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Best way to ‘archive MS Windows 8 emails’ has finally arrived!

archive MS Windows 8 emails

Microsoft Windows 8, like any other version of Windows, offers its email services via Microsoft Outlook. The users make use of this application to share emails, documents, confidential data, personal messages, and much more. As such, they have a lot of value attached to such databases. For something that means so much to the users, a lenient attitude towards its safety isn’t justified.

If you haven’t yet thought to take up the task to archive MS Windows 8 emails, then here are a few reasons that you must take note of:

  • LIMITED STORAGE: Outlook application offers limited storage space to the users. Thus, on reaching the upper limit, the users face the dilemma of deleting the emails to create more space for continued usage. But with files backed up, there is no worry of losing essential data.
  • RECOVERY COSTS: Accidents can happen anywhere; even when using email applications. In Outlook, if a user accidentally deletes email files, the recovery costs can be too high. To avoid such circumstances, a backup can assure restoration of such emails.
  • DATA SECURITY: The tool keeps all the threats away from the data files.
  • OUTLOOK APPLICATION ISSUES: Outlook application often stops working due to server maintenance and server downtime issues. The files remain inaccessible during such periods but an archive in place can assure instant accessibility.

Isn’t it time to go ahead and take up the task to archive MS Windows 8 emails?

What would it mean to ‘archive MS Windows 8 emails’?

The task to archive MS Windows 8 emails essentially means securing genuine copies of the data files at a secure place. The users generally save such data on their systems locally or on external hard drives. Having such archives in place ensures that the users can access the data at any point of time without being dependent on the email applications.  

Choose the best tool to learn ‘how to archive MS Windows 8 emails’ without any glitches!

Attaining perfection in the task to archive MS Windows 8 emails comes with the use of best converter tool known as Mail Backup X. This tool has been created by inventpure Software- a company well-know to give out innovative products to resolve the most crucial issues faced by users in the digital world.

This tool is simple to use and therefore users do not need to spend much energy on understanding the technical aspects on how to archive MS Windows 8 emails. Thus, it is the perfect solution to user’s demand in this regard.

Mail Backup X offers several advantages to its users!

Mail Backup X has proved time and again that it is the best way to archive MS Windows 8 emails. Apart from being built on super innovative technology, this tool gives its users unique advantages that cannot be found elsewhere.

Here is a quick guide on these perks:

  • Easy to use: Simplicity of use is one of its biggest USPs. The users, regardless of their technological expertise, can make use of this tool without any hassles. The guidelines and flow of the process are free flowing which makes the journey easy on every user.
  • Compatibility- Windows and Mac: If you are concerned about compatibility issues then it is time to relax. This marvelous tool is compatible with Mac OS 8.8 & above as well as Windows 8 & above.
  • Safety: The tool is entirely virus-free and has an unbreakable safety net for the data files.
  • Speed: The tool delivers results to the users at supersonic speeds. There are no lapses in the process and therefore the users do not waste any time on the process.
  • 24*7 customer care: To ensure that every users gets perfect results in the process to archive MS Windows 8 emails, this tool extends round the clock customer care services.

It is undeniably the best way to archive MS Windows 8 emails.

Experience the best features to be found on a backup tool to ‘archive MS Windows 8 emails’!

The experience is enhanced by a large degree due to the inclusion of some of the best features on this amazing tool. Here is a quick line-up of some of the features on this tool:

  • A tool to backup, archive, and convert data files: This tool serves multiple functions relating to the email files of the users. They can use it to backup and archive their email files. Another utility is conversion of the email files to make them work in another email client. All these functions can be exercised for all the major email clients such as Apple mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, Mac Outlook, Windows Outlook, etc.
  • Inbuilt Mail Viewer: The tool has an inbuilt mail viewer. It makes it convenient for the users to access all the archived files from a single location, i.e. they are not required to switch between different applications.
  • Advanced search module: The searching of email files becomes easier with its advanced search module. They get to use smart search inputs such as name of sender, combination of ‘and’ or ‘or’ inputs, subject details, attachment kind (word, excel, PDF, etc.), and the like. 
  • USB Auto sync: This is yet another smart feature by the tool. As the name suggests, the users can setup auto USB sync to allow this tool to copy data to the drives based on its previous interactions with them.   
  • Integrated FTP client: The data gets uploaded on a secure FTP server on a regular basis. This ensures instant access to the data files as and when they need it.  
  • Saves Storage Space: The tool saves about 3 times storage space when it backs up the data files.
  • Folder hierarchy: The tool also maintains the overall folder hierarchy structure of the data files. This comes in handy when users go ahead and archive or print their emails.  
  • Multiple Backup options: The users can setup incremental, distributed, or mirror backup settings in their backup profile.   

