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Here is how to archive MS windows 10 emails like an expert

archive ms windows 10 emails

In today’s era, everyone wants to be an expert as soon as they enter a field. Thus, it becomes necessary for people to take the help of tools and techniques which can boost up the speed of their working and give them desired results. Same is the case with people who are in the field of archiving MS windows 10 emails.

How to archive MS windows 10 emails like an expert?

Which is the best way to archive MS windows 10 emails?

These questions have been searched millions of times by users in the quest of finding a magical solution to be an expert quickly. In order to cash out this opportunity, several fake companies with their uncertified tools have floated in the market, which are just one click away from you.

Know how to identify a professional MS windows 10 email archive tool

When there are so many tool MS windows 10 email archive tools available, it becomes necessary for a user to identify between a certified and uncertified one. Firstly, these uncertified tools are available at very cheap prices or they are available free of cost. The users must think twice prior to using such tools as nothing in this world which is valuable would be available at cheap prices or free of cost. Secondly, users can compare the features of these MS windows 10 email archive tools. Generally the certified tools offer multiple features which make archiving, backing up and converting emails effortless for users. Thirdly, users can compare the reviews given to these tools by users. This will certainly help users to identify between a certified MS windows 10 email archive tool and an uncertified one.

Simplify the process of archiving MS windows 10 emails with a professional tool

Now users must have understood how to identify between a certified and uncertified tool. They should also know certain things in order to choose the best among all the certified tools available to archive MS windows 10 emails.  While choosing a certified tool, users must check whether it is easy to use or not. Can the tool perform multiple tasks? Can it perform these tasks at a high speed? What else we can do with this professional tool apart from archiving MS windows 10 emails?

Unveiling the best MS windows email archive tool

One you are done comparing and checking the above mentioned points. You will certainly realize that “Mail Backup X” is the best tool which one can have to archive MS windows 10 emails. This tool is developed after years of continuous research by a team of experts at InventPure. Special attention has been paid to make this tool user friendly. Also, it is ensured that emails are archived at a high speed and with precision. Apart from archiving MS windows 10 emails, this tool lets you backup and converts emails from multiple formats. Like Postbox, Thunderbird, MS windows, Office 365 mac, Yahoo mail and Gmail etc.

The tool which keeps your data safe and secure

 Safety of data should be the first and foremost concern of users. No matter how efficient a tool is, if it is not able to keep your data base safe then it is of no use. The developers at InventPure realize this thing that why they have come up with this unique MS windows 10 email archive tool. It provides you 100% assurance of data safety. It provides you all around protection to your data base.

Let us look at the multiple features of this tool

  1. Easy to use

This tool provides step by step instructions to users in each and every task they perform. This ensures that users don’t face any difficulty while backing up, archiving or converting emails and they are able to perform these tasks with precision. 24*7 customer support is being provided to users so that user can get their problems solved related to archiving, backing up or converting emails with the help of experts.

  • Backup email from multiple formats through this tool

You don’t have to buy multiple tools to backup emails from multiple formats, when you have this tool in hand. This tool lets you backup email from various formats like PostBox, Thunderbird, MS windows, Outlook Mac, Office 365 mac, Gmail and Yahoo mail etc.

  • Effortlessly convert emails from multiple formats through this tool

This feature always amazes people. They don’t believe it is possible to convert emails of multiple formats through a single tool. But things change as they use this tool once. The developers of this tool have always tried to give the best to the users. Thus they made it possible to convert emails to and from various formats like .mbox, .rge, .olm, .pst and .eml etc.

  • Search out any file, folder or attachment in an instant

This MS windows 10 email archive tool has an advanced search engine which provides you the desired file, folder or attachment at an instant. All you have to do is write the name of file, folder or attachment in the search box. Then press enter and the required data will be provided to you within moments.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

This MS windows 10 email archive tool has an advanced algorithm with which you can backup email automatically in a USB drive. All you have to do is map this feature once and enable it copy email backup on USB drive. This tool is smart enough to detect when the drives are plugged and which file, folders needs to be copied.

