with the most basic queries on the subject. All I’d say is that this tool helped me create sound copies of my data files without any difficulties.” – Amanda Pearson.

“I am thoroughly impressed by this tool as it works seamlessly to give out accurate results without wasting the time and energy of the user. Its PDF archive option is a brilliant addition to the already impressive list of traits present on it. I’d cent percent recommend it to my peers.”- Ryan Willis

Packages offered!

The creators of this tool have rolled out several packages to suit the varied budget needs of the users. These are:

  • Mail Backup X- Personal

– (i) Works on 2 systems

– (ii) Backs up up to 5 mail profiles per user

– (iii) 10 extra mail profiles available as top up

  • Mail Backup X- Team Edition

– (i) Works on 5, 10, 20, or 30 systems

– (ii) Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user

– (iii) 10 extra mail profiles available as top up

Make a choice based on your usage as well as financial requirements!


In order to restore Postbox effectively, the users need to be fully confident in their choice of tool. For this reason, the creators of this tool have also extended a FREE demo trial version for testing purposes. Using this version, the users get access to all the features of the tool for limited period.

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