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Expert’s advice to retrieve files constructively in the task to archive Outlook 2010 to local drive

archive outlook 2010 to local drive

Effectiveness of an email backup process is entirely dependent on the efficacy of the tool that is chosen for the job. It is utmost important that the tool be fully-equipped to handle intricate aspects of the job such as preservation of integrity of files, restoration of all elements, and the like. It is for this reason that the experts recommend tools of high-grade such as inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X!

Mail Backup X, as then name suggests, is a tool for backing up email files. Additionally, the users can also archive and convert their email data with the help of this tool. It’s a user’s delight for several reasons. Let us have a quick look at what these are!

Mail Backup X– an extraordinary tool that offers quirky benefits to ‘archive Outlook 2010 to local drive’!

The experts in the field have certainly tested several tools and if they keep rooting for this tool there are well-founded reasons for it. Some of these have been discussed hereunder:

  • Simple to use: This tool is extremely simple to make use of. The graphical interface has clear instructions on the screen which guide the users straight to the final results. One can also make use of 24*7 customer care services to get clarification on anything pertaining to the optimal use of this tool. Its simplicity empowers even the novices to derive professional results from it.
  • Unique skill set: The creators of this tool have put in unique features to give it an edge over its counterparts in the market. Take inbuilt mail viewer, for instance. This feature helps the users to access all the archived mails from one location without requiring the user to switch between different email clients. With other tool’s results, the users waste a lot of time and effort in this task. Other mention-worthy features are Auto USB sync, mirror and distributed backup options, advanced search module, etc.
  • Wide coverage: When it comes to providing mail backup services, this tool covers a lot of email clients under it. The users can import archive mails for Apple mail (MBOX archive), OLM archive (Outlook Mac), and the like. Similarly, if the users utilize this tool to convert their mailing data from one format to the other, they can do it for Gmail, Yahoo, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, and many more. The bottom line is that with this tool alone the users can get all sorts of services relating to their emailing data.
  • Reliable and Safe: The safety standards are rather high with this tool. The creators of this tool have a high rapport in the market and thus one can put their trust into it without any ounce of doubt. With regards to the safety of the data files, this tool has added additional features such as Integrated FTP client, virus-free environment, etc to keep the data files safe.

As is evident, this tool offers great perks to the users who wish to archive Outlook 2010 email to hard drive. If you wish to have professional grade results then opting for this tool must be the next obvious step.

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Learn ‘how to archive emails in outlook 2010 to local drive’ in just 5 steps!

The task to archive Outlook 2010 email to hard drive takes longer than perceived when taken up via an ordinary tool. But with Mail Backup X in place, the users glide through the entire task to reach the destination in a jiffy. This happens due to the uninterrupted flow of data boosted by this tool’s advanced mechanisms. Of course, the indefatigable algorithms of this tool advance its flawless course too!

The basic steps that one must follow to archive Outlook 2010 to local drive have been mentioned hereunder:

  1. The users must first download their copy of the tool. To install the tool successfully, the users must follow the instructions which appear somewhat as mentioned below:
  2. Open the setup wizard by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. Click on continue on the first page to begin the process.
  4. Select an apt location as per the required disk space.
  5. Click on continue to let the installer check the disk space.
  6. Click on install and enter the system password to complete the process.
  • After the installation, launch the tool on the screen. The first page reflects 3 options out of which the users must choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’.
archive outlook 2010 to local drive
  • Then, the users must choose the email client service as Outlook from amongst the various options given on the screen.
archive outlook 2010 email to hard drive
  • Now, a list of files and folders will be displayed on the screen. The user’s job here is to select/deselect the items on the basis of what they wish to backup in the process to archive Outlook 2010 to local drive.
how to archive emails in outlook 2010 to local drive
  • The final step is to adjust the settings. Firstly, the users must set up the frequency of the backup of the emails. Next, they must (recommended) add mirror-backup settings. Further, the option of auto USB sync should be activated for automated task to archive Outlook 2010 emails to hard drive.
best way to archive outlook 2010 emails in mac

As promised, 5 steps are all it takes to nail the best way to archive Outlook 2010 emails in Mac. Get your copy of the tool here to excel at this simple yet wondrous task!

