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IMAP backup tool

To safely backup and restore IMAP emails is a great achievement which ensures the safety of your email database, old or new. If you are searching for an IMAP backup tool on the internet, chances are that you might have found many IMAP backup tools. There are many online and free IMAP backup software online and that is another reason to take caution while choosing the tool you want. Free and online tools are not equipped with the essential safety features which are necessary to backup IMAP emails. So, if you want to backup outlook or backup and restore IMAP, you are going to need a tool that you can trust. You are going to need an IMAP backup tool that works at high speeds and can handle large amounts of data. Such performance can be offered only by professional IMAP backup software. So that is what we have to aim for. Our goal should be to find a certified IMAP backup solution that we can count on even when we don’t have a single day of experience.

Wondering how to backup IMAP emails with impressive results?

Mail Backup X IMAP backup tool by InventPure is the answer

Previously, email users used to be terrified of even thinking about IMAP email backup. This was because there was only a manual method for IMAP backup. You would have needed to hire an expert who would then manually backup IMAP emails for you. This would take long and you would have to pay heftily. It is not a wise decision to pay for something every single time when you can just get a single tool to do it for you. Now here is the confusing part.

The internet is flooded with online tools that claim to be an IMAP backup solution but most of them are not reliable to deal with your official data and will only make large claims. This is when you need to take a decision for the safety of your data. Offline tools are well suited because they are professionally created automatic IMAP backup software which are created by professionals to ensure the smoothest backups for all mac users.

There are a lot of disadvantages of manual IMAP backup method

  1. It is time consuming
  2. It is a one-time process
  3. It is expensive
  4. It is unsafe
  5. It is unpredictable
  6. There is no room for mistake
  7. You can lose a few files sometimes
  8. You need a reliable expert
  9. You need to be an expert to get the desired results

Which is the best IMAP backup solution for the best results?

The best IMAP backup solution would be to get a certified IMAP backup tool that works on mac so that all mac outlook users are able to backup IMAP without worrying about data loss or file modification. There are several tools that offer to backup IMAP mails. However, you need to choose the one which works for you best. There are many times that mac users find professional tools to be overly complex and expensive. So we want to find an IMAP backup solution which is both easy to use and affordable. Such an IMAP backup tool would be ideal for users who have no experience and just want great results without putting in much effort. Even though such tools are hard to find, it is not impossible to find the best IMAP backup software. It could be right around the corner where you weren’t even looking. It is suggested to listen to veteran users and experts when it comes to such things. So let us take a suggestion.

Is there a specific IMAP backup tool that is ideal for everyone?

There can be many types of different needs or priorities when it comes to backing up email data. Some users look for speed and some look for safety. Most users look for a complete package which has everything. You can get the latest IMAP backup tool created by InventPure if you want to have the safest and the fastest IMAP backup results.

The Mail backup X: The best IMAP backup tool there is for effortless IMAP backup and recovery

The Mail backup X by InventPure is the ideal solution for all mac email users who had been looking for a reliable and certified solution to backup IMAP mails in no time. This IMAP backup software has been professionally created to make sure that even first time mac users with no experience can easily backup IMAP without having to worry about the safety of the results. The tool runs right on mac and offers a bunch of highly powerful features which makes it the best IMAP backup solution for all. You need no complex steps to ensure the safety of your email files. This is the greatest gift that this tool gives to all users, regardless of their experience.

Here are the key benefits of using Mail backup X IMAP backup tool by InventPure

Backup and archive from multiple applications

Now you can backup emails from multiple IMAP based email applications. You can backup from Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This feature offers you more control that any other tool would give you over multiple email applications under one roof.

Back up and archive to PDF format

This is the most unique feature of this tool. You can now archive your IMAP backup in PDF files. These PDF files make your email database accessible through PDF viewers. You can also protect the folder hierarchy of your database during this IMAP backup process. You can also share these PDF files with other users.

High compression engine

The tool comes equipped with a very useful feature which saves a lot of space in your hard drive during storage of backup. The ultra-compression algorithm stores your backup in 3X lesser space and saves that space for other things. This feature is highly beneficial for those users who have multiple mailboxes to back up and save.

Search feature

This is one of the most in demand features among mail backup tools. Most users like to back up their entire mailbox at once. And at times, they might need to confirm if a certain file or item is being backed up. That is when they are in need of a search function. You can now search for a particular email file by entering specific search criteria. The tool will scan through the database and bring the file or item that you were looking for.

Auto USB backup and sync

Now you can map and set up a USB drive to store the IMAP backup. The tool can auto detect and automatically sync the emails when the USB is connected. This feature is best for users who want their outlook backup to be portable.

Inbuilt mail viewer

The inbuilt mail viewer is a very essential feature that counts as a benefit for many users. You can view imported email items from different email applications all under one roof. This also allows you to view contents from OLM, PST, MBOX, MSG etc formats. You get to view all email info under one roof without switching the client.

