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Archive Outlook 2013 to local drive with Mail Backup X- smartness lies in simplicity

archive outlook 2013 to local drive

Taking assistance of a third part tool to archive Outlook 2013 to local drive is certainly advised to ensure complete transmission of data. Considering the options available for this task, it is highly recommended to act prudently and choose inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X!

Mail Backup X has an intelligible process that can be understood by one and all. In order to build accurate copies of the email data, all the users have to do is follow the straightforward guidelines that are quite intuitive. Let us first look at how simple it can be to archive Outlook 2013 to local drive with this tool’s intervention.

Identify the steps for the simplest way on ‘how to archive emails in Outlook 2013 to local drive’!

Mail Backup X has a very intuitive process that gets completed within 5 steps. Let’s step onto this journey with clear guidelines included hereunder:

Step 1: A flawless journey to archive Outlook 2013 email to hard drive begins with the download of the tool. (The users can click on this link to get their copies: www.mailbackupx.com

The installation of the tool can be done by following the simple instructions of the installation wizard. These are:

  • After opening the setup wizard, click on continue on the first page
  • Select an appropriate location as per the needed disk space.
  • Click on continue while the installer checks the disk space
  • Click on install
  • Enter the system password to wind up the process

*Note: The users who download the FREE demo version must know that it runs in a fully functional manner for 15 days. In case of purchase of licensed version, they must activate the application.

Step2: The users much now launch the tool on the screen. From the list of options being displayed on the page, the users must choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’.

archive outlook 2013 to local drive

Step 3: The user would encounter several mail clients’ names on the screen. They must carefully choose the Outlook profile.

archive outlook 2013 email to hard drive

Step 4: The users have to finalize the data for backup from the list of files and folders being displayed on the screen. This can be done by selection/de-selection of items as per their preferences.

how to archive emails in outlook 2013 to local drive

Step 5: This one is a crucial step. The users must firstly set up the frequency for the backup profile. Then, they must exercise their will to add mirror locations for extra security. And lastly, they must consider activation of Auto USB sync to enable the tool to backup and sync the data to the USB drive automatically.

best way to archive outlook 2013 emails in mac

This is how one can setup the backup profile. Getting the archived copies of the email files from this stage on is extremely simple. Get your copy of the tool today to experience the best way to archive Outlook 2013 emails in Mac.

Prepare to ‘archive Outlook 2013 to local drive’!

The creators of Mail Backup X have gone all out to include some of the best features on this tool. The technology is ultra-modern yet the manifestation of the same is absolutely comprehensible. Let us locate the most popular of the traits that are also instrumental to its incredible success in the market!

The list of the top 10 features of Mail Backup X!

  • Backup of data files: The great thing about using this tool is that users do not need to purchase additional software to address similar needs for their different email accounts. This tool alone lets the users backup their emailing data from major clients like Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.
  • Import of the archived emails: With Mail Backup X, the users can also import the mail archives from all the major client services of the likes of Outlook Windows (PST archive), Apple mail (MBOX archive), etc. 
  • Conversion to different email formats: Yet another use of this tool is that the users get to convert their mailing data from and to all the major formats like MBOX, OLM, PST, RGE, etc.
  • Inbuilt mail viewer option: The inbuilt mail viewer of the tool allows the users to access all of their archived mails from one location. This means, that the users save their time and energy which otherwise gets wasted in switching between different email applications.
  • Multiple Backup options: The users can make use of different settings to backup the mailing data; these are integrated, distributed, and mirror backup settings. All of these provide much needed security for the email data.
  • Integrity of the data files: Regardless of the process being taken up (backup/archive/conversion), this tool ensures that the folder hierarchy structure of the data files gets fully preserved. In case of archived mails, for instance, this tool offers an option to save them in PDF format in the right order. This feature is particularly helpful for archiving and printing purposes.
  • Advanced search module: This much needed feature enables the users to speed up their search with the help of advanced input options. They can, for example, put in the search names of sender, subject, attachment types (PDF, excel, etc), etc.
  • Saves storage space: The ultra high compression algorithms of this tool help the users in saving up to 3 times the storage space in the process of backing up the data files. The files with smaller sizes are certainly easier to handle at later stages as well.
  • Auto USB sync: This smart feature captures an essential aspect of today’s fast moving world. Bu activating auto USB sync, the users save essential time and effort to archive Outlook 2013 to local drive. The tool simply maps the previous interactions with the plugged-in device and thus automatically syncs the data under relevant folders on subsequent interactions.
  • Integrated FTP client: With this option being available, the users can absolutely relax as regular upload of data is assured on secure FTP servers. This means that the users get to retrieve the data as and when desired/required by them.

