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Gmail archive folders and how their security is made easier with this Gmail archiving solution

Gmail archive folders

 Gmail is one of the simplest and most sophisticated email clients used by people all over the world. It is no wonder that many of you use this email client for email communication. When you archive your Gmail emails and attachments, the archived emails are known as Gmail email archives. The folders that contain these archived emails and attachments are known as Gmail archive folders. Generally, you are supposed to make your archived Gmail folders by encrypting them yourself or applying some form of protection. One of the ways in which you can accomplish this is by storing your Gmail archive folders in locations that you trust. For example, Mac is a great place to store your emails if you use that at work. Another location might be a server that you trust. Such locations that are secure according to you can be used for storing.

However, how long are you going to do that for? Even if you think that a location is safe to use, for how long is it going to be safe. Of course, you cannot spend your life worrying about practically everything. When it comes to email archiving of your Gmail emails and attachments, you want to use a tool that is automated in many ways. This saves the effort that you put in and the time that you spend. Would you rather invest in an automated tool or rack your brain in a manual tool? Every email archiving solution for Gmail falls under any of these two categories. Of course, there are paid tools that make you do a lot of work too. That is, they seem to like manual tools only. However, if you are investing in something then wouldn’t you want to invest in something that is likelier to be easier on you and more efficient?

This is why you should use an email archiving tool that does everything for you so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You can use a paid tool like Mail Backup X by InventPure. This email archiving tool will ensure that you are able to securely perform archiving and backup of your Gmail archives. It is an affordable email archiving software tool so no need to sweat about a lot of investment. The license cost would depend on the number of users who are going to use the archiving tool. Mail Backup X ensures that it provides maximum security because of the following two features:

It performs archiving safely.

The process of archiving your emails is entirely safe with this archiving utility. When the email archiving tool is archiving from your Gmail account, the process is done securely. Only you are the only one who is aware of the process of archiving taking place on your Mac. This may sound strange to some, however, there are some tools that are actually so insecure that they can send your mail information to unauthorized parties who can misuse it. This can cause a lot of problems to you and your business. Mail Backup X is completely safe to be used on your Mac.

 It encrypts each Gmail archive.

When the Gmail emails are being archived with this particular software tool, they are encrypted in the process. This encryption secures your Gmail mail data including the attachments that are a part of your Gmail emails. The process is automated and it allows you to store your emails in the locations you want. The software tool prevents unauthorized access, modification or deletion of your email archives. The Gmail folders are thus made more secure with this encryption feature. This is applied every time you archive Gmail emails from your mailbox. When you import your Gmail archives (from previous archiving) then those imports are encrypted too.

Why is encryption a great way of ensuring the security of mail data?

It can help with compliance. Businesses are supposed to archive their email data with complete data intact for a period of time. This period of storage can be a few years or many years. Encryption of your data ensures that business data is stored securely.  

Encryption is an automated procedure in Mail Backup X. Hence, there is nothing for you to spend your time doing to keep it more secure. Regardless of where you save it, the encrypted data is going to be safe.

It is the best way of ensuring privacy and security concerns are kept at bay. When you have loads of emails, there can be patterns that can be found. Encryption ensures that only you are able to do anything with the data by ensuring its safety.

Encryption helps with maintaining of the integrity of data. When Gmail archive data cannot be modified, it means data integrity has been maintained. Your data is thus saved from any type of misuse that can occur if left to hackers and unauthorized people.  

It protects your data even if you store your emails on many devices. When you store your archived Gmail emails on other devices such as a pen drive, your encrypted data is going to remain protected at all times.

More reasons to archive Gmail account with this paid tool

Encryption is not the only reason to love this email archiving software. There are many more reasons why this tool is as legendary as it is.

The software tool for Gmail backup is a breeze to use. It does not require that you take the help of an expert or professional or rely on a manual. It helps you to archive in the easiest manner without any jargon to confuse you. The wizard is user-friendly and you can archive Gmail emails with complete ease and comfort.

InventPure’s email archiving application compresses your email data. This compression helps to save three times the space you would normally save. This is brilliant as you can store more Gmail archives in lesser storage space on your Mac. The compressed data does not mean the loss of data and data is always preserved with this tool.

The email backup solution comes with the ability to convert Gmail archives to other formats. There is a conversion tool that is part of the tool. This helps to convert files from Gmail to any other email file formats for export. Hence, you can easily export data by converting the data first and importing in the email client.

It can help you archive your other email data from other email clients. The software has the ability to support archiving of emails from all popular email clients. The list includes Yahoo Mail, Outlook for Mac and PostBox. The email archiving utility gives you the freedom to archive from email clients that support POP and IMAP too.

You have the ability to archive on external devices which can be plugged in via the USB port. You can sync Gmail archives on your Mac with those on the external device. This will enable you to have an extra Gmail archive folders copy on an external device too for more safety of your archives. This can be set up easily too.

There is a Gmail archive viewer. It lets you view the Gmail email archives that you have stored on your Mac. The emails can be monitored in this manner. The advantage of this is that it saves you the time and effort to open each Gmail archive folder and open the desired archive. You can simply view all the archived emails in one centralized location.

Mail Backup X comes with a search tool that works efficiently. The search tool’s job is to find the email or attachment that you are searching for. You can search for mail data in the following ways: subject, sender, word and with the help of queries. The use of queries is best when you want to perform complex searches on your Gmail mail data.

You can store your emails on an FTP server. The client of the server is provided to you by InventPure at the beginning of the purchase of the license. This storage location is provided to you as an option. It gives you an extra storage location wherein you can store your Gmail email archives while ensuring their safety.

You can choose what Gmail folders from your mailbox that you want to archive. If you haven’t archived ever before, you might want to archive all folders. You can select all the folders in this case. However, if you are interested in only archiving certain folders, then you should select only those folders for archiving on your Mac.

Gmail archive software that supports forever more

There are always new Mac OS updates released each year. InventPure understands this and enables you to use the email archiving software tool on the new Mac OS systems as well. When there are new updates available, InventPure makes changes that ensure the tool works on the new Mac OS smoothly. This ensures the archiving software has the ability to work in a stable manner on any Mac OS. You get a notification when a new upgrade is available from InventPure for Mail Backup X.