Step by Step Guide to automatically IMAP backup with Mail backup X IMAP backup tool

Step 1: Download and install the Mail backup X application

Step 2: Launch the tool by double clicking on the tool icon to start the process

Step 3: You are now at the window that you are seeing below. As you can see, there is an option to setup a new backup profile. Click on it to start setting up your IMAP backup.

IMAP backup

Step 4: Now you will find yourself on the next window like the one demonstrated below. You can see several email services which Mail backup X allows you to backup. Click on Email server.

IMAP backup tool

Step 5: Now, you will see many other email services that Mail backup X can backup. You can choose the one you want to backup. Since we want to backup IMAP emails with this IMAP backup tool, we will click on IMAP server.

Imap Email Backup Tool

Step 6: Now, as you can see, you are at a login window where the tool asks for the credentials of the email account that you want to backup or archive. You have to login to your email account using your account credentials. Don’t worry, your data is safe, we don’t store your credentials. Our tool will access your data to manage it. Once you have entered the credentials, click on Login.

IMAP mail backup tool

Step 7: Now, you are at a very important point in the backup process. As you can see, the tool has now read through your mailboxes and brought all the folders contained within your account in front of you. You have to choose the folders that you want to backup. You can select or deselect the folders that you want or don’t want. Once you have chosen the desired folders, click on Continue.

IMAP backup

Step 8: Now you will be at the customization window where you are offered different settings to customize your email backup.

Here, you get the following settings or options

  • You can choose the frequency of the email backups (we recommend the automatic settings for the best results)
  • You can map a USB drive to set up automatic USB backups. When you plug in a mapped USB drive, the tool will automatically store the latest snapshot copy of the latest local backup in the device
  • You can encrypt the data in the tool with a strong password. No one will be able to access this data without this encryption key
  • You can choose where you want your backup data to be stored. The tool allows you to store your data on your local drive, on your hard drive or on a cloud service. These settings will be found on clicking “choose a space”

Once you have specified the settings according to your requirements, click on save.

backup IMAP

Your IMAP backup process will now begin. In just a few moments, your IMAP account will be backed up. You can track the progress of this IMAP backup on the live dashboard. Once the process is finished, you can view and download the log report of the process.

This was the complete process to backup IMAP emails.

Most frequently asked questions about this IMAP backup tool

Can I save my IMAP mac emails as PDF files with Mail backup X tool?

Yes, you can definitely save your IMAP backup in the form of PDF files. The tool gives you the choice to archive IMAP emails as PDF files for better portability and the retention of email hierarchy of your email database.

Can I use this IMAP mail backup tool on my own?

Yes, Mail backup X tool by InventPure has been developed as the most simplistic IMAP backup and restore tool that can be used by anyone. The tool offers clear instructions on how to backup IMAP emails on your computer at home or at work. Its user-friendly wizard-based interface guides you throughout the way.

I want to backup IMAP emails on windows. Can I do this with Mail backup X?

Mail backup X is an IMAP backup software which can easily backup IMAP emails on both mac and windows. It is a platform independent tool which can be used to backup IMAP mailboxes on both mac and windows without any compatibility issues. This makes our IMAP backup utility the ideal choice for all users since these two operating systems are the most commonly used across the world.

Does this tool allow me to backup email IMAP folders from any email service?

You can easily backup IMAP email folders from different email services like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook or any email service which is IMAP enabled. For example, you don’t have to give up on the email backup process just because you don’t have an active installation of your Outlook. You just need to enable IMAP access and login to Mail backup X with your credentials. The tool will load your email items and you will be allowed to back them up instantly and that too with absolute data protection.

What happens if the tool doesn’t work for me to backup IMAP emails?

The chances of this happening are negligible. You don’t have to worry about this happening since the tool is highly advanced and designed to be fail proof. You don’t have to worry about the tool not working since you can always contact the support team and they are going to help you out. The tool also comes with a 30-day refund policy so that if you are unsatisfied, you can get a refund.

What are the top features that need to be sought in an IMAP email backup solution?

If you are confused about what to look for in your preferred IMAP backup tool, you should look for the following things.

  • The tool should be easy to operate for all
  • The user interface should be user friendly
  • You should be able to backup and archive several email services
  • You should get data security for your mailboxes
  • The tool should offer portable backups
  • Backup recovery should be swift and easy
  • The tool should be easily affordable

All of these features are found in Mail backup X by InventPure. Test its free trial version to see how it works.

How does the smart backup and resume feature work out for email users?

The smart backup and resume feature allows all email users to enjoy uninterrupted backups. You don’t have to worry about losing your internet connection in the middle of the backup process. The tool automatically saves the progress of the backup where the connection is lost during IMAP backup process and resumes it when the connection is regained. This saves a remarkable amount of progress.

Should I backup IMAP email folders for free?

You should not take the risk of backing up IMAP folders for free with the help of mediocre tools. Free tools lack the necessary security features which are required to deal with your personal or professional email data. So, if you are working with something that you cannot afford to lose, make sure that you are working with a certified solution that works for all.