Other than the above mentioned features, the users must rejoice in the fact that this tool is available at very reasonable prices.

There are three license keys to choose from which are:

  • Mail Backup X (5 mail profiles/2 systems),
  • (ii) Mail Backup X for Small Business (5 mail profiles per user/20 systems & 20 users), and
  • (iii) Mail Backup X for Enterprise(5 mail profiles per user/100 systems & 100 users)

 These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year and full access to all the features of the tool.

In addition to the purchasing the licensed versions, the users can also purchase 10 additional profiles as top-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I lack storage space on my machine. Can the tool compress my archived Outlook 2013 emails to fit in small hard disk space?

The special ultra-high compression algorithms help you safely and securely fit  more data in small disk spaces. It helps you in saving up to 3x the storage space while archiving you Outlook 2013 emails.

  • Can I use the tool with any other email client other than Outlook 2013?

Yes, the tool can be easily used for different email clients. The Mail Backup X support email clients like Outlook Mac, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and IMAP email clients.

  • Is it easy to search for information in the archived Outlook 2013 email files?

The Mail Backup provides you with a lightning fast search module. It helps you in searching for desired files in the archived Outlook 2013 email files using different keywords, sender name and specific time frames.

  • I read that the tool can be used for conversion of email files as well. Does the tool really provide this feature?

The Mail Backup X comes with an inbuilt professional conversion engine. This allows you to not only archive your email files but also convert them between the desired file formats. You can easily convert your data from one format to another.

  • How can I sync up my data on my portable drives using the tool?

With this feature of auto backup and sync up, you can easily sync up your data onto your portable devices. You just need to plug in the device and the tool automatically syncs up to them.

  • Does the tool support an organizational version as well for small businesses?

Yes, the tool provides you with a team edition that suits small businesses the best. It provides support for multiple user, plus, offers free upgrades for a year.

  • What is the incremental backup feature provided by the tool?

The incremental backup feature of the tool helps you to archive emails as they arrive in your email client. With this feature you are always aware about how much data has been already archived.

  • I have important data that cannot be lost. Can the Mail Backup X help me?

The Mail Backup X provides you with 100% accuracy and safety to ensure that nothing happens to your data. You will never lose a file again with this tool. 

  • What is the best way to share my archived Outlook 2013 emails?

The best way to share your archived Outlook 2013 emails is via PDF files. The Mail Backup X allows you to archive and save your data into PDF files for easy sharing.

  1.  Where do I go to get support with my backup process?

The 24*7 customer service is available to help you with anything you need.


“I cannot express how thankful I am of Mail Backup X. After struggling to find the right way to archive Outlook 2013 emails, I finally discovered this tool. It had everything that I was looking for. Not only it delivered exceptionally accurate and safe performances but also is very easy to use. Everything a beginner like me wanted.”- Scott Davies

“The Mail Backup X has simplified the archiving process for me. It helped my small business flourish by saving me essential time and resource. The tool is a complete solution and is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a way to archive Outlook 2013 emails.”- Ethan Carny


The tool comes to you in different packages including something for all kinds of users. It offers individual as well as team edition.

Professional Edition

  1. This edition is meant for single users.
  2. You can simultaneously use it on two different computers and can backup 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. You can top up and upgrade to have more mail profiles.
  4. Updates and maintenance are provided to you for free for an entire year.

       Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This version supports up to 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. You can backup 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. With the use of a top up you can upgrade the number of mail profiles.
  4. Free maintenance and support is available for 1 year.

What’s more? A free trial for all!

In case the users wish to have a dry run at the tool, they can also choose to download the FREE demo version of the tool. This version comes with full access to all the features for 15 days post which the users need to purchase any one of the license keys for continued use.

Choose what suits your budget needs and begin an incredible journey to archive Outlook 2013 email to hard drive.

Simply click on the link below to get your free demo copy today!