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Best way to archive outlook emails in Windows 8 without question

archive outlook emails Windows 8.1

Mail Backup X by InventPure is the ultimate solution to every task related to archive outlook Windows 8. It is multifarious in its applicability and is perfect for everyone. It can be used to backup and archive data timely as well as safely. Having this software in your device is like having a specialist helping you out with everything, you will not have a chance or reason to complain. Safety and speed in mail backup and archiving are some of the specialities of this software.

Why bother with the Mail backup X?

To make sure that no one faces problems with the backup process even if they are not well-equipped skill-wise in technology, this software provides a user-interface that is quite friendly and precise in its function. One is supposed just to follow the instructions provided in batches at each step of the process to finish their backup smoothly.

How to archive outlook emails in Windows 8 without trouble?

To archive outlook Windows 8 with this software will be the best decision you will make from the point of view of data safety. It is perfect to backup and archive data in a way that is sustainable with the causes and concerns of the clients. With its compatibility with different types of data one would never have to be concerned about the safety of their data. It is perfect to archive emails outlook 2007 in Windows 8 as well as to keep the data safe. It can be used to backup the data in such a way that the output is same as the input; there is no change in any way in the quality.

To make it easy for the users to backup their data consistently and in a smooth manner this software comes with several inbuilt features. Check them out or directly download the software by clicking on the link here.

Archive outlook emails Windows 8.1 with this multi-utility software

This is the best way to archive emails in Windows 8, being safe and quick in its applicability. It is perfect for the Windows OS as well as for other mail clients. It can be used without doubt with many famous mail clients. It might be used to backup data from such mail accounts as postbox, thunderbird, apple mail, yahoo mail, Gmail and hotmail. That goes on to prove that it is the first software to provide such extensive service in terms of mail clients it is applicable over.

The capacity of this software to recover data from various mail clients is supplemented by a capacity to recognize and thus work with their mail file formats too. So it supports all the famous mail file formats like .rge, .eml, .pst, .olm and .mbox.

Professional-quality mail converter engine (BONUS)

The users of this software would be able not only to archive outlook Windows 8 but change the format of the mail files from within this software itself. That is not a distant facility as a mail converter engine comes inbuilt with this software. It is capable of recognizing the various mail file formats too and of working with them. One would be able to change the format of the files to and from .mbox, .pst, .eml, .rge and .olm. This makes data transfer easier and accessible to a larger population than that thought possible.

Integrated mail viewer to view mails easily

One can make use of the integrated mail viewer to work with data from a variety of sources more easily. In the usual circumstance one has to skip between the platforms to be able to perform this. However, the mail viewer brings the archived mails at one single platform, thus making it more convenient for its users. Not to mention, this feature is a great time-saver too.

Ultra-high compression algorithm helps you save storage space

Even though the users would be able to save all the files, they would not have to worry about storage space. The ultra-high data compression algorithm of this software is designed in such a way as to help the users save storage space all the time. It compresses the files before storing them so that lesser space is required to save them. As we provide recovery service, you do not have to worry about losing your data in case of hardware damage.

Automatically save files in hierarchical order with pdf conversion

In ordinary software the capacity of keeping files in a certain order is not in-built. That is not the case with this software however; it keeps the files ordered in a hierarchy, so the users would know by default where to find which file. As the files are converted into pdf, they are safer than ever and can be shared with more ease over platforms.

Auto-USB backup syncs your data smartly

In the usual scenario when backing up one’s data in a USB drive we often face problems recognizing where we saved the files the last time. With the auto-USB backup sync facility you do not have to be worried about that. This software can remember the location of the folder once the USB drive has been inserted and initiated. Thus, one saves oneself from exerting efforts and wasting time.

Lightning-fast data search service to locate files immediately

The users of this software will not have to look over every nook and cranny to locate the file they need at the moment. This software ensures that the file that the user is searching for is produced to him/her immediately. Apart from searching files by name of the sender and the time frame, it can also search complicated files fast. For instance, it can search for mails with two different attachments in two different formats by making use of the and/or operator.