What makes IMAP email backup and recovery so stressful for email users?

The most common factor which makes it difficult for email users to backup and restore IMAP emails is the unavailability of email backup and recovery solutions. If you are not an experienced user, you might find it very tricky to locate the right IMAP backup solution since there are too many options out there. Another reason is the abundance of unsafe and free measures which might cause data.

How is this IMAP email backup tool different than free methods?

This IMAP backup solution is different in many ways. Here is a list of factors that might help you understand the dynamics of this solution.

  • It can be trusted with large email files
  • You don’t have to worry about data loss
  • You don’t have to upload your data on unidentified or unknown servers
  • Smart backup and resume feature allows you to save data loss
  • Preserve all mailboxes without corrupting any items
  • Choose what you wish to backup and archive

These are just some of the points. Get the free trial of this tool to find out more.

User testimonials – IMAP backup feedback

“I had been trying to find a way to backup IMAP email folders but I was not able to select a particular tool. That is when I found Mail backup X tool by InventPure. This certified tool ensures that I am able to backup and restore my emails whenever I want.” – Brian Greene

In conclusion, we can say that Mail backup X is the best option to backup IMAP email folders for all users regardless of their own experience of email backup and recovery. Once you have tested the free trial of the tool you are going to realize how this tool works in real time. It is fast, it is easy to use and it can be used without needing to worry about the safety of the user’s email data. Everything is organized in the right manner and in the right order. The features are specifically designed to ensure that you are able to backup IMAP emails in just a few clicks. So, what are you waiting for? Get the free trial right now!

System specifications

These are the system specifications of the tool

System Requirements

  • Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher
  • Computer Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL 

Operating system

macOS X (10.13 and above)

Ready for macOS Big Sur

Windows 8 and above

Expectation VS Reality (What user’s expect and what Mail backup X offers)

backup IMAP email

Users want a method that they can use easily Mail backup X offers a step by step method which is guided by a user friendly wizard and a clean interface

Users wish to be able to work with multiple emails at once You get to work with large mailboxes without any limitation for data handling. This tool does not crash or lag while working with large files

Users wanted a tool which could let them have some control over their emails You can choose your own email items and also choose the location where you want those email backups to be stored. You have total control over the email backup and recovery process.

Users wished to be able to backup and restore more than one service with an email backup tool Mail backup X is designed with the ability to backup and restore several email services without any compatibility issues. This is a platform independent tool that works on both mac and windows-based email services.

Users wanted a tool which would offer portable backups Mail backup X offers you instant portable USB backups. You can set up a USB drive which instantly stores the latest snapshot copy of your local backup in the drive. You can also archive IMAP emails in PDF format.

Users needed an IMAP backup tool that would offer custom backups You can easily modify IMAP email backups like you want. You can set up automatic backups, partial backups, full backups, mirror backups and more.

The single user version allows the following benefits to the user

  • Works on two computers for a single user
    • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
    • It works on both mac and windows
    • You are offered free updates for a year
    • Get a top up package for just 20$ to upgrade support and maintenance
    • 20$ package will give you 10 more mail profiles

The team version of this IMAP backup tool offers these benefits

  • Backup and restore emails for multiple users
    • Available for 5, 10, 20, 30 users and more
    • It is compatible with both macOS and windows
    • You can work on it remotely as an admin
    • Get a 20$ top up and get support and updates
    • 20$ package will give you 10 more mail profiles to backup and restore

Free version and full version comparison

Here are the things that you can do with the free trial of this IMAP backup tool

Validity – 15 days

Compatible with both mac and windows – YES

Filter items and choose your backup location – YES

Email conversion/export – YES

Backup and restore item limit – First 50 items

Free support – YES

Here is what you can do with the full version of this IMAP mail backup tool

Validity – Unlimited

Compatible with both mac and windows – YES
Filter items and select where you want to store the backup- YES

Email export/conversion feature – YES
Backup and restore item limit – NO LIMIT

Free support and updates – 1 year (you can get a yearly subscription for just 20$ so that we can roll out more updates and offer you the best support)

The bottom-line: Choose the best IMAP mail backup tool

By looking at the features and performance of the tool, we can understand that this tool is immensely powerful and affordable as well. This tool is the ideal solution for all users regardless of their budget or skill. The best thing to do is to try the free demo of the tool and see how it works. The free trial has been developed to ensure that you are able to eliminate any confusion that is there in your mind.

Get a free trial of Mail backup X to test free IMAP backups!

You can now test this IMAP backup tool for free. The free trial of the tool works for a limited time and you can by then ensure that it works for you. If you feel satisfied, feel free to upgrade to the full version at an affordable price. The full version of this tool is offered in several packages which are created in line with different needs and budgets. Don’t miss this chance to back up your IMAP mailbox like a professional without being one.

The free trial can be downloaded by clicking here.