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Here is why you need to ‘restore Windows 10 email’ immediately!

restore windows  10 email

Microsoft Windows Outlook 10 is the default email application that users get with Microsoft Windows Software. It is used not only on professional platforms but also at a personal level by millions of users. The nature of the use decides the content that is contained in the email databases. However, more often than not these contain crucial information in the form of documents, images, messages, contacts, and the like. And to the point of convenience offered, the users get complacent with keeping these files safe on such platforms only.

The key complication with using Windows 10 email remains the fact that users run out of storage space and thus it becomes inevitable for them to restore Windows 10 email. If we look deeper into the issues, there are a few more reasons why users must consider taking up this task anyway!

  • There are very high recovery costs for regaining access to data lost due to accidental deletion of mails. To avoid such circumstances, the users must act prudently and restore Windows 10 from backup.
  • Mails also become inaccessible in case of server maintenance or server downtime scenarios. This is yet another reason to backup files to ensure users can access emails as and when they desire.  
  • Limiting data exposure can also be achieved with backup of essential/confidential emails.

As is evident, every user has to look into the task to restore Windows 10 email and there isn’t a better way but to do it with the best tool in the market.  

Inventpure Software has created Mail Backup X which helps the users restore Windows 10 messages with utmost precision. This tool has been recommended by several experts due to its infallible technology. Read on to know about this wondrous product.

Learn how to ‘restore Windows 10 email’, even with no prior experience!

Mail Backup X is the most user-friendly tool that empowers even the beginners to deal with the task with absolute precision. There is no use of technical jargons to baffle the users at any point. As a matter of fact, the users can take help of 24*7 customer care agents in case they find themselves confused about any details in the process to restore Windows 10 email.

The steps to setup a backup profile are pretty basic and self-explanatory. Once the backup profile is completely in place, the users can absolutely relax with regards to the security of and access to their data files.

Throughout this journey to restore Windows 10 messages, the users get to make use of several features which enrich the overall experience manifold. The next segment looks into the best features embedded onto this tool.

Traits unique to Mail Backup X!

With Mail Backup X, the users experience a whole trail of features that are meant to assist the users in conveniently achieving the task. Here is a brief outline of the best ones contained on it:

  • Backup, Archive, and Convert: This tool is a one stop tool for fulfilling three different functions pertaining to email files.

Email backup and archive are certainly closely related and this tool ensures that it serves a wide range of users for the same.

Even for the conversion of email files from one format to the other, this tool serves to all the major email clients.

As such, email clients like Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird, etc fall under the preview of this tool.

  • Multiple Backup settings: The users get to customize their backup settings as per their preferences. This tool extends incremental, mirror, and distributed backup settings for additional security of the data files.
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: The tool has an inbuilt mail viewer that eliminated the need to switch between applications to access the archived files. As such, the users get to view all the files from a single point.
  • Saves Storage Space: With its ultra-high compression algorithms, it saves about 3 times the storage space on the disk.
  • Lightning fast search module: The tool has a smart and swift search module with complex input options such as and’ or ‘or’ input, subject, sender, etc. 
  • Auto USB sync: This smart feature allows the users to setup Auto synchronization. Thus, the tool automatically copies the data files to the relevant folders when the hard drive is plugged on to the device.
  • Integrated FTP client: Since the data is regularly uploaded to a secure FTP server, the users can expect instant access to the data files as and when needed by them.  

There is no denying that this is the best way to restore Windows 10 emails with minimal botheration and maximum rewards.

Learn how using Mail Backup X is even more beneficial for you!

The reasons for choosing Mail Backup X to restore Windows 10 from backup have been vividly discussed hereunder. Have a glance at these to make a better decision:

  • Simple to use: The creators of this tool have included advanced technology to ensure that the tool caters to even the most peculiar aspects of the task. However, they have maintained a simple interface which eases the use for every user in the field.
  • Swift and precise: With supersonic speed, this tool delivers the expected results to the users in record time. There are no application hang-ups or delays and therefore the users save a lot of time and energy on the task in general. In addition, the users are able to secure all the details such as to restore Windows 10 contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows: This tool is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 & above as well as Windows 8 & above. As such, there is a wide range of users that it is suitable for.
  • 100% Safe: Of course, the reliability is fully verified. The users can be fully assured of the safety of the content from issues like data theft, data breach, etc.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I have to learn how to restore windows 10 emails?

If you choose the Mail backup X, you will not have to learn how to restore windows 10 emails. The tool guides you through each step so that you don’t have to worry about the process.

  • Why is this tool the best way to restore windows 10 emails?

The Mail backup X is considered to be the best method to restore windows 10 messages. It works on both windows and mac. It gives you 100% data safety and it is incredibly easy to use.

  • I want to preserve the hierarchy of my database. What can I do?

The tool comes with a feature that allows you to store the email archive in the form of PDF files. PDF files are the best way to share data. You can protect these files with a password. You can even print them.

  • What if I want to backup my database that is too large?

You don’t have to worry about space when you are backing up your data with the Mail backup X. The tool comes with an inbuilt compression algorithm that compresses your data in 3X lesser space.

  • Can I search for specific email items in the database?

The tool comes with a search box where you can enter specific search items and the tool will find them for you. In just a few clicks you can find what you are looking for.

  • What other tools can I backup with the Mail backup X?

Since the tool also works on mac, you can backup other email applications like Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Gmail, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  • I want to make portable backups anytime. Is it possible with the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X gives you the chance to make portable USB backups anytime you want. You can set up a USB drive with the tool and when you plug it in, the tool will automatically sync the backup in the drive. This saves a lot of time and effort for anyone who liked to carry their data along.

  • What if the tool fails to deliver the results that I want?

If the tool fails to deliver results, you get a 30 day money back offer.

  • What if I find it difficult to restore windows 10 emails with this tool?

You can reach out to the support team any time of the day. A team of the friendliest experts is available 24*7.

  1. What is the most unique thing about this tool?

You get to backup emails with this tool. However, you also get the ability to convert email files from one format to another. You get two tools in one.


The Mail backup X is one of the top rated tools which enjoy a 5 star rating. Top professionals from all around the world believe it to be the ideal tool to restore windows 10 emails.

Client Testimonials

“If you are confused and don’t know how to restore windows 10 emails, I would recommend the Mail backup X. I was a beginner when I got the tool and I was able to restore entire windows 10 database in just a few clicks. It is fast, it is easy to use and it is for everyone. I would highly recommend this tool.”- Carl Morgan

“I was in a bad spot when my boss asked me to restore windows 10 emails from an office PC. I had never done this before so I was worried about messing anything up. I asked a senior in haste. He told me to get the Mail backup X and the job was done. In just a few minutes I was able to restore windows 10 email messages like a pro and everyone was impressed. Just get it today.”- Simon Walker


Mail backup X- Personal Edition

  • It works fully on two computers
  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • You get 1 year of free support and maintenance

You can get a top-up and get 10 extra mail profiles.

Mail backup X- Team edition

  • Available for 5,10,20 and 30 users
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works on both mac and windows
  • Free support and maintenance for 1 year

Get a top-up and you will be given 10 extra mail profiles. You can assign these profiles to the user of your choice.

What more could a user ask for? Pick this tool today to restore Windows 10 email with full effect.  

Restore Windows 10 email absolutely FREE of cost!

Other than being very nominally priced, this tool also offers the users a chance to make use of the best of its features absolutely FREE of cost.

This can be done if the users download the demo trial version of the tool.

It is certainly a fair chance to satiate oneself before investing their money into this tool.

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