FTP client for security of your private mail data

It is not desirable to be updating your data to some potentially harmful location that is where the FTP client proves to be helpful. One can use either the primary backup or the mirror backup facility to execute the restoration of their mail data. It is quite a useful thing to have a places like firms and it-techs as its presence means that the data is being updated timely.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is the Mail backup X the best way to archive Outlook emails in windows 8?

The Mail backup X is the best way to archive outlook windows 8 since it is easy to use and comes with modern features which make the backup 100% safe for all regardless of your skills.

  • How to archive Outlook emails in windows 8 with no data loss?

You just need to install the Mail backup X and the tool will guide you through each step with its user interface. You will be guided from the installation till the end results. All is done almost automatically.

  • How safe is it to archive Outlook windows 8.1 with this tool?

The tool is popular among experts all over the world because of its safety benefits. You get 100% guarantee of no data loss or file modification. You will not lose any files.

  • I want to carry my windows 8 outlook archive portably. How can I do this?

You can use the Auto USB backup and sync option to map a USB drive. When you plug in this USB drive, the tool automatically syncs and stores the latest backup in the USB drive.

  • I don’t want to waste a lot of space with my windows 8 email backup. What can I do?

This windows 8 outlook archive tool comes with a compression algorithm which enables you to save 3X space while storing the archive.

  • Can I share my archive easily after I have stored it?

You can archive windows outlook email items in PDF format. PDF files can be easily accessed over many platforms. You can also protect PDF files with a password.

  • Are there any unique features in this tool?

The Mail backup X also works as an email converter when needed. This email converter can convert to and from multiple email file formats.

  • I want to confirm that all files are where they need to be. Is there a feature to do that?

If you want to make sure that you have not missed anything, you should try the search box that comes with the tool. You can enter specific items in that box and the tool will find them for you.

  • What are some other email apps that I can back up apart from windows outlook?

Since the tool works on mac and windows, there are a lot of other email applications that you can archive. You get to archive Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Gmail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  1. What if I get confused and get stuck?

You can reach out to our super friendly support experts. We are available 24*7 to help you.


It is true that we trust the experts, and we should too. The Mail backup X by InventPure enjoys a full 5 star rating by the best experts from around the world. Its user feedback is also positive. Go ahead and try it yourself.

Client Testimonials

“When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. That is what I did when I wanted to learn how to archive outlook emails in windows 8. I asked around and searched for the ideal tool. I found the Mail backup X to be the best way to archive emails in windows 8 without needing any experience. You get 100% guarantee of data safety along with a set of exciting features. Get it as soon as you can.”- Julian

“If I had to pick my first email backup tool after going back in time, I would take the Mail backup X any day. This certified tool works on mac and windows and offers so much! You can even convert your email files from one format to another. You get to archive in PDF format and also make portable USB backups. The benefits never stop coming. Get it asap! It is safe and works for all.”- Nina


The Mail backup X is really affordable for all users and is available in multiple packages

The Mail backup X Professional Edition

  • Available for both mac and windows
  • Works for a single user at a time
  • Compatible with two computers
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles/user
  • You can increase 10 mail profiles with an affordable top up
  • Free support and updates for a year

The Mail backup X Team Edition

  • Available in both mac and windows
  • Works for 5,10, 20 and 30 users according to package
  • You can get backup from up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Increase mail profiles for backup by getting affordable top up
  • Get free maintenance and support for a year

Free trial version and client service

It is only after you are thoroughly satisfied with the way the given software works that you should be investing into it. That is the principal upon which we based our decision to provide a demo version of this software. That version is available free of cost and can be downloaded from the link below. Once one realizes that this software’s design suits one’s preferences, they can directly update to the full version. The demo version is available for free of cost and the full version does not include any hidden charge or maintenance cost.

If anyone has any enquiries or need suggestions they can contact the experts at the client support. We would be glad to hear back from you. The suggestions and feedbacks of clients help us improve our services in sync with the particular needs of the day.

To get the free demo version right now, click here.