You wouldn’t find a better tool to archive MS Windows 8 emails!

Frequently asked questions

  1. I am a first time user. Can I archive MS windows 8 emails?

Yes, you can easily learn how to archive MS windows 8 emails with the Mail backup X. It is easy to use and specially created for beginners so that they can get this done safely and in just a few steps.

  • Can I view mails from different formats?

The tool comes with an inbuilt mail viewer that lets you view imported email items from different formats. You can view OLM, PST and MBOX etc archives.

  • I have many important files I cannot lose. Is my data really safe?

 The Mail backup X is the safest tool out there to archive MS windows 8 emails. You get 100% assurance that none of your files will be lost or corrupted during or after the backup process.

  • How to make updated portable backups if I want to carry them?

The tool comes with an auto USB sync and backup option. You will set up a USB drive with the tool. Whenever you plug in the USB, the tool will sync and store the backup in the drive automatically.

  • How is the folder hierarchy of the database saved? Can I print my backup?

This tool gives you the chance to backup your windows 8 emails in PDF format. PDF files are the best way to preserve the folder structure. You can print them or even share them with anyone.

  • Does this tool backup any other email apps?

The mail backup X can backup and archive yahoo mail, Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Outlook windows, Thunderbird, Postbox and IMAP based applications.

  • Is the Mail backup X only available for windows?

Fortunately, the Mail backup X is available for both mac and windows in different versions specifically designed for the respective OS.

  • My database is huge. How much space will it eat if I back it up?

The Mail backup X offers an advanced compression algorithm feature which compresses the backup in 3X lesser space than usual.

  • I have too many small files. What if I am unsure about all the files being loaded are complete?

You get a search box within the tool. You can enter specific search items related to the mail that you are looking for and the tool will find those items for you.

  1.  How does the tool help the user in windows 8 email backup?

The tool comes with a user friendly wizard based interface which guides the user throughout the conversion process.


The Mail backup X by InventPure enjoys 5 star ratings given by the top experts from all around the world. It would be the wise choice to choose this tool for your personal and professional email backup and recovery.

Client Testimonials

“It was my first day at work when my boss gave me the long and tedious task of backing up the old work PC to shift the data. I was so confused and scared. What if I lost a file? I took an expert recommendation and got the Mail backup X! Guess what? I did the entire days work in just one hour! Highly safe and totally recommended.” – Bethanie Greene

“Mail backups really suck! This is what I thought before I used the Mail backup X to backup my windows 8 emails. This is really the best way to archive MS windows 8 emails. I would recommend this to everyone who wants a safe, affordable and easy to use solution.”- Max Richter


This tool comes in a variety of packages for all users

The Mail backup X – Professional Edition

  • It is best for single users and it can backup 5 mail profiles per user
  • This version works on 2 computer
  • In case you want to increase the mail profiles, you can buy a top up
  • You get free service and updates for 1 year

The Mail backup X Team Edition

  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • It can work for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users on multiple PCs
  • You can buy more mail profiles in top up packages
  • You can get 1 year free support and maintenance

Outstanding pricing structure to suit the pockets of users!

The tool has been rolled out in amazingly priced license keys. This makes it possible for a large number of users to benefit from its exemplary technology. The details of the license keys are:

  • Mail Backup X: This one allows backup of 5 mail profiles and it can be installed on 2 systems. 
  • Mail Backup X for Small Business: This key allows backup of 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 20 systems and it gives protection to 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This is the largest key of all. It allows backup of 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on up to 100 systems and it gives protection to 100 users.

There is a top up plan with which users can purchase up to 10 additional profiles. These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year.

The tool also gives the users an option for FREE trial of the tool. Using it, the users can test all the major features of the tool.

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