Looking for a reasonable way to ‘archive Outlook 2010 to local drive’?

Now that one has found the best way to archive Outlook 2010 emails in Mac, the next point of concern certainly remains the price of the tool. Fortunately enough, this highly proficient tool has been rolled out at very reasonable prices. There are 3 license keys to choose from. These are:

  1. Mail Backup X: This is the cheapest and the smallest licensed version. It allows the backup for 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 computers.
  2. Mail Backup X for Small Business: This is the next license key in the lot. It allows the backup for 5 mail profiles per user. It protects up to 20 users and it can be installed on 20 computers.
  3. Mail Backup X for Enterprise: As the name suggests, this one is meant for large enterprises and thus is the largest licensed version of all. It allows the backup for 5 mail profiles per user. It protects up to 100 users and it can be installed on 100 computers.

Additional benefits for all users!

One can get full access to entire feature-list of this tool with each one of these keys. Free maintenance updates for 1 year are also accompanied. Additionally, the users can purchase 10 more profiles as a top up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes the tool the best choice to archive Outlook 2010 Emails?

The Mail Backup X is a unique solution. It is unlike anything in the business. It is affordable, easy to use, and reliable and gives exceptional performances every time.

  • Will large amounts of data cause any problem for the tool?

No. The size of your Outlook 2010 databases doesn’t cause any problem to the tool. It runs on modern ultra-refined algorithms which easily back up large sized databases.

  • Is using the tool risky for the data?

There is absolutely no risk involved in using the Mail Backup X. It provides you with a 100% safe and accurate backup process.

  • What kind of performance does this tool deliver while archiving your Outlook 2010 data?

The Mail Backup X never has any performance issues and ensures that you have the best experience while archiving your Outlook 2010 data. It neither lags or nor causes any errors.

  • I am really concerned about the safety of my data. What does the tool do to ensure it?

Data safety is one of the best things about the tool. You can be assured that nothing will happen to your data. The tool provides you with 100% safety assurance and ensures you never lose a file ever again.

  • How can I share my archived Outlook 2010 emails using the tool?

The Mail Backup X provides a feature to organize and share your archived Outlook 2010 emails through PDF files. You can directly archive your email archive in PDF format.

  • What other email application can I backup using this tool?

There is a wide range of email clients that the tool supports. It helps you with all the versions of Outlook, plus, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and IMAP based clients.

  • Will the tool allow me to convert my email files to another format?

The answer to the question is yes. The tool comes with a professional conversion engine that helps you in converting email items from one format to another.

  • Can I move my archived Outlook 2010 emails to an external USB device?

Yes, you can. Using the auto USB backup and Sync option, you can set up a USB drive to your machine. When you plug in this in, everything will automatically get synced to your USB drive.

  1. What is the timing to contact the support team if I face any problems?

You can always reach out to our 24*7 available customer support team.


The Mail Backup X is one of the most widely recommended tools by top experts in the field. It has garnered a 5-star rating on the basis of its exceptional performances.

Client Testimonials

“The tool was recommended to me by one of my colleagues. It has been an absolute revelation.   It is easy to use, fast and accurate. The tool makes the entire process of archiving Outlook 2010 emails a pleasant experience”- Jim Wilkes

“I always struggled with finding the right solution to archive my Outlook 2010 emails. With Mail Backup X I overcame my struggle. The tool helped me overcome all the problems I had with my backup process and take it a notch higher.”- Steve More


The tool offers something to everyone. The Mail Backup X has multiple packages as per your need.

Professional Edition

  1. It is recommended and developed for single users.
  2. It works on two computers and can support up to 5 mail profiles for a single user.
  3. With a top up you can upgrade to have more mail profiles.
  4. The tool provides you with free maintenance and updates for a year.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. It supports 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. You can also backup 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. To get an upgrade on the number of mail profiles, you need to buy top up packs.
  4. You get free maintenance and support for an entire year with the purchase.

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And if this doesn’t suffice the budget needs right away, the users get to test all the major features of this tool absolutely free of cost via the FREE demo trial version of the tool. It lets the users gauge the capacity of this tool with regards to the task to archive Outlook 2010 to local drive.

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