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The only Gmail archive solution for Mac that truly matters

Gmail Archive Solution

Gmail archive solution is a deciding factor when it comes to archiving mail data from Gmail. This is why you should spend adequate time picking out the right archiving tool for Gmail. Once you do, you can archive your Gmail data with confidence. If you do not spend enough time when choosing a software tool, then money along with effort will be wasted. The burning question is which software tool can you use for archiving Gmail emails on your Mac? While there are many options, the one software solution that actually does archive like a pro is Mail Backup X by InventPure. This paid backup application is one of the fastest and most accurate email archiving tools ever created for Mac users to archive Gmail emails.

A detailed look into Mail Backup X

Mail Backup X is a revolutionary tool when it comes to archiving emails from mailboxes. Gmail is amazing. However, just like any other email client, it is vulnerable in nature as it is an online email client. If you decide to leave emails in Gmail mailbox only then you are putting your data at risk. Not because Gmail is unreliable but because if unauthorized people do get access to it then you might lose your data forever. Hence, this is one of the reasons why we have suggested a paid email archiving software tool for backing up Gmail data. This tool is totally reliable when it performs archiving of even the most sensitive data that is present in your Gmail mailbox. The tool has advanced features making it fantastic for enterprises as well.

When you archive Gmail account, you can do it with ease with Mail Backup X. The software gives you the opportunity to learn about archiving if you are a beginner. It provides an easy platform to learn the process and steps involved in archiving mail data in the easiest way possible. If you are an expert then you will find this tool to be the most effortless tool for archiving Gmail data. The user-friendliness of this archiving software is what makes this tool a winner in the archiving world. It provides a basis through which anyone can archive emails. This ensures every individual can archive their Gmail data even if they do not have any prior experience of archiving emails.  

The software tool makes it a point to ensure that it preserves all Gmail data when it archives. It supports different languages, strokes, accents, and data types. This makes your Gmail data, both emails, and attachments, to remain the same after being archived as well. The preservation aspect is not limited to the data only. The tool preserves your folder hierarchies. If you have three sub-folders under one folder, then it is going to be preserved as it is. The folder tree remains intact and preserved when you archive with this software tool. The folder (and sub-folder) names from your Gmail mailbox remain the same too. This makes it easier for you to identify all the folders after they have been archived.  

The software tool makes it easy for monitoring all the Gmail archive folders. When you get the archiver, you get a viewer utility. This feature helps you to view all the backed up Gmail emails and attachments. You will be able to see everything there. That is, on one side you will be able to see the main folder and the sub-folder that the email comes from. Then on the other side, you will be able to see the subjects of the archived Gmail emails. You will be able to see a bit of the email content of each email just below the subject. It is somewhat like in your Gmail mailbox where you can view the folders, sub-folders, subject and email content. Hence, the viewer makes it convenient for you to look at all your Gmail emails.

You can import archives if you had any from earlier. There is no limit on the number of Gmail archives that you can import with this software tool. The archives do not need to be Gmail archives only. For example, you used to use Yahoo Mail earlier. You had archived data from Yahoo Mail. So now you have Yahoo Mail archives from earlier with you. You might have then switched to Gmail. These Yahoo Mail archives can be imported with the help of the tool. You can then view them and search through those alongside Gmail archives. This gives you more control and the ability to view different archives from different email clients together in one place. This is always ensured.

You can view these with the help of the viewer feature of the archiving tool. There is a complimentary search feature. It can help you perform simple and advanced searches for the mail data you seek from your Gmail archives. Again, this is similar to Gmail search where you can find the emails or attachments. Mail Backup X lets you search for emails and/or attachments. You can search using keywords in the mail, specific word at a specific time, subject or sender. You have another excellent option which is to create a query for searching for the data you want. For example, if you want to search for an attachment, in particular, you can create a query that specifies the data type or the data it contains.

The question that might be roaming in your mind might be how secure is the Gmail archive? Your Gmail archive is very safe when it has been archived with Mail Backup X. The reason is the encryption that is applied. The email archiving software encrypts all your Gmail archives so that they are safe and secure even if they are stored by themselves. Hence, whether you have one archive or a million Gmail archives, every single one of them is going to be safe. This is a brilliant feature as you do not need to take any extra measures in order to make your Gmail email archives more secure in nature. However, you can always be smart and save in more than one location. If you have your Gmail archives only on Mac then saving them on more locations is a great idea.

Mail Backup X solves the problem of saving in different locations. You do not need to put in extra effort to save in different locations. Simply, enter the locations where you want to save. Then when the email archiving is done, the Gmail email archives will be stored in those locations that have been specified by you. You can choose distributed backups when you are backing up Gmail data. You may opt for mirror backups too when you are archiving Gmail mail data. Do you have a say in the way in which the tool archives your Gmail data? Absolutely. You can choose between manual, recurring and automatic ways of email archiving. You can choose the type of archiving depending on how much control and automation you want.

There are some extra features you get with the email archiving software. The first one is the ability to restore emails as and when you want. If you have archived Gmail emails, you can restore them. Another amazing feature is compression. Your archives are compressed up to three times so that you can save on storage space. This helps decrease the amount of space that your Gmail archives take on your Mac. The third extra feature is the converter tool that converts between various email formats. This professional converter eases import and export from one email client to another. No need to purchase a separate converter software because you get it for free exclusively from Mail Backup X.

The email archiving utility has the ability to archive from other email clients. Hence, if you have other email clients from where you want to archive your emails, you can do so with ease. It supports all popular email clients that are available right now. This versatility is seldom found with other email archiving tools as they are only concerned about archiving Gmail data. Mail Backup X is one of the most comprehensive email backup tools you will ever find for Mac.

A final note on Mail Backup X

The archiving tool works on Mac OS X 10.10 and above. As new Mac OS versions come to the fore, the tool is upgraded to keep up with the latest developments. Therefore, whenever there is a new update, the tool is updated at the earliest. This gives you quick access so that you can use the email archiving tool in your new Mac with the new OS. The updates are provided to you for free after you buy the license. Hence, the only investment you have to make with this email archiving tool for Gmail is the time you buy the license. That is all! You can check for all the developments of the archiving tool on the website itself where the ‘change log’ is shown to you. The tool is updated if there are any rare case issues that users experience.