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It is quite a task to restore Windows email all by oneself, especially when doing it for the first time without any training. Mail Backup X is the best solution for this situation with its diverse features and user-friendly interface. This software can be used not only to automatically restore Windows messages but also serves as the perfect restore software for a number of mail clients. It can be used to serve Mac mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 mac, Postbox, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc. Its applicability over both mac and windows goes on to prove its strength as a mail backup tool. There are several other specialities within this software, built specially to serve the needs of a variety of clients. One must note that this software can work in the offline mode, a quality that sets it apart from any ordinary software which might not be safe for vulnerable mail data.

Best way to restore Windows emails keeping in mind your special needs

This software can be used exclusively to restore Windows contacts and all the supplementary mail data. This software is a must for those people who understand the importance of archiving and backing up data for their safe storage. Its capacity to work with several mail clients only makes it even more appealing. But that is not where it is limited to, it can be used for several other tasks too, let us have a look!

Inbuilt mail viewer makes working with multiple mail clients easier than ever

While in the usual scenario one has to switch between multiple mail clients, that is not the case here thanks an inbuilt, professional quality mail viewer. It might be used to look at all of one’s archived mails without any extra effort. This makes mailing and data transfer easier. The compatibility of this software with several mail clients has a huge role to play in this, so instead of jumping across platforms just activate this feature and enjoy working.

Lightning-fast advanced search module lets you find files quickly

Using the lightning-fast data search module one can find out emails from a person, subject, or even specific word in a specific time frame. It can be used for complex queries and to search out mails with attachments. One can use the AND and OR operators to find out any complicated data instantly. This is perfect for searching out email files with two different file types in the attachment. Not only does this ease searching, it also saves several minutes, so it is favourable to the manual search anytime of the day.

Safe data storage in structured manner

Once the mail data has been restored one can archive their data in the pdf form and in a proper hierarchical order. This facility makes the data safe, accessible and easily searchable. This feature is bound to provide a much more structured order for storing the data. It thus makes it easy for one to locate any data immediately. This feature makes the mail data suited for printing and archival. Also, sharing data in the pdf form is much easier, so this feature is quite desirable that way too.

Never worry about saving storage space as data compression algorithm is here

One can save up to 3 times more storage space thanks to the ultra-high data compression algorithm. It has been designed to compress and extract files so as to reduce required storage space. It is helpful in saving time from uploading and retrieving data. Thus you save time and money from the hassle of purchasing extra storage space.

As we support repair recovery record so in case of hardware corruption one does not have to fear losing their data.

Mail conversion tool applicable to all major mail file formats

This software comes with the ability not only to restore Windows mail but also to change the format of your data. It comes with a professional-grade mail conversion engine which lets one move data from one mail client to another quite easily. It supports the conversion to and from of all major mail clients as it is compatible with all major mail file formats including .mbox, .eml, .rge, pst and .olm. This makes sharing data across all major mail clients easy. You can transfer data to windows easily thanks to this facility as you can any mail client other than outlook.

Automatically syncs data with auto-USB backup sync facility

When using this software you can let go of the usual hassle of having to make a copy of your data and then wasting time trying to remember the folder the data was backed up to. An easier alternative is to benefit from the auto-USB backup sync feature. All one has to do is to set it up once and map an USB drive to copy a backup. The second time the drive is plugged in the software can detect that and knows automatically where to copy the data.

Thus, you have the assurance that all of your data will be backed up automatically and you will not have to even remember folder names and other such details, this feature will take care of it all.

Integrated FTP client is a guarantee to safe experience with the task to restore Windows mail

An inbuilt FTP client is available with this software, so one does not have to worry about the safety of the mail data at all. They can use the FTP client to set up primary backup or mirror mail backup. This provides extra safety as the data is being uploaded to a network server. This feature is essential for firms and it techs as it is essential to know that the data being uploaded is being uploaded to a secure FTP server. Not to mention, this feature is reassuring as the user knows that the data is being uploaded securely on regular intervals and that the client is in control whenever restore is required. This provides a sense of security impossible to achieve in mail backup any other way.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How efficiently can this tool work without any issues?

Since the tool is loaded with advanced algorithms which ensure that large amounts of data can be handled, there is no issue with efficiency. The tool gets you 100% efficient results without lagging in performance.

  • How to restore windows emails in a pen drive?

You can use the auto USB backup and sync option. Once you have set up the USB drive, you just have to plug it in and the tool will automatically store the latest archive in your device.

  • I don’t have a lot of space to store the email backup. What can I do?

You can get the Mail backup X and start going! This tool uses an advanced algorithm which compresses the archive in 3X lesser space than usual.

  • What is the chance of losing data while I restore windows email?

There is no chance of data loss or file modification. You don’t have to worry about data loss since the tool comes with 100% assurance of no data loss or file modification.

  • Does this tool also offer mail conversion facility?

The Mail backup X comes with a surprising feature which allows you to convert email files from one format to another.

  • I want to share my windows email archive with someone. What can I do?

The Mail backup X allows you to restore windows messages directly in PDF files. PDF files can be shared with anyone.

  • What if I forget to load all the files? Can I miss any data?

The tool comes with a search box that allows you to search for any email items that you think you might have missed.

  • Can I restore windows contacts as a beginner?

You can backup and restore windows emails even as a beginner because the tool is incredibly easy to use. Its user interface ensures that there is no data loss or file modification.

  • What can I restore apart from Windows emails?

You can backup and archive multiple mac based email clients with the mac version of the tool. The tool backs up Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Mac outlook, Office 365 for mac, Gmail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  1. What about the support if I get stuck?

We offer 24*7 support to all users who might need any help.  


These days, ratings matter. Since there are so many tools that offer the same things, we go for the ones which are rated the highest. The Mail backup X by InventPure is rated 5 stars by experts from all around the world.

Client Testimonials

“Do not fall into the trap of free and online tools! Just go for the Mail backup X and never worry about restoring windows messages or contacts ever again! This tool works for all types of users and guarantees 100% data safety at an affordable rate. What else could I want? Highly recommended.”- Rosemary Bloom

“If you don’t know how to restore windows emails, don’t worry. The Mail backup X by InventPure is one such tool that you can get right now and get the job done. The tool works for both mac and windows and gives 100% data safety. You don’t even have to be an expert to use this tool.” – Zachary William


The Mail backup X is really affordable for all users and is available in multiple packages

The Mail backup X Professional Edition

  • Runs flawlessly on two computers
  • Gives chance to backup 5 mail profiles per user
  • Can be used by single user
  • Free support and maintenance for a year

The Mail backup X Team Edition

  • Available in packages for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • Works on multiple computers
  • Back up 5 mail profiles per user
  • Free support and maintenance for a year

In case you want to increase the mail profiles, you can buy an affordable top up which will give you additional 10 mail profiles.

A free trial version to check out effortless mail backup and restore

You can check out whether it is as effortless to restore Windows mail as we claim it to be. This software is trusted by people all over the world. You can have a look at our client testimonials which is a proof of our dedication to providing you with perfection in the task to restore Windows mail. It is an award-winning app to archive mail, and backup mails in both windows and mac. We also provide a 30 day money-back guarantee in case the user is not satisfied. Click on the link here to get yourself a trial version right now. It is available free of charge and one can upgrade to the full version once they are satisfied by its performance.

Our team of client support remains available 24*7 to help out clients with all sorts of issues. Contact us unhesitatingly for queries and feedback; we will get back to you promptly. Your input helps us improve our services to suit client needs. Happy data recovery!