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Now archive IMAP mails in just a few clicks with this IMAP archive tool

archive IMAP mails

 Here we are going to find out how we can archive IMAP mailbox as normal users without any setbacks or risks. To archive IMAP mac can prove to be a substantial advantage in the long run. Let us find out why this process is so important and how to succeed in it.

The need to archive IMAP mails has been rising exponentially in the past few years. Since emails are the main source of all official communication, it is normal for our mailboxes to grow in size. Even if you are a mac user, you might need to archive mac IMAP mails in order to lighten the burden on your email application.

It is seen many times that emails accumulate in the mailbox and the email application starts to lag or work improperly. It is at times like these when we need to archive IMAP mailbox. By creating an IMAP archive in local folders in the hard drive, we can back up old emails that we don’t need. We can keep our email application more responsive and fast if we archive IMAP mails from the server into our local directories. There are a lot of benefits of archiving IMAP account but let us first find out how to archive IMAP successfully.

How to archive IMAP mailbox with safety?

If you look on the internet for tools that can archive IMAP mail on mac, you will find numerous online and free tools that claim to archive IMAP mac. However, it is suggested to play it safe and avoid any online solutions that don’t seem professional or promising enough. Online methods are created mostly for clicks or ad revenue. They are not equipped with the necessary features which are required to archive IMAP folders successfully. It is our data and we need to protect it while we archive our IMAP mailbox. This is why it is suggested to use only certified solutions to archive IMAP mails. With the right tool to archive IMAP mailbox on mac, you can take total control of your email data.

Why choose professional tools to archive IMAP mailbox?

Professional mac IMAP archive tools are created to work on mac so that you can work in your home systems. They are created in such a way that the user does not have to perform the long and complex steps that are usually required with manual methods. These tools are designed to automatically retrieve your data and to simplify the whole IMAP archiving process for all types of email users, beginners or advanced. They are also equipped with advanced safety features which protect your email data while you archive IMAP folders. So with the help of certified IMAP archiving tools, you get an easy way to archive IMAP emails with safety. The chances of data loss or file modification get greatly reduced whenever you choose to go with a professional IMAP archive solution.

Archive IMAP account with the best IMAP archive tool for mac

There are many tools that claim to backup your IMAP account but the best solution is here which is also recommended by experts. The Mail backup X by InventPure is the best method to archive IMAP mailboxes without being an expert. The tool was created after years of research about the needs of modern mac users. The tool comes with the most user friendly interface so that the user does not feel confused about the process. You are given step by step instructions to archive IMAP emails with ease. Even if you have never performed the IMAP archiving process before, this tool brings it home to you right in your hands. You don’t have to worry about losing your emails since the tool is completely safe to use. It comes with 100% data safety assurance and ensures that you are able to archive mac IMAP emails with ease and precision. There is no room for errors with this tool. You are in complete control at all times.

Why choose this mac IMAP archive tool?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing this mac mail archive tool. It has been created after a lot of research about what mac users need. First of all it works right on mac. Then it is extremely easy to use even for first time users. Working on mac saves a lot of time and effort. It also comes packed with the most unique and advanced features that you can imagine. It is an all in one mail backup and archiving solution that can back up and archive multiple email clients. Let us take a look at the best features of this IMAP mailbox archiving tool.

Here are the biggest advantages of using this mail backup and archiving tool

Auto USB backup and Sync

This feature allows you to create a portable archive in a USB drive. The tool can be set up and mapped to a USB drive. Whenever the USB is plugged in, the tool will auto-detect and sync the archive in the USB drive. This feature is very unique and proprietary to this tool. 

Advanced data compression feature

Who doesn’t want to save space? If you are storing old emails that have been lying dormant for a long time, you probably don’t want to use a lot of space while storing them. This tool extracts and compresses the IMAP archive and stores it in 3X lesser space than usual. You will be saving a lot of space this way and you can now imagine backing up even the oldest emails that you were thinking of deleting.

High speed search engine

You can now search for your desired emails from a particular sender or a particular subject. All you need to do is use the search bar and enter specific search items according to subject, sender or date. The tool will scan through the archive and bring the files to you.

Archive IMAP to PDF

This is the most useful and unique feature of this mac IMAP archive tool. You can now archive IMAP mailbox in PDF files. PDF files are a great way to store, protect and store data. You can password protect your PDF files and share with anyone. You can also print the file to preserve a hard copy of your folder hierarchy. Carry your archives anywhere you want from now.

Inbuilt mail viewer

The inbuilt mail viewer allows you to view all imported emails from multiple email applications without needing to switch the application. This feature also acts an added safety feature where you are in control. Now freely view whatever lies in your archives, anytime.

Backup and archive multiple clients

The tool can backup and archive Yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This gives you an all in one email backup solution so that you don’t have the need for other solutions.

All in one email converter

The tool is not only useful for IMAP archive but can also work as an all in one email converter. The powerful mail conversion algorithm of the tool allows you to convert to and from all major file formats like OLM, PST, MBOX, RGE, EML etc. You get everything under one roof now.

 Try it before you buy it

The free trial allows you to test the features and the performance of the tool. Whenever you are satisfied, you are welcome to upgrade at a very affordable price. The full version comes in multiple packages which are created according to different user needs and budgets. The full version also gives you free support and free updates for life. Do not miss this opportunity.

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