  • Preserves folder hierarchy and import from multiple archives

Through this MS window 10 email archive tool users can efficiently archive their emails. It also lets them archive emails of multiple clients that they are handling. Moreover it ensures to retain the file and folder hierarchy of data base and keeps it intact.

  • Preview and convert archived files through this tool

This tool lets you preview your entire archived data at once. So that you can get assured that none of your emails are left behind. Also, this tool lets you convert your archived data in the PDF format and view it in the offline as well as in the online mode.

  • Save more data in less space through this tool

This MS windows 10 email archive tool has an advanced compression. Through this feature you can easily compress and extract files thereby reducing the size of files to be saved. This feature allows you to save up to 3X the storage space.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I am an inexperienced user. Can I archive MS windows 10 emails safely?

Ease of use is the best thing about using the Mail backup X. It has been created to ensure that even first time users are able to archive MS windows 10 messages without data loss.

  • Can I view imported files from different applications?

You get an inbuilt mail viewer with the Mail backup X. With this, you can import several archives from OLM, PST and MBOX etc. formats.

  • I am dealing with confidential data. Are my files really safe?

The mail backup X is considered to be the best way to archive MS windows 10 emails because it guarantees 100% data safety to all users regardless of their experience. All your files are safe.

  • Can I store my archives in a USB drive for the go?

Even better! The tool comes with an Auto USB backup and sync option which allows you to set up a USB drive. Whenever you plug in the USB drive, the tool syncs and stores the backup in the device.

  • How to make my windows 10 email archives shareable?

The Mail backup gives you the chance to archive MS windows 10 emails in PDF format. You can store and share these PDF files. You can also print them if needed. This is one of the most innovative features of the tool.

  • Can I archive email data from other applications with the Mail backup X?

You get to backup Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Outlook windows, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  • Does the Mail backup X work on both mac and windows?

Yes, the Mail backup X works on both mac and windows.

  • Can this tool backup and archive a large MS windows 10 database?

The Mail backup X has been designed to handle large amounts of data and it does not lag or cause any errors during the process. You can easily load large files.

  • I have a pretty large old database that I think will take up a lot of space. What do I do?

The Mail backup X comes with an advanced compression algorithm which compresses the database in 3X lesser space. You can now freely archive even the biggest files.

  1. What if I am stuck in any step and need help?

You can contact the support team and they will solve your problem instantly. They are available 24*7.


The Mail backup X was created by InventPure as the ideal MS windows 10 email archive tool. It is also rated 5 stars by experts. So you should certainly give it a try.

Client Testimonials

“If you don’t know how to archive MS windows 10 emails, you should try the Mail backup X. It is fast, simple to operate and 100% safe for your files. I was a first timer and I was able to get everything right! You should definitely try it.”- Daniel Rufallo

“I was searching for the best way to archive MS windows 10 emails but I had no experience. I was scared of losing my email data. That is when I found the Mail backup X and I realized that this tool is ideal for me. It offers 100% data safety regardless of your experience. Just try it once and you will know”- John Okala


You can get the Mail backup X in different editions according to your need

The Mail backup X – Professional Version

  • Meant for single users + backup 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works on two computers
  • You can enhance the number of Mail profiles by getting a top up
  • Get 1 year free maintenance and support

The Mail backup X Team Version  

  • It can be used by 5,10, 20 and 30 users on multiple computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • If you have 5+ Mail profiles, you can get 10 more in a single affordable top up
  • Free support and maintenance for 1 year

Know the easiest way to archive MS windows 10 emails

Archiving emails have never been this easy. All thanks to this MS window 10 email archive tool. It has simplified and sped up this process to such an extent that even a beginner can archive MS windows with the same efficiency as that of a pro. Also, this tool provides you the same facilities when you convert and backup emails through this tool. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity today and install the demo version of this tool for free. You can also upgrade to the full edition of this tool at very reasonable prices and get free updates for life. Click here for downloading the trial version.