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How to backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive that is easily and quickly accessible?

 How to backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive?

backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive

You might have asked yourself this exact question several times and it is right to do so. Backing up your Yahoo Mail is one of the most crucial decisions you can ever make. It doesn’t matter whether you are part of a business or you work individually. When you use Yahoo Mail emails for your work then archiving should be given some thoughts. There are some industries where retention of email data is mandatory. However, even if the area where you work does not fall under these industries, you should ideally archive your Yahoo Mail emails. It will ensure the security of your Yahoo Mail data.

When you backup Yahoo email to hard drive your emails can be retained for long periods of time. It gives you the freedom to store your emails away from your Yahoo Mail mailbox folders. As long as you regularly update your archives so that your latest Yahoo Mail emails are available, you have a set of archives you can depend on. That is why archiving is not a one-time task to perform. It must be continuously performed to ensure you have an updated set of Yahoo Mail email archives. Only then, you can confidently say that you keep Yahoo Mail archives. There is a myriad of methods of archiving Yahoo Mail emails.

The one that you choose will depend on the investment that you are willing to make. For some people, they are alright with the free methods of archiving. However, there are some pretty major problems with this type of Yahoo Mail archiving procedure. For example their rigidity, lack of customer support, inability to retain all types of data and data corruption during archiving. This is why people who want the best quality Yahoo Mail archives, a paid archiving solution is recommended. This type of archiving has a better chance of giving you the features you want even for enterprises.

Paid archiving solution to backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive

When you set out to look for a paid email archiving software for Yahoo Mail data, you will find there are many applications you can choose from. When you are looking for one that has already been tested and trusted by people around the world, then InventPure’s tool is the one to choose. The software is called Mail Backup X and you can get the license depending on the number of users who intend to use the software tool for archiving their emails. The paid tool is a flexible option that provides an easy archiving solution and comes with excellent features no other tool has been able to beat.

Mail Backup X is extremely easy to use. The tool is an all-rounder application that is useful for beginners and experts of archiving too. There should only be the requirement of archiving Yahoo Mail and this tool does the job effortlessly. You can archive your Yahoo Mail emails as you want to without any limits. You can archive as much as you want and you can set up incremental archiving to ensure that you have one copy of each email. When you are archiving your data, over time it can become difficult to check which one you have archived and which one you didn’t archive.

Incremental archiving gives you the ability to archive only the latest and new emails which you have not archived before. The email archiving tool by InventPure makes it easy for you to save and to access the data. When you archive your Yahoo Mail emails, you can archive them using automatic, manual and recurring archiving methods. You are guided by a wizard and the options are clearly laid out for you to choose from. You can store your email archives where you want and in as many locations as you want. You can store on your hard drive, on a USB device, and in more places as well.

How does Mail Backup X make your Yahoo Mail archives easy to access?

The email archiving application comes with a viewer feature. The viewer is the place from which you can view all your archives in one place. It is like another version of your mailbox where you can take a look at all your emails and attachments. It makes it so much easier to see all the archived emails in one place and provides you with a centralized view of all your Yahoo Mail emails. You can get to the viewer through the software’s dashboard. Since you can import earlier Yahoo Mail archives, you can view those imported archives through the viewer too. You can view archives from other email clients with the same tool.

You can save your email archives in the FTP server. This server is another storage place where you can upload your Yahoo Mail archives. Mail Backup X gives you the ability to store on FTP as it gives you the client of the FTP server which enables you to store data there. The email archiving tool compresses your emails during the archiving process. This decreases the amount of space that your Yahoo Mail archives take on your hard drive and other locations. This is an automated procedure. As archives are in their compressed form, they are easier to upload and retrieve from the FTP server. Your emails can be stored on external devices using the sync feature.

When you store your emails in your hard drive, you don’t need an Internet connection to retrieve them. This is what makes them easy to access. However, make note that you are the only one who will be able to access your Yahoo Mail archives. The reason is that the email archives are encrypted. This strong encryption ensures only you can access your archives easily whereas others cannot. This makes your Yahoo Mail archives secure for varying times of retention. Moreover, if you want to store your emails in different places, then this is ideal as they are already secure. This means you do not need to secure them separately.

Why is it so necessary to backup emails to hard drive?

Why is so much stress given to backing up Yahoo Mail emails to an offline storage location such as your hard drive? Do you really have to use the paid archiving tool? Can’t you manage only with the free Yahoo Mail email archiving tools? The reason is no you can’t do that there are so many benefits of archiving emails on your Mac that you will want to get it done properly. A paid solution like Mail Backup X guarantees results so that every time you archive, you know it is happening correctly. The following are some of the topmost reasons why email archiving and its need is becoming more important. 


You need to comply with some rules because of the law. You have to store your business emails so that you have a copy of all your conversations with your clients. Email archiving is important for this purpose.

Safety Of Intellectual Property

When you send and receive business intellectual property, it is important that you have a copy of all the files. This will ensure that if the documents were to be deleted accidentally then you still have a copy with you to work with.

Prevents Data Loss

There are various ways in which data can be lost when it is solely stored in your Yahoo Mail mailbox. Email archiving ensures that no data is lost. Using a tool like Mail Backup X ensures full preservation takes place every time you archive.

Future Reference

When you want to store your emails for many years to come, you will need a method to retain them easily. Email archiving is the only practical method that helps you keep data for long-term retention and it is safe. You can keep your data for years without worry.

Business Knowledge

You can understand trends and understand a lot about your business processes through email archiving. For this, email archiving is not efficient although it forms the basis of it. You need to use specific tools to get knowledge out of the data.

Mailbox De-cluttering

Yahoo Mail has 1 TB of storage capacity which allows you to store thousands of emails. However, over time your mailbox will get full and it won’t be long before you reach the quota. You can archive and then delete those emails to de-clutter your mailbox.

Searching Made Easier

When you have thousands of emails, the searching is easier when your data is offline. Mail Backup X lets you search for the emails and attachments that you are looking for with the finder tool.

Resolving Disputes

Email archiving can be useful when it comes to resolving disputes. If something has occurred wherein your emails are your proof, then having archives handy is an excellent option. You can prove that you are innocent.

Mail Backup X lets you backup emails to hard drive easily. You can test the software to know for sure with the help of